the causes of the appearance of adipose tissue under the skin Wen under the skin (lipoma) - a rathercommon. This ailment occurs both in women and men at any age. Wen is a subcutaneous soft lump filled with fat. These lumps like to settle on the back, hand, neck, head. Quite often, adolescents appear on the body in small groups. A consultation with a doctor for choosing a method of treatment

Causes and symptoms of the disease

The causes of the appearance of lime still completelynot investigated. Physicians can not determine the obvious factors that contribute to the appearance of adipose tissue on the body. There are several theories, each of which has the right to exist, but is not conclusive. For example, some doctors believe that the causes of this illness are in genetics and heredity. Others suggest that the adipose cells are formed due to a frustrated vegetative system. Still others think that the blame for all the increase in sebaceous glands due to improper diet, regimen and reduced immunity. Some doctors have noticed that lipomas are more common in people who have had symptoms of other skin diseases. Symptoms are usually not pronounced. Wen often represent a painless formation under the skin on the body and do not cause significant discomfort. The pain does not occur even with pressure, which allows the symptoms of the wen at once to distinguish them from the symptoms of inflamed lymph nodes. Lipoma can be slightly moved and deformed when pressed. Over time, the widow grows in size, and this brings considerable discomfort to the aesthetic nature. Especially unpleasant if it can not be hidden on the body under clothes or disguised in some other way. In this case, treatment is necessary. If the grease is in an inconspicuous place on the body, then it is also recommended to undergo a survey. Symptoms that occur with some other skin diseases can be very similar to the symptoms of lyme appearance, so it is better to be safe. If zhirovik appeared on the face, then treatment in no case can not be delayed. While the lipomas are small, they are treated quite simply. But removing large limes can brighten your face with a not very aesthetic scar. Also, do not delay the treatment if the tumor appeared in the immediate vicinity of the internal organs. non-surgical treatment of wen with the introduction of a special solution

How to cure Wen

The first thing you need to know is treatment and removaladolescents at home are categorically unacceptable! Some people try to pierce the adipose tissue or squeeze it out like a normal pimple. Such manipulations can lead to the appearance of infection and the spread of tumors throughout the body. You should not trust yourself and folk medicine. Folk "craftsmen" came up with a variety of techniques, most of which are not only ineffective, but can also cause harm to health. For example, the myth that lipomas will disappear after a person grow thin. Exhausting diets do not help at all from this disease! They will only weaken the defenses of your body, and this definitely will not do good and will not enhance the treatment. Before appointing treatment, the doctor examines the lipoma. If the formation of small sizes, then a puncture is made, and the liquid that is inside is examined. If the widow has grown, then you can send to the ultrasound to see what accumulated inside the lump. The standard surgical procedure is to remove the adipose cells very simply. The operation lasts approximately 1-2 hours, and the complete healing of the operated site is about 2 weeks. Small tumors are removed under local anesthesia, and overgrown - under general. The doctor must not only remove fat tissue, but also pull out the capsule of the lipoma. If this is not done, there is a possibility that after a while a tumor will form on that place again. In not very neglected cases of the course of the disease, the doctor may prescribe a treatment that does not include surgical surgery. Such treatment implies the introduction of a special preparation in the adipose tissue, which "dissolves" the adipose tissue. But the disadvantage of this method is that the result can be seen only after a couple of months, and the capsule of the lipoma is not removed and there is a risk of a re-occurrence of the disease. Over time, new non-surgical and minimally invasive methods for removing adipose tissue began to appear in the arsenal of doctors. Especially popular are: laser, puncture-aspiration, radio-wave method. The latter method is effective for small formations. Laser is also a panacea for any zhirovikov. Due to the fact that the laser beam is very thin, it became possible to remove lipomas on the face without leaving scars and scars. The wound from the laser on the body heals much faster - for 4-5 days. The operation itself is painless and bloodless, which is important for many people. Another advantage is that the operated patient does not require suturing and hospitalization. After removal of the fat cells, no relapse occurs with the laser method. Do not run your own health and take timely action if you notice even minor symptoms of the disease! Timely treatment will save you from the many unpleasant consequences that can arise from indifferent attitude towards your health.