prenatal vitamins The period of pregnancy and breastfeeding -a difficult time for the woman's organism, in which one must take care of the well-being of the mother. Stocks of many vital minerals and vitamins are rapidly spent on the growing fetus and lactation and are depleted. Provide a full range of components, so necessary to preserve the health of the mother and the child's good development, with the help of one food can not always be. After all, taking any products of one group, there is always a preponderance towards some substances or vitamins.

Why do I need vitamins?

Lack of useful substances in the body canprovoke a variety of diseases, both in the woman herself and the child. To exclude such risk, a healthy diet of a pregnant woman should be accompanied by an additional vitamin supply, and it is better to do it in a complex way. Many women are sure that taking vitamins for pregnant women should be only in the second and third trimesters. However, this is a wrong judgment. Development of the baby begins at a very early date, and the body at this time is not yet prepared - because often pregnancy is a pleasant surprise, so drink some vitamins immediately after the establishment of the fact of future maternity. A woman feels a constant weakness, she lacks certain elements, which adversely affects the fetus. To start to drink vitamins it is necessary right after statement on the account in female consultation and never it is necessary to neglect advice or councils of doctors. However, only a specialist can advise which vitamin complex you should take, based on the results of the examinations. vitamins for pregnant women which is better

What vitamins are needed for pregnant women?

Filic acid - for the correct development of the fetusIn the first trimester First of all, it is vitamin B9 or folic acid - it starts to drink even before the onset of pregnancy. It promotes the growth rate of the baby, especially necessary in the early stages of pregnancy. Deficiency of vitamin B9 can lead to the development of hydrocephalus in the child, hypotrophy, neural tube defects and other defects. To avoid such a risk, these vitamins of a pregnant woman should be started drinking before conception, and after it take at least 0.8 milligrams of folic acid per day. It is advisable to start taking vitamin B9 three months before the onset of pregnancy. It is also needed to reduce pain sensitivity during childbirth and breastfeeding, as it helps to increase milk production, but you have to be more careful - you can drink vitamin B9 during lactation only on the advice of a doctor. But even if the pregnancy was a surprise, then start taking this vitamin immediately after visiting the doctor - no harm, and will bring a lot of benefits. Vitamin E - for mom's health Vitamins for a pregnant woman bring enough benefits, especially in the early stages. For example, vitamin E, which has a good effect on the body of the future mother. It helps normalize the level of female sex hormones. In general, vitamins for pregnant women in the first trimester are extremely necessary. From the eleventh week of pregnancy the bone composition of the baby begins to form more intensively and requires a significant amount of magnesium - it is during this period that drinking vitamin E will be extremely appropriate and useful. In the early stages of pregnancy, magnesium is also needed for the expectant mother - it strengthens the muscles of the uterus, which is necessary for the full carrying of the child. Group B vitamins B vitamins, in particular, vitamin B6, will help to get rid of agonizing toxicosis. It not only reduces nausea, but also contributes to a good development of the child's central nervous system. This vitamin is found in all citrus fruits - drinking juices and eating lemons, oranges, tangerines will be very helpful. Just need to choose your favorite fruit and, if there is no allergy, eat it as much as possible. But do not get too carried away if you often drink citrus juice, then you can get this allergy. Vitamin A With vitamin A during pregnancy, you should be cautious - his overdose can adversely affect the health of both women and the future child. If a woman before pregnancy was treated with drugs such as "Aevit," it is advisable to plan for conception not earlier than six months after the end of taking this drug. It is better to choose a diet that will include the necessary products - carrots, blueberries, walnuts. Vitamin D - for strong bones For the second trimester of pregnancy, the baby is almost formed. Since that time, he especially needs vitamin D, which strengthens the bones and prevents the formation of rickets.

Do not forget to eat right

For the further successful development of the childyou need calcium and iron. Of course, the pregnant woman's vitamins can take the best and even the best. But you do not need to forget about products containing the necessary elements. Such as apples, liver, eggs, cottage cheese and sour cream, you need to regularly include in your menu. Take vitamins, which are necessary for the health of mom and baby, still better under the supervision of a gynecologist. Only an expert will help you choose suitable individual vitamins - it is important not to improvise. what are the best vitamins for pregnant women

Vitamin complexes - similarity and difference

All vitamins are now represented in complexCompositions that can be purchased at the pharmacy. These are vitamins for pregnant women "Elevit", "Vitrum", "Materna" and other complexes. What are they similar and different? "Elevit" - a multivitamin, which includes a large amount of magnesium and sufficient for a normal pregnancy amount of vitamin B9. However, they do not contain iodine, so iodine preparations should be added to such multivitamins. Any expert will say that it is still more reasonable to drink this drug in combination with iodine-containing complexes. Take these vitamins uncontrollably - this means to cause harm not only to yourself, but also to your baby. "Vitrum" - multivitamins with a lot of iron and a sufficient amount of folic acid. They should be taken only in combination with preparations containing iodine - a deficiency of Vitrum - also the absence of iodine. But here you can cheat a little - for example, choose as an iodine supplement walnuts or feijoa. "Materna" - multivitamins with a sufficient amount of iodine and vitamin B9. The disadvantages of this vitamin complex is that it contains a large amount of vitamin A and B vitamins, which can cause allergic reactions. Do not take yourself antiallergic drugs - see a doctor right away. Vitamins of a pregnant woman are necessary, they should be chosen with particular care, and we must take the funds correctly, in no case uncontrollably. In this case, it is better to choose a doctor's consultation than to suffer from allergies and hypervitaminosis. The expert will tell you how to drink vitamins, which complexes will be useful. If the pregnancy is planned, then it is better to prepare the body for such a difficult task as how to bear and give birth to a baby. Do not drink decaliters freshly squeezed juices, take a handful of vitamins in the form of tablets and carefully study which foods you should eat. Go to the family planning center, go through all the necessary examinations and examinations, and the doctor will determine how to prepare the body for conception, pregnancy and childbirth. We advise you to read: