necessary in the car Do you like surprises? And unpleasant surprises? That's the same! In order to ensure that minor troubles do not take you by surprise, you need to prepare in advance to meet them. Any - even the shortest trip by car - is fraught with various surprises. So, it is necessary to always be "fully armed". What is needed in the car?

Standard set of motorist

Documentation. Where without them? Driving license, MTPL policy, certificate of registration of the car. If the car is not yours, do not forget to bring a power of attorney. These documents can be requested from you by any traffic police officer. The spare wheel is a dock. It will come in handy if you accidentally puncture the tire. "Dokatka" is smaller in size than an ordinary wheel and you can reach it only to the car service or garage. Yes, and accelerate especially does not work - the maximum speed of 80 km / h. But in an emergency situation - an irreplaceable thing. But it is not enough to have a spare tire - it is necessary to have the opportunity to install it. And for this, of course, you will need tools. Make sure that there is always a pump, a cylinder key and a jack in the trunk. Other tools and tools may also be needed - different screwdrivers, wrenches, nuts, rope, pliers, wire, etc. In order not to clog your head, it is better to ask someone from the "knowledgeable" people to compile a list of what, how much and how many "advanced" motorists carry with them. Better yet, if someone buys it all for you, and you calmly put it in the trunk and just remember where "it" lies. Emergency stop sign and fire extinguisher. Well, there's nothing to discuss here - they just have to be. Firstly, the rules require this and, as a consequence, their presence can be checked by the traffic police. If you do not have them, you can also go to the penalty "to fly". Do you really have "extra" money? Yes, even if there is - they can be spent on something much more pleasant. And secondly, both the fire extinguisher and the emergency stop sign are really very necessary. Is there much that happens on the road? Tow rope. Of course, we must hope for the best. It may very well be that the cable will never come in handy. Moreover, over time, this previously absolutely necessary item loses its relevance. After all, in most situations in the event of a breakdown, it is possible to call the tow truck. And no problem! On the other hand, the cable does not take up much space. Also worth throwing a scraper in the trunk, a brush and a few rags. Let them lie. Then at any time of the year you will be able to clean and wipe the glass of your car.

What else to put in the car?

What should a car enthusiast have in the car yet? For long trips, you may need an empty can, a hose and a funnel. They will help if you "suddenly" run out of fuel. When it's a long way to the gas station, you can ask for petrol from other drivers. Leaving for a long time from home, for example, going on vacation, take care of the stock of bulbs for driving and passing, stop signals and turn signals. Even if you do not know how to change them. Change them to you in any workshop, but the model you need may not be there. The rules prescribe that in any car must necessarily be a first aid kit. And this is not a mere formality. There are situations when you can not do without a first aid kit. It is better and easier to buy already ready. And it is desirable that in which the set of drugs is more. Health is not something to save. Be sure to supplement the standard first aid kit with "your" medicines. For example, the "favorite" anesthetic. Will not hurt also a mild sedative - say, valerian - you yourself know what kind of boor come across! And condoms are suddenly an unexpected date. Do you know what is the difference between a female first-aid kit and a male first-aid kit? Correctly - in the male you will never find hygienic pads and tampons, and in the female they are just necessary. Someday you will definitely praise yourself for your foresight. the most necessary thing to travel by car

Women things

Well, with this all is clear. All these things must be sure to any motorist. And what else carries with them a prudent auto-lady? It is known that women's logic is different from the male. In addition, as a rule, women are much more prudent and hate to be in situations when something is missing. The car is the second house. And, as well as at home, everything should be convenient here, everything is "at hand". Of course, in any car there should be a kind of "untold stock" - NZ - which must be constantly replenished. What should it include? Drinking water is a must. And drink, wash your hands, and take a pill - water is always needed. Further, on a choice - chocolate, crackers, nuts, dried fruits - to that that is more pleasant. But some stocks are better to have - then even if you are somewhere late, you can always eat something and not go hungry all day. Napkins - alcohol, moist, cleansing, hygienic, etc. They should always be many and different. The thing is absolutely necessary. Using alcohol wipes, you can disinfect cuts and small wounds. Wet ones are useful if you want to have a snack in the car. A napkin to remove stains will help save your favorite costume, if it did not work out very neatly. In addition, wet wipes are well refreshed in the heat. They also can wipe the bag and shoes when going out into the light. Cleansing face wipes will be useful for long journeys, and hygienic - if there is a situation "from the ship to the ball." That is, from work - on a date. Do not interfere with the packaging of disposable paper shawls. Perhaps, most of all in the car hands suffer - that will get dirty with something incomprehensible, then the nail will break ... It is impossible to avoid this. But please correct it. The main thing is to have everything you need. In order to adjust the manicure, you should always be with yourself: napkins for removing varnish, lacquer, nail file, manicure scissors. Just in case, it is also worth to have glue for gluing nails - suddenly it can still be saved! Do not interfere with the hand cream. Well, in order for such situations to happen as rarely as possible, gloves will be required. Fill the "ice-free" or oil, refuel the car, and just open the trunk or hood should only be in them. Then there are all chances to keep the skin of your hands soft and soft. Yes, and nails will be tselee. Things absolutely necessary in the "female" car - spare tights. And it is better, if there are at least two pairs - one black, another - corporal. And why do they always tear? Transparent nail polish - if there was a very "unlucky" day and you managed to tear and spare, the varnish will stop the "arrow" and will not let it crawl further. Deodorant and toothbrush - suddenly have to spend the night at a party. Comfortable removable shoes - on the studs you will not go far. What else to stock up? Of course, in our changeable climate in the car it's better to have with you several things that "save" in any weather. Sunglasses and an umbrella should always be in the car. But the old warm jacket and rug you need to capture, if you go on a long trip. It happens that the car stalls, the stove, of course, does not work, and in the street it's not even hot. Then these things will save you. Well, and, perhaps, the last one is a "stash." There must be some amount of money in the car. Moreover, it is better to use different denominations. Situations are very different - then you forgot to take money, but you need to refuel immediately, then lost or stolen a purse. Such a "reserve" will help out in a variety of situations. Well, perhaps, the car is fully equipped and ready for any situation - all the most necessary things for traveling by car you have. Now you are almost impossible to catch by surprise - for all occasions there is a "worthy answer". Go? We advise you to read: