Professional skin care Quality and proper skin care can notand should not depend only on one makeup. After all, our skin, especially the face and hands, loses its appeal, not because of the lack of cosmetics, but because of a lack of attention to its body. Of course, one can refer to the age, but old age is not the most important factor, which has a negative effect on our appearance. Specialists say that an active life position is 50% of our longevity. If we are constantly on the move, the body is not overloaded with bad habits (nicotine, alcohol, light and heavy drugs), we sleep and eat exactly as much as we need, then we can remember the skin condition closer to 50 years. And this is not fantastic! Fantasy can be considered such a lifestyle, so the problem of maintaining a healthy and beautiful skin remains relevant. Each person is individual, and the approach of choosing cosmetics for the skin should be appropriate. Unfortunately, when choosing hygienic and cosmetic products, we must rely on honesty and honesty of advertisers. Each new product promises to be the best and most useful. But, having huge experience behind the shoulders, we can say with confidence that we only need . What it is? Professional - means a quality and the most suitable for your skin cosmetics. It will never cause irritation and stains because it contains only natural ingredients. Professional - this means that this cosmetics is used by the master cosmeticians when carrying out the correction of the appearance of the skin in the conditions of the cosmetic cabinet or SPA-salon. The main criteria by which you can determine the level of cosmetics is safety and effectiveness. Such products include , and other world brands Beauty Spa, Ahava andother. It should be noted that for young skin the use of professional cosmetics is not necessary, and experts recommend its use after 30 years. In the meantime, it is worth developing the habit of regularly caring for the skin of the face, hands, neck. Regularity is the guarantee of healthy and beautiful skin. And to develop this rule it is necessary from a young age, accustoming itself to the obligatory four stages of skin care: cleansing, moisturizing, nutrition and protection. All procedures will not take long, and the effect will last for years. We advise you to read: