how to choose a driving school A modern woman should be able to do everything. And for most of us to drive a car is simply necessary, in order to manage to fulfill all your plans and realize all your goals. To get the right, of course, you need to disaccustom yourself in a driving school. However, in order to really learn all the driving skills, and not just to memorize the rules of the road, it is necessary to choose a good driving school that really will give knowledge. So, how to choose a decent driving school?

Secretary - the person of any institution

This person will be the first with whom you will have toto communicate after you have reflected on what driving school to choose. Therefore, it is worth paying close attention to the conversation with him. You can not even leave the house, just call, and the tone in which the secretary will talk with you, will tell you a lot. For example, a very polite, even slightly ingratiating tone is always alarming. There is an impression that there is a shortage in the school and you are trying to attract into it by any means. Or the person simply does not know how to communicate with clients, and this suggests that the school was organized not by professionals, but amateurs, who can not even pick staff. And with such a dilettante approach you will encounter throughout the entire training - this you absolutely do not need. Excessive rudeness, too, should not be overlooked. It can only mean one thing - you are not interested in you as a customer, the school will still be studying you or not. Here you can draw one conclusion - you will be taught as superficially as they speak. We also reject such a school. The answers of the secretary should be concise and detailed, even if you ask a very silly question. After all, you only decide which driving school to choose, you want to study and have the full right not to know and not to understand.

Price and payment

Further wondering how to choose a driving school,you need to find out all the information about payment. On average, the price is the same everywhere, somewhere a little less, somewhere a little more, the weightless difference does not matter. But if the price of training is really low, do not rejoice in advance, but rather be on the alert. There are cases when you need to pay extra in the process of training, and for which to pay extra experienced scammers come up and give everything so that you can not even blink with an eye, and there is no money in your wallet anymore. It is also necessary to find out immediately how the payment will be made, partially or completely. And put all the points over "i" about the amount and amount of payments.

Teachers and instructors

After solving these issues, it is simply necessaryto ask for a license to study and communicate with future teachers. Communication with people who will become your gurus in the near future will help you understand what driving school to choose and whether it is worth spending your time in this organization. Trainer SDA must be able not only to help you learn the rules, but also correctly submit an understanding of the laws by which drivers live. He must impress you with an active, agile and polite person who easily communicates and finds a way out of any situation. It is also desirable that he had his driving experience, and not small, because in combination with knowledge, this experience can give you a lot of useful information. It will be great if your teacher combines his / her activities with instructors. But such luck does not come so often, so you need to talk about the instructor separately. Here as important experience. And age, the older the instructor, the better. It's only with age that a thorough knowledge of the road comes. A person with many years of experience understands her as a friend. Also works in a driving school on a vocation, instead of for a banal earnings. how to choose a decent driving school

Learning process

After doing all of the above,the question of which driving school to choose should not be closed in any case. Now it's time to find out information about how much the training course in general, how many hours are allocated for practice, and how much for the theory. Often the theory takes about 2 months, so if you are told that you will learn everything you need in 2 weeks, be alert! Practice on average takes from 24 to 30 hours. Of course, during this time you can not perfectly recognize the car, but you will get the necessary skills. At once specify - whether there will be additional employment on practice and whether they are obligatory. If you answer "yes", then you can immediately turn around and leave, because the exercises above the norm are at least 1.5 times more expensive, and how much you pay in the end is known only to teachers.

Introduction to the Director

Acquaintance with the director is simply necessary forto understand how to choose a driving school and make up your opinion about it. Of course, personal acquaintance can not always take place, but you still have a chance to talk with him at the first meeting of the students, and also to look at him, observe the behavior. The promise of the "manna of heaven" and the indispensable surrender of all examinations should not please you. After all, this can only mean one thing - to force you to pay extra money. And even if after the training you are not ready to pass the exam at the State Traffic Inspectorate, the instructors will be interested to train you again and again, until, eventually, you get tired of throwing money down the drain or while you are grieving in half after all do not pass the exam. But if the director immediately starts talking about the fact that not all will reach the exam at the GAI, and that the exam can be retried at school only two or three times, after which the documents will go to the archive, and you will need training again - this is what you need !! Be sure that in this school you will really be taught, and the staff as well as you are interested in your training. In such a driving school, measures are always taken in advance if necessary: ​​changing the instructor, changing the methodology, conducting additional tests. By the way, if the director has not passed your examination, you can still terminate the contract after the first meeting without financial losses. Which driving school to choose is up to you. But the main rule that is suitable for life as a whole is not to rush! It is better to spend time searching, to determine important criteria for yourself, and only after that make a conclusion. And do not think that after graduation you can immediately without fear get behind the wheel of the car and feel easy and free! Of course, this will not happen, because everything comes with experience, but the main principles must be conveyed to you by the teachers, whom you then say to your: "Thank you!".