causes of myopia of medium degree Myopia or myopia is verya common form of eye disease. At the same time, a person can easily distinguish objects at close range and can even read without difficulty, but does not see distant objects. Myopia of medium degree can lead to more severe visual impairment and other undesirable consequences, so early diagnosis of myopia in children and proper treatment of this disease are important factors.

Diagnosis of medium degree myopia

Myopia of moderate degree is characterized by acuityof the view - up to -6.0. At the same time, for the comfort of the patient, two different pairs of glasses are assigned: one with lenses for dal with full correction, and others for reading and working with lenses 1.0-3.0 diopters less. In addition, in these cases, you can use bifocal glasses for permanent wearing, in which the upper region of the lens is designed to look at distant objects, and the bottom - for a close space. In addition, this disease can progress with time. It is noted that, in some cases when there is short-sightedness in adolescence with the cessation of body growth, the process of myopia development can stop and finish. However, there are progressive forms of current continuously and reaching quite high rates - 30.0 diopters and above. At the same time there is a strong deterioration in the ability to see with various complications, up to malignant formations. Myopia of both eyes with a non-progressive course of the middle degree is easily amenable to correcting, that is, the correction of vision with the use of lenses or glasses. As a rule, stationary myopia is refractive when the refractive optical forces are large or the "picture" of the object appears up to the retina area due to the inability of the eye muscles to properly focus. There are also axial myopia, in which the image can not reach the retina of the eye due to the elongation of this organ. In this case, further elongation of the retina can provoke rupture and detachment. eye examination by an ophthalmologist

Causes and factors of the disease

The emergence of this physical defect is associated with several factors, among which one can note the most common causes:

  • Genetic predisposition. Many parents with this disease are born children with congenital ailment;
  • Mental load with reading, work forcomputer monitor. This is especially well observed in such groups of people engaged in work with a constant inclination of the head. It is believed that this creates additional pressure on the area of ​​the retina, which significantly weakens the muscles of the eyes and the ability to focus the eyes on different distances;
  • Unfavorable environment;
  • Congenital deficiencies, for example, weakness of the eye muscles;
  • Injuries received at birth. There are many cases of atrophy of the eye tissues during premature birth, when the child is placed in a chamber with oxygen feeding. In this case, the excess of this element can cause undesirable consequences;
  • Various infectious diseases and side effects from taking certain medications in individual cases;
  • Non-observance of the rules of personal hygiene for the eyes.

Recommended treatment of the disease

With myopia of the second degree with progressiveform, depending on the speed of the course of the development of the disease, treatment can be administered in a conservative manner, in which sight is corrected with glasses, as well as exercise therapy for the muscles of the eyes and procedures in the medical office:

  • Laser therapy;
  • Classes on various programs on the computer;
  • Magnetotherapy;
  • Electrostimulation.

In addition, conservative treatmentprovides for home exercises gymnastics for both eyes and various exercises with objects specially designed for this purpose, for example, "mark on the glass" and others. Treatment with surgical intervention with myopia of this degree is carried out only to stop development, but visual acuity does not improve. The surgical method is called scleroplasty, and it is aimed at strengthening the pole of the eye located in the posterior region. exercises for the prevention of myopia

Life with medium degree myopia

Myopia of moderate degree does not severely restrictperson in various activities. But you can not lift heavy objects and restrict contact with harmful substances (dust, chemicals, fertilizers, etc.). For people with this ailment, it is better to choose professions that do not require sitting at the computer. For people with stationary nearsightedness, the range of sports is much wider, in comparison with the developing form. So, with constant myopia, you can engage in pentathlon, alpine skiing, motor sport and sledding, football and games with a hand ball. With a developing form of moderate disease, you can swim, engage in fencing and sailing. But it is not recommended to play games that require strong mental strain, for example, chess and other logic games. This is due to the fact that in the apple of both eyes there is excessive pressure, especially when a person does not know how to relax the muscles of the face. In addition, women with this disease during pregnancy undergo special examination and treatment, while caesarean section is recommended, since eyebrows can damage the vessels of the eyes and show more serious complications, for example, detachment of the retina. With short-sightedness of the middle degree of both eyes, a regular examination by a doctor is mandatory. Every action that can lead to visual impairment, for example, taking any medication, taking exercise, gymnastics, is better discussed with a personal doctor. In addition, one should observe personal hygiene, take prescribed treatment and maintain an optimistic attitude, in this case, the quality of life with this disease will be at a fairly good level.