up to what time do artificial birth Artificial birth ... Unfortunately, sometimeslife develops in such a way that it is impossible to report pregnancy successfully. Most often, pregnancy is interrupted by abortion in the early stages of pregnancy - up to twelve years. However, at times circumstances develop in such a way that it becomes necessary to interrupt pregnancy at a later date. It is precisely such interruptions of pregnancies that have been termed artificial births. They are conducted only on strictly limited social and medical indications, but not at the will of the woman herself, as is the case with ordinary abortions. Very many women are interested: until what period do artificial births? As a rule, they are spent on the period from 15 to 22 - 23 weeks of pregnancy.

Varieties of artificial genera

One of the types of artificial interruptionpregnancy is the so-called salt abortion. For the sake of justice, it should be noted that in recent years, such interruption of pregnancy is used less and less, since the risk of developing various complications from the mother's body is very high. Salt abortion is performed as follows: amniotic fluid - about 200 ml., By puncturing the amniotic bladder, the doctor pumps out. A liberated volume is filled with a special salt solution - sodium chloride. The child is surrounded by saline solution and begins to die. The death of a child with this type of abortion is extremely painful and time-consuming. The child slowly, for several hours, dies. Fetal death occurs in several stages - first, under the influence of sodium chloride, a severe chemical burn is formed, then-hydration, and after that - a hemorrhage into the brain, which, in fact, causes the death of the child. After a while, the woman begins labor contractions, which cut the uterus and push the fruit out. In medicine, a similar fruit is called "candy" - because of the bright red color of the skin, resulting from the fact that under the influence of a saline solution the skin becomes thinner and blood vessels become visible. Any doctor - gynecologist is simply obliged to warn a woman who wants to do saline artificial birth, that will be experienced by a child who already has a completely formed nervous system and all pain receptors. In addition, salt abortion has one very significant drawback - sometimes children still survive and remain disabled. Much more often for artificial births, doctors use a substance such as prostaglandin. This substance is a female hormone, which leads to softening of the cervix and the emergence of labor. Simply put, premature birth begins. Intravenous droppers with a drug such as oxytocin may also be used. Oxytocin is also a hormone that provokes contraction of the smooth muscles of the uterus and the onset of the birth process. In some cases, a small caesarean section is performed, during which the fetus is removed. Due to the fact that the baby's lungs are not yet mature, being outside the womb, he simply completely dies of hypoxia.

Indications for artificial delivery

Another issue that worries many women -where you can make artificial birth? To do this, a woman should consult a doctor - a gynecologist in a women's consultation at the place of residence. As already mentioned above, artificial births are carried out only in the presence of strict social or medical indications. Presence of medical indications, as a rule, establishes the special commission which is created at that medical establishment in which will spend artificial sorts. A woman will be carefully examined beforehand, a number of examinations will be appointed, and, if necessary, consultations of narrow specialists. And only in the event that there is no way to keep the pregnancy. There is a strict list of diseases that are indications for carrying out artificial birth:

  • Infectious diseases

Artificial birth can be carried out in thatIf a pregnant woman is infected with infectious diseases such as rubella, which can lead to the development of serious pathologies of fetal internal organs, often incompatible with life, tuberculosis and syphilis. Incidentally, in the last two cases the testimony is very conditional.

  • Defects in the child that are incompatible with life

Unfortunately, nature sometimes allowsmonstrous errors, as a result of which there are some pathologies in the development of future crumbs. In this article, we will not find out why this happens, we simply take it as an inevitable fact. These pathologies can be very diverse - from mild to extremely severe, depriving the child of chances of life. But even in this case the decisive word always remains for the mother - only the woman should decide, she is ready to pass all the trials to the end.

  • Severe systemic diseases of the mother

In the event that a woman has anysystemic diseases, for example, complex heart defects, diseases of the nervous system, severe liver and kidney disease, blood and vascular system, pregnancy can be a real threat not only to health, but also to the life of the expectant mother. Therefore, in the most extreme cases, when no other measures are relevant, doctors are forced to resort to extreme measures - to call artificial births. But, needless to say, in this case the last decisive word will remain for the mother. In addition to medical indications for carrying out artificial births, there are a number of social indications. These include:

  • The court decision on the deprivation of parental rights or their restriction against other children.
  • Pregnancy, which occurred as a result of the rape of a woman - of course, provided her desire.
  • Finding a woman in the remand center or other places of detention.
  • Death of a husband during a woman's pregnancy.
  • Getting a husband of the first or second group of disabilities during pregnancy of a woman.

But to use artificial birth asa means of interrupting an unwanted pregnancy is unlikely to succeed - no doctor will agree to this. But even if you manage to find an unscrupulous specialist who agreed to carry out artificial births, think ten times - are you ready to kill a living person? After all, unlike abortions, as a result of artificial births, fully formed babies appear, many of whom are even capable of crying. And they just die from hypoxia. Believe me, very few women can survive this. We advise you to read: