New Year costumes with their own hands Perhaps, each of you will agree thatany holiday with surprises - whether it's New Year, corporate, friendly party, wedding, birthday, meeting with your classmates or any other event - will be brighter and memorable for a long time, and maybe even remain in your memory for life. And all this is due to the fact that the listed events, as well as many and many others allow you to come together to friends, relatives, relatives, colleagues and just acquaintances who are ready to share positive things with one another, and at the same time to be charged with joy and emotional energy. And the New Year is perhaps the most suitable occasion for positive emotions and joyful meetings. Everyone wants to celebrate the New Year brightly, brightly and with originality. Everybody wants to look charming or stunning on this magic night. And here the desire does not depend on the age category: both adults and children on New Year's Eve are equal. What is needed to make New Year's Eve a bright and unforgettable event that will remain in the memory of your friends, relatives and friends for a long time, as well as in your own memory? The best way to please and surprise everyone is to arrange a ball or a costume party.

Masquerade is in fashion again

Since ancient times in Russia masquerades have been extremelypopular, but during the Soviet era carnival events were considered a relic of the past, although secretly many yearned for them. True, parents of children of school and kindergarten age did not have time to miss, as they often had to make New Year costumes with their own hands for their own children or grandchildren. Today, costume parties are back in fashion. This, by the way, is the most convenient case, when you can play your friends and girlfriends, fall into childhood, without fear of looking ridiculous and ridiculous. New Year's masquerade is also an excellent occasion to apply your handmade skills and to translate images from children's dreams into practice. This is also a great opportunity to help children to plunge into the atmosphere of fairy tales and mischief (New Year - dreams come true!). You or your children can appear at a party in your favorite book character, movie hero, hero of fairy tales, epics and so on. You can buy or rent almost professional outfits, or you can make New Year costumes with your own children. And let them not be perfect, the main thing is that the image should be recognized. So include your imagination and reincarnate. After all, New Year costumes (women's, children's, and men's) are a great opportunity not just to be transferred to the carefree and happy world of childhood, but also to rejoice and have fun at the holiday from the heart, regardless of age, marital status and well-being. New Year costumes with their own hands

Ideas of carnival costumes for women

Carnival and masquerade costumes for children andfor adults in recent years have enjoyed immense popularity, not only abroad, but also in our country. Carnival costumes are relevant for popular costumes in recent years and traditional children's matinees. What to celebrate the New Year? On the New Year's Eve ball you can go in traditional evening dresses or dress in a funny carnival costume. Choose the one that you like most. To choose a costume should be taken very seriously. After all, masquerade and carnival costumes are not just clothes. Putting such an outfit on yourself, every person, though for a while, but becomes different. Trying out the outfit, think about the image in which you will feel most comfortable. In the event that you want to attract attention and conquer the hearts of members of the opposite sex, choose a bright and colorful costume:

  • Carnival costume symbol of the coming year,promises to be the most popular at a New Year's or Christmas party. If you want, you can make this costume yourself, but you can rent it or buy it. In any case, the entire New Year's Eve you will be in the spotlight.
  • The image of a gypsy is, perhaps, the brightest anda common image in carnivals. To become the owner of such a costume is not difficult. Calling to the aid of savvy and imagination, every woman can make such a carnival costume without much difficulty. Its elements - long multi-colored skirts and scarves - can be found in every woman's wardrobe. It remains only to supplement them with bright accessories (put on necklaces or make monistos with their own hands) and mischievous costume for the New Year party is ready!
  • The image of a charming pirate woman, who, toomake yourself. To create this image, you only need a white blouse, a corset, a strap with a large buckle, leggings, high boots, a raincoat and a pirate hat with homemade feathers.
  • Carnival costume of a queen or queen -Ideal choice for a beautiful and stately woman, dreaming to rule the whole world. Chic costume will help to get used to this role and feel the taste of real power. Of course, it's difficult to make a full-fledged suit with your own hands. However, you can limit yourself to sign accessories: a crown, a mantle, a fan, and no one will confuse you with the autocrat.
  • Female carnival costume in the form of one of thefavorite fairy-tale characters - Little Red Riding Hood, Malvina, Cinderella or Fairies - will be able to decorate a New Year's ball or a New Year's corporate costume party. We will notice that on a child such a costume will look touching, and on an adult woman it is erotic.
  • The costume of a tigress or lioness, witches, sailors andwaitresses are always actual trends in the world of costume carnival fashion. The image of the seaman or waitresses will easily be embodied in a suit made by oneself: a short skirt, an apron and a tattoo in a hairdo - and you are a waitress. Jeans, a vest and a cape - and now you are already a charming sailor.
  • Also relevant in New Year's Eve and candidcarnival costumes. To meet the new year, the costume of a depraved nurse or seductive policeman dressed in a leather dress and cap is a great idea, but here the main thing is not to overdo it. Yes, and suit these suits only for the selected company.

It is worth noting that women's New Year costumesare acceptable for people of absolutely any age: both for young girls, and for not very young ladies. You can rest assured, no matter what costume you prefer for the New Year, you will look irresistible. And it does not matter which ready-made costume you bought or made with your own hands. After all, in the latter case, you put all your soul and part of yourself into this outfit! New Year costumes for children with their own hands

Ideas for children's New Year's costume

Some parents simply consider it their dutyto sew a children's costume with their own hands. Others, having lost legs, are looking for ready-made costumes for children on the eve of New Year's holidays. However, a New Year attire for a child can often be made with his own hands, without spending any special means, but only with maximum imagination, diligence and skillful hands. Here you have ideas to choose from.

  • Pirate The costume will go for both the girl and the boy. The main accessory is a triangle or bandana, a vest and a black bandage on the eye. And the image of the famous and universally recognized Jack Sparrow in general is easy to implement. Ordinary boots and trousers tucked into them, a blouse with wide sleeves, a beard braided in braids, a bandanna, a wig and a bright make-up. However, review the day before the "Pirates of the Caribbean" and come up with what tools you can make such a costume.
  • Vampire Scarlet Mantle, Gothic makeup, sham fangs - that's all you need for a vampire suit. Well, if you want this vampire can be depicted in a medieval or modern style.
  • Princess or Prince Also possible to doimprovised means. Look at the characters of Disney cartoons. The boy can wear a beautiful blouse, a wide silk belt and leggings, attach buckles of foil to the shoes, and tie the satin garters under the knees. For the girl any long dress adorned with tinsel and fitted to a child's figure, a beautiful hairstyle and make-up will suit. A stylized crown of wire and tinsel will decorate the image.
  • Ukrainian costume If you are friends with a needle andthread, then from the lining fabric, sew trousers. A kosovorotku can be depicted from a sweatshirt with a low throat, just sewing on it an appropriate collar. A cap is also mastered by any seamstress, and to top it off, use a cut of silk or the same lining as a belt. With girls - and even easier. Even if you simply make a bright wreath with flowers and satin ribbons, your girl will already be like a Little Russian girl.
  • Bee or Bumblebee Popular bilaynovskaya coloringturtlenecks or sweaters (as an option - sewn stripes), antennae with pompons on the cap or on the rim - and your bee is ready to go on a New Year's flight. By the way, such a children's costume is acceptable for any age, from two to three years and ending with a teenage age.
  • Aliens Oh, here the options just do not find it! And most importantly, absolutely everything can go into the course, from trash polyethylene bags and sunglasses to a respirator and a baking foil.

Fantasize! Is it possible to voice all the ideas of New Year costumes? Take part in creating a dress will be interesting for children, and what ideas will visit the heads of our young geeks, in general it is impossible to predict - children's imagination is much richer. Even if you do not plan to take part in a noisy carnival party and spend the most fabulous and magical night of the year with your family, in a circle of close friends or alone with your loved one, what if not a carnival suit will help create an atmosphere of festive mood and mysterious magic? Dare! And you will succeed! We advise you to read: