mild myopia in pregnancy Myopia, or short-sightedness, is one of the mostcommon eye diseases on the planet. It begins to appear at the age of seven to fifteen years, for a long time being at the initial stage, it begins to develop after the load on the body intensifies. Today, one of the problems is myopia and pregnancy, as future mothers and their bodies are subject to constant increasing stresses, restructuring, including hormonal. Special attention is needed, since at this time a woman can have such problems as:

  • in the third trimester, there are sometimes complications associated with the retina of the eye, which can begin to exfoliate;
  • various pathologies of pregnancy, including late toxicosis, can cause the development of a high degree of myopia, myopia from two diopters can dramatically increase to five or six;
  • when giving birth, there are often quite serious problems, such as retinal detachment, and hemorrhages lead to partial or complete loss of vision.

Therefore, it is important to giveenough attention to your eyesight, at the initial stages, i.e. in the presence of 1 and 2 degrees of myopia, treatment will be simple and rapid, should not be delayed until the moment when surgical intervention may be needed. 1 degree is not as problematic as 2, - there is a chance to fix it all.

The causes of myopia 1 and 2 degrees

The causes of myopia can be very different, most often it appears in school or college years in its middle stage. Specialists today identify such main reasons:

  • heredity;
  • regular load on the organs of vision;
  • incorrect, unbalanced nutrition;
  • disorders of the blood circulation of the eyes;
  • incorrect vision correction.

Among the reasons for the deterioration of vision duringpregnancy, you must identify the strong stress and stress situations to which a woman is exposed. This can only be exacerbated by an incorrect regimen and inappropriate nutrition. Therefore, even in the first months of pregnancy, especially if there is a predisposition to impaired vision or if there is already a myopia, it is necessary to consult a doctor. The specialist will prescribe the necessary preventive methods, there may be a need for treatment. It will not be superfluous gymnastics for the eyes, various fruits and berries in the form of tinctures and teas. Symptoms that should cause fear What is the danger of such a disease and what are its symptoms? There are a number of symptoms that should arouse fear in a pregnant woman:

  • if relatively small myopia rapidly goes to a high degree;
  • the eyes periodically began to appear light spots and "flies";
  • contours of objects differ badly, they began to be strongly distorted, and the image becomes vague;
  • The field of vision sharply narrowed;
  • the usual lenses or glasses have become uncomfortable, this is a consequence of the fact that the disease passed from stage 1 to the 2nd.

If there are any such symptoms or any othercomplaints about eyesight, you need to immediately go to the doctor, you may need urgent correction of vision in the form of special procedures or even surgical intervention. The specialist will determine the degree of development of the disease (1 and 2 are not so dangerous) and will prescribe a course of treatment. causes of myopia in pregnancy

Pregnancy and myopia: degrees

Today, doctors distinguish three degrees of myopia, among which:

  • 1 degree (the weakest), characterized by visual impairment up to three diopters;
  • 2 degree (average), from three to six diopters, is observed most often;
  • 3 degree (high), is characterized by visual impairment of more than six diopters.

In addition, the non-progressive andprogressive myopia, in the first case, special treatment is not required, the vision in the distance is slightly reduced, but it can easily be adjusted with lenses, glasses and other means. Progressing myopia causes rather serious complications, it is necessary not only long-term treatment, but also surgical intervention. Usually it is a high degree of disease, which can be complicated by pregnancy and childbirth. Laser coagulation and correction of myopia in pregnancy Laser coagulation and correction are prescribed for pregnant women only if there are serious problems with the retina of the eye. At 1 degree such intervention is not carried out, and at 2 degrees of disease it is quite possible. It is recommended to conduct such operations only in the first or second trimester of pregnancy, strictly according to the doctor's prescription. If there is no urgent need for such an operation, you can postpone it for a while after delivery. Myopia of the 2nd degree (1 degree of the disease here does not apply) can become an indicator for conducting cesarean section, usually this is sufficient for such reasons:

  • the appearance of progressive myopia and myopia of a high degree;
  • retinal rupture occurring during pregnancy;
  • gross dystrophic phenomena in the retina of the eye;
  • detachment of the retina (even if an operation was performed);
  • keratotomy and scleroplasty;
  • presence of diabetes mellitus.

In this case, the cesarean section allowsto avoid heavy loads during childbirth, vision can be kept at the same level, and his postpartum treatment will be much easier to flow. You can independently give birth in such cases:

  • Myopia has an initial and an average degree, proceeds without complications;
  • rupture of the retina (if it took place) completely healed, no complications are observed; the dynamics are positive;
  • before the onset of pregnancy, laser correction of vision with positive dynamics was already performed.

Exercises for the eyes with myopia

Timely gymnastics for the eyes

Myopia of mild degree can be cured and withspecial eye gymnastics. The same method is excellent for prevention, and efforts are required very little! Therapeutic physical education (and it is called this way) is held in a sitting position. Eyes must be tightly squeezed for five seconds, after opening for the same five seconds. We repeat this simple exercise six or eight times. Now you can quickly blink with both eyes for one or two minutes. Massage your closed eyes in a circular motion for about a minute. Excellent exercise and such exercises: on the upper eyelids we press three fingers of each hand, the pressure should last one or two seconds, after which the fingers from the eyes are removed. Repeat the exercise three or four times. At the end of the series, you can give a load on the muscles, for which the index fingers are placed on the superciliary arches and close your eyes. The fingers on the arches resist, the muscles tense. This exercise should be repeated eight to ten times. Appropriate these exercises and with an average degree of disease, but only as preventive, not giving myopia develop further. At a severe degree, gymnastics is ineffective, special treatment is necessary, surgical intervention may be necessary. Secrets of Traditional Medicine Traditional medicine, which is often called unconventional, offers quite a few treatments, but they are effective only with a weak degree of myopia, when the disease is not yet very neglected. In this case, visual acuity is stimulated, it is often possible to fully restore good vision. The best remedies for myopia (and any impairment of vision) are red mountain ash, currant, sea buckthorn, nettle, bilberry, carrots. You can not only prepare special remedies for very simple recipes, but also simply increase the content of such natural foods in your diet (be sure to consult a supervising doctor, often during pregnancy, there may be a variety of reactions to food, even if they are completely natural). The simplest recipe is the use of Chinese magnolia vine, which is brewed on plain water. This broth is recommended to drink three times a day for three full tablespoons. But there are also more complex mixtures, for example, from dioecious nettle and red mountain ash. For this, we take the fruits of rowan (one part) and nettle (three parts). Brew the mixture in water (based on a tablespoon of herbs two glasses of water), boil for fifteen minutes, after which we filter. I can add some sugar or honey to the sweets. Infusion is consumed warm four times a day for half a glass. correction of myopia in pregnancy

Prevention of myopia

With myopia 1 and 2 degrees, it is recommended thatcertain preventive measures that will help ease the current condition, restore vision or prevent its deterioration. It is necessary to engage in general strengthening of the body, moderate physical exertion is very useful, doctors advise not to sit for a long time in front of the computer, to take breaks if the work is related to this kind of occupation. Diet at this time should include vitamins E and B, necessarily zinc, copper, selenium and so on. If you can not decide on your own diet, then consult an observing doctor who will accurately describe the diet, indicate what measures should be taken for prevention. Myopia is a disease that is widespread, it is known as myopia. In this case, a person perfectly distinguishes objects that are located near him, but that is a little further away can not normally see. The further the object is, the worse it sees the patient. This problem is particularly acute in women during pregnancy, often myopia can increase as a result of increased stress on the body. Especially dangerous is myopia during labor, if you do not take appropriate measures, it can lead to almost complete loss of vision. Modern medicine offers many ways to solve the problem: from simple eye gymnastics and ending with complex surgical operations that allow to bring the disease to a weak degree or complete cure. In any case, it is necessary to consult a specialist who will conduct the research and prescribe the appropriate treatment.