dry lips The cold comes. In place of a warm pleasant breeze comes a cold north wind. We are warming ourselves: we train boots with fur, we put on warm jackets and hats, gloves, we are wrapped up in scarves. Meanwhile, the thermometer outside the window shows every day a lower temperature. And if the person at this time we smear with creams, in every possible way we protect it, then we often forget about the lips. As a result, they dry, begin to peel off. Dry lips cause a lot of inconvenience. You feel uncomfortable discomfort (they often swell, start to pinch). Is it possible to talk about kissing in this situation? Because of this, you start even a little embarrassed. But it's time to finally say a firm "No!" To this very topical issue today. All the most important answers to the question of how to treat the skin of the lips, if the lips are dry, and how to bring them back to life and a normal healthy state, you will find here. If you are going to be outdoors for a long time, be sure to take hygienic lipstick or nourishing lip balm with you, and periodically lubricate the lips with this remedy.

Which lip care product to choose?

Hygienic lipstick very often leaves onlips thick enough oily gloss. If you do not like it, give preference to the means based on the thermal waters. Hygienic lipsticks of this composition can be found in any pharmacy. Dry skin on the lips requires special care. Before going out to the street, always smear your lips with balm or a protective moisturizing cream (for lack of special products you can use even a children's cream). These drugs will protect your lips from weathering. If the funds you have purchased can also protect you from the effects on the lips of ultraviolet rays, it's just wonderful. Despite the fact that in the cold season, the sun, as a rule, appears very rarely, ultraviolet rays continue to penetrate the cloud veil. Therefore, it is very important even in winter to carefully take care of the condition of your lips. If before you used a lipstick with increased resistance, now buy lipstick on a rather fatty basis. Lipstick, which has increased resistance, penetrates deep enough into the skin of the lips, thereby degreasing it. Thus, moisture begins to evaporate faster from the surface of the lips, they become more dry. Fat lipstick, on the contrary, keeps moisture in the lips, in addition feeding them. It is desirable to give up fluoridated toothpaste. Toothpaste from fluoride in some cases can increase the dryness of the lips, as well as the appearance of inflammation on the skin around the mouth. Try to drink as often as possible. In cold weather, always carry a small bottle of water or juice in a bag. Do not drink on the street, so you can only hurt your lips more. Better, as soon as you find yourself in any room, drink a small sip. Thus, dry lips will receive additional moisturizing. After that, do not forget to apply hygienic lipstick on them! dry skin on the lips

Care of lips

For the night, smear sponges with cream, in whichare vitamins A and E. As a rule, the lack of these vitamins causes an increased dryness of the lips, on their surface there are cracks, lips begin to peel. Therefore, when buying a moisturizer, do not be lazy and spend a couple of minutes of precious time studying the label. If you care for your lips, but there is still no visible result, try to expand your diet a little. Include in it more products containing vitamin A. So, indulge yourself with carrots and fruits of orange color. Eat buckthorn and try to cook liver dishes more often. A couple of times during the day, try to lubricate the lips with honey or vegetable oil. These products will give lips softness, relieve them from cracks. Several times a week massage your lips with a soft toothbrush. Such massage promotes a natural inflow of blood to the lips, accelerates the process of their natural moistening. To ensure that the corners of the lips do not crack, it is important to include in your daily diet foods rich in vitamin B. So, try to eat more legumes, green vegetables. Do not forget about the greenery. Also a lot of vitamin B is found in fermented milk products. Lip mask will help with the care of the lips. Masks for the lips are recommended to be done once in two to three days. Here are some useful recipes:

  • Mix one teaspoon of cottage cheese, one teaspoon of carrot juice and apply the mixture on the lips for 15-20 minutes;
  • Mix one teaspoon of finely grated apple and one teaspoon of butter. Apply the mixture on the lips for 15-20 minutes.
  • If your lips are already inflamed, apply at nightto them a cotton swab carefully moistened in a very strong infusion of chamomile. In the morning you will be able to evaluate the visible result from this procedure. Dry lips will not bother you anymore.
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