vision in pregnancy Pregnancy is a difficult test fororganism of a woman. There is a major overhaul of the entire hormonal system. Our eyes are a very fragile organ, and any problems with them become very noticeable during this period. What should we limit ourselves to and what should we focus on so that vision does not fall during pregnancy? Scheduled examination of specialists during pregnancy includes a visit to the ophthalmologist. Do not ignore the oculist! Even if you are sure that everything is in order with your eyesight. During pregnancy, the whole body is tested for strength. Eyes are one of the most vulnerable organs of our body, and any, even the most minor disorders during pregnancy can turn into catastrophic problems and sharp deterioration of eyesight. Usually the first survey is conducted when you just registered, the second for 4-5 months of pregnancy, and the last one month before the expected delivery. During the visit, the ophthalmologist carefully examines your fundus, the condition of the retina and the degree of refraction (pathological changes in the condition of the eye). His task as a specialist is to identify possible retinal tears or general changes in the fundus. Also the optometrist measures your eye pressure.

What should I pay my attention to?

During pregnancy, women become verysuspicious. Sometimes it may seem that you have become poorly seen. This is easy to explain. The fact is that during pregnancy all connective tissues of the body become more elastic, the structure of the eye is also subject to such a change. But, unfortunately, our eyes do not have the property to recover, that is, vision during pregnancy can actually get worse and fall by one or two diopters. The peculiar effect of flickering flies before the eyes is usually not dangerous, it is observed in any person. This is a completely normal process in physiology. Usually, all changes in the eyes pass completely unnoticed, that's why they are dangerous. But from time to time there may be a lightning effect, that is, you can see periodic bright second glimpses. If you notice something similar in your body - immediately consult an ophthalmologist. The problem with eyesight is now quite common. Nearly every second person suffers from nearsightedness. If you have low vision, you should visit the oculist every month during your entire pregnancy. At this time, it is better not to wear lenses, but to limit oneself to glasses. Most women at this time are uncomfortable when wearing lenses. During this period the whole organism of the future mothers is reconstructed, the structure of the eye also changes, so the lenses that are selected individually may not be suitable for you. Every woman who has vision problems, asks: how does myopia affect delivery, what will they be - natural or by cesarean section. A lot of factors affect the final verdict of the oculist, whether to allow a woman to give birth alone with myopia. All is assessed: age, general condition of the body, degree of vision impairment, retinal condition, etc. The main reason for the obstruction of natural birth by the ophthalmologist is retinal dystrophy. During labor pains, attempts, there are serious changes in intraocular pressure, which can lead to detachment of the retina, changes in the fundus and a sharp loss of vision. From the medical point of view, the presence of myopia or other eye diseases in only 10% of cases leads to caesarean section during pregnancy. If the opinion of the ophthalmologist clearly says "yes" to the caesarean section, do not get discouraged. It is much more important to preserve both the health of the future child and one's own. You will need your little one healthy and strong. At a period of up to 35 weeks, you can make a laser coagulation view. During this procedure, which takes only a few minutes, a kind of "welding" of the retina in the weakened layers takes place. In these places, scarring of the connective tissue occurs and a strong retinal connection with the vascular membrane is created. Such a simple procedure will save you from further deterioration of vision and possible cesarean section. vision fell during pregnancy

Prevention of vision problems

If you have poor eyesight, you shouldespecially take care of your condition during pregnancy. Do not lift weights, and also refrain from situations in which you can feel the "rush of blood to the head." With such movements, intraocular pressure increases, which adversely affects the overall condition of the retina. Do the following exercises periodically: draw a bright circle with a diameter of 5 mm on a piece of paper. When approaching the circle at a distance of 30 cm, close one eye with your hand. With the second eye, look at this circle one by one, then sharply turn your gaze into the distance. Such an exercise should be performed by every eye. Do this several times a day for 5-10 minutes. This gymnastics can limit the progress of myopia and maintain sight. Limit your stay in front of your computer two hours a day. All the rest of your free time, try to devote to communication with nature in the nearest park. If the specificity of your work is such that you can not escape from the monitor, try to take breaks and exercise for the eyes more often. Very good, if you get special mesh glasses for working with a computer - they are sold in pharmacies. Be sure to attend the preparation courses for childbirth. You will be taught how to breathe and push, relax and rest between contractions. It is very important to be able to control yourself during childbirth. Correct behavior of the woman giving birth often reduces the burden on the eyes. Your poor vision during pregnancy requires attention and taking the necessary measures. A competent and responsible approach, timely visits to doctors, taking care of yourself, and your pregnancy and childbirth will proceed safely and without complications. We advise you to read: