herbs for cystitis Cystitis is a very common disease,from which suffers a fairly large number of people. And women learn about what is cystitis, from their own experience much more often than men. In a course there are all methods - antibiotics, warming up, grasses - at a cystitis all methods are good. This is what we will talk about - what herbs are used to treat this disease. But let's take everything in order. Doctors call cystitis an inflammatory process in which the mucous membrane of the bladder becomes involved. This most inflammatory process develops most often as a result of penetration into the body - and in particular into the genitourinary system - of pathogenic microflora such as streptococci, staphylococcus and E. coli. In addition, the occurrence of cystitis can provoke some diseases - such as urolithiasis, diabetes, inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs, sexually transmitted infections. Not the least role is played by the weakening of immunity - with it, even ordinary hypothermia can become a factor that can provoke cystitis. The treatment of which is not easy.

Symptoms of the disease

Not notice cystitis is simply impossible, becauseit flows very rapidly, with a mass of pronounced symptoms, which greatly complicate a person's life. Such symptoms include: Frequent urination and false urge to urinate. Normally, the amount of urination in an adult is about six times a day. And in the event that a person encounters cystitis, this amount can reach 30 or more times a day. Moreover - there are so-called false desires. A person experiences the strongest urge to urinate, goes to the toilet and is ineffectual. Thus, to lead a normal life becomes almost impossible. Do you fancy a working day in the toilet? That's the same ...

  • Obstructed process of urination

However, frequent trips to the toilet for a person,sick with cystitis, another half of trouble. The very process of urination also becomes an extremely painful action. Burning, intense pain - all these are "delights" of cystitis. Tears in your eyes are almost guaranteed, even if you endure inconvenience and pain.

  • Change in color, odor and transparency of urine, the appearance of blood

Urine in a person with a cystitis, practicallyin all cases changes its color - it becomes much darker. In addition, it becomes cloudy, since a precipitate appears. The smell also changes - it becomes especially sharp, with an unpleasant smell. In especially severe cases with cystitis in the urine there is an admixture of pus and even blood. For the treatment of cystitis, it is highly recommended to seek medical help from a doctor. The doctor will conduct the necessary studies, diagnose the disease and select the optimal treatment - very often without antibacterial drugs, it is almost impossible to get by. A doctor can appoint them only. Self-treatment to good in such cases does not bring. However, do not forget about folk medicine. There is a huge number of very effective recipes that effectively cope with cystitis, even in the most neglected and acute form of the flow. We will tell you about them right now. However, remember that such folk methods of herbal treatment can only be used as an auxiliary. To replace with herbs the treatment appointed or nominated by the doctor, in no event it is impossible. cystitis herbal treatment

Treatment of acute cystitis

Acute cystitis proceeds most severely. Therefore, for his treatment use "heavy artillery" of traditional medicine - the most potent herbs. As a rule, a sick person experiences relief one day after the start of treatment. For successful treatment, it is necessary to strictly follow the recipe for the preparation of one or another remedy, use only these herbs, as well as a scheme for taking these drugs.

  • Decoction of flax seeds

Healing properties of flax seeds are knownhumanity for many centuries. They are successfully used to treat a variety of diseases, including cystitis. To prepare the broth you need five tablespoons of seeds and a liter of water. In enameled vessels boil a liter of water, pour in flax seeds, cover with a lid and reduce the heat. Cook for 30 minutes, stirring occasionally the broth. After this time, turn off the fire, wrap the pan with a towel and leave to stand for six hours. After this, strain the broth with gauze cloth and pour into a glass container. You can start treatment. A sick person should drink half the pre-heated decoction every half hour. It is unacceptable to drink more than one liter of such a decoction. Duration of treatment - only three days. As a rule, cystitis disappears irretrievably.

  • Infusion of Bearberry and Psyllium

Bearberry is a very good diureticmeans, and plantain is a very powerful antiseptic. And these properties folk medicine successfully uses to treat the acute form of cystitis. To do this, use a decoction of the above herbs, which is prepared as follows. In a thermos, you need to place three tablespoons of ground herb bearberry and psyllium. And you can use both fresh raw materials, and dry. Virtually every pharmacy can buy these injuries. Pour the herbs in one liter of steep boiling water, cover and leave for three hours. After this, strain the infusion with a gauze cloth and add to it three tablespoons of any natural honey. Of course, only if it is reliably known that a sick person does not have an allergic reaction to beekeeping products. In this case, you can replace honey with a few spoons of the most common sugar. Take infusion is necessary for 100 grams, but very often - the entire amount should be drunk in just two hours. Be ready for the fact that urination will become very frequent. However, do not forget that you need to comply with the proper drinking regime - a sick person should drink at least three liters of liquid per day. Otherwise, the risk of developing severe dehydration of the body is great. It is best to use non-carbonated drinking water, cranberry juice or mors. But from the sweet juices and carbonated beverages must be completely abandoned. The diuretic effect will continue throughout the day.

  • Infusion of corn stigmas

To ease intense pain, you canuse the infusion of corn stigmas. They have a strong anesthetic effect - just one glass of this infusion is capable of eliminating the most severe pain for a day. To make infusion, you will need three tablespoons of corn stigmas and one glass of warm water. Place the stigma in the water and put it in a dark warm place for two hours. After this, strain the infusion with gauze cloth. To soften the sharp taste, you can add one teaspoon of any natural honey. Infusion should be drunk immediately, in small sips. In a day you can drink no more than two glasses of this infusion. Also remember that it is necessary to drink as much as possible a liquid which promotes washing away of an infection from a bladder.

  • Decoction of birch buds

To prepare this decoction you will needfive tablespoons of birch buds and water. Kidney can be purchased at any pharmacy. In enameled dishes place birch buds and pour them with one glass of cold water. Leave for about two hours, then add two more glasses of water and bring to a boil slowly, stirring constantly. Cook for about 15 minutes. After that, cover the pan with a lid, wrap with a towel and leave for two hours. Strain the broth with gauze cloth, add a tablespoon of honey, mix thoroughly. The broth should be poured into a glass container and stored exclusively in the refrigerator, no more than three days. Take a decoction three times a day, 100 grams. Duration of treatment - no more than three days. useful herbs for cystitis

Recipes for the treatment of chronic cystitis

In the event that the disease has takenchronic form of the flow, treatment is more complex, and takes much more time. However, medicinal plants will come to the rescue in this case too. In this case, they will have to take much longer than with an acute form of the disease. And do not forget that it is necessary to follow the recommendations of your doctor.

  • Infusion of the juniper

Very well established infusion ofjuniper, which helps get rid of the most neglected forms of cystitis. It is prepared as follows. Place in a thermos three tablespoons of dry ground juniper and pour two glasses of steep boiling water. Close the lid tightly and leave to stand for 24 hours. After this, strain the broth with gauze cloth and pour into the teapot. Use this infusion as a normal tea brew. To achieve a positive effect, a sick person should drink at least one liter of such tea per day. Be ready - this tea has a strong enough diuretic effect.

  • Liquorice root

The licorice root has a powerfulanti-inflammatory effect, so its infusion is also successfully used to treat the chronic course of cystitis. Preparing this infusion is very simple - grind 20 grams of licorice root, place in an enamel pot. Pour one liter of water, cover and cover with a towel. Infuse for a day, then strain with gauze and pour into a glass container. Keep the infusion in the refrigerator - otherwise it will quickly lose its healing properties. Especially good

  • Decoction of parsley

With no less success, chronic cystitis is treated withhelping the decoction of parsley. To do this, thoroughly grind 100 grams of fresh parsley, boil a liter of water and sprinkle raw materials into it. Cook for about 30 minutes, stirring constantly. Cover with a lid and leave to stand for two hours. Broth strain, pour into a glass container and store in the refrigerator. Take it every morning, on an empty stomach, half the glass. Treatment should continue for 21 days. After this, you need to make at least a week's break. If necessary, treatment can be repeated. Those people who have tried herbal medicine on their own experience argue that the disease recedes quickly enough. However, finishing the conversation, I would like to remind once again of a simple truth. Treatment with herbs, however effective, can not replace a doctor's visit. Performing all of its recommendations and appointments is simply necessary - only in this case you can be sure that the cystitis will leave you forever. And remember a simple, but very important precautionary measure. Very many herbs are capable of causing various allergic reactions. Therefore, if you are not sure whether you are allergic to one or another component of the prescription. Take a small amount and observe the reaction of your body, for several hours. Be healthy! We advise you to read: