how to learn to drive a car Few can be surprised by anecdotes about a woman forthe wheel. Just like the "warm" parting words from husbands and loved ones after a woman who has set herself a difficult task to learn how to drive a car. But if you, in spite of all this, have not changed your mind from the category of pedestrians suffering at any time of the year at bus stops and amicably waking up in the "communal comfort" of the subway cars, go to a team of cheerful morning hours in many kilometers traffic, then this article is for you. How to learn to drive a car? With the help of what magical actions to make this process less frightening, painless and effective? In general, there is no magic here, let's try to figure it out.

Begin to learn correctly

The first stage on the way to obtaining skillsdriving will be the choice between a driving school and a private car driver. It is worth noting that if funds are allowed, the second option is more preferable, since the training program will be based on an individual approach. The main advice - do not rush! A beautiful ad and low, however, as well as unnecessarily inflated prices for training - not the principle by which it is worth making your choice. Do not be lazy, personally get acquainted with the license of the school, the statistics of passing the exams, the teachers of the theory, instructors and fleet. All the indicators suit you? Then boldly conclude a contract. There you can definitely master the theory and skills of driving. If the goal was to get the rights, then after a couple of hundred road cones shot down on the circuit, packing of valerian and nervous tic from the instructor, a few months later you will become their owner. And even you can admire your photo, properly laminated under the film, on a rectangle 148x105 millimeters. Now the most difficult thing begins - to learn how to drive a car really, gaining experience in practice. learn to drive a car

be patient

Despite the fact that you already have driving skillsthere is, do not rush the next day to go to work behind the wheel of a car you just bought. And even more so do not do it in a tight skirt and shoes with heels. First try to leave in the evenings, while memorizing turns, signs, traffic lights, learn to navigate the streets of the city. Do not cry and do not get nervous if something does not work out. Gain experience - this is the only correct way to eventually confidently feel behind the wheel. And, most importantly, what you need to remember always - the road does not belong to any one, it is a common one! Therefore, you should not shy away from the signals of "experienced" drivers, for whom a woman at the wheel is only an excuse to mock and show how he is "cool"!

Learn the device of the car

In order not to be in a deplorable situation and notstand with an "intelligent" look over the open hood, learn the device of the car. A minimum of technical knowledge has not hurt anyone yet, so we learn and, as it sounds banal, we learn again! No, no one asks you to destroy the generally accepted error of men that a woman is a weak and defenseless being. But what genuine respect you will read in the eyes of voluntary assistants, if you unerringly call things by their proper names, and not prodpechatet something indiscriminate about pimples and iron. And this is not the most important thing. Unfortunately, our car service is not yet so perfect that you can afford not to understand the car's insides. Often, without emergency assistance provided by the car, you run the risk of getting stuck on the track for a long time, especially if you are out of town. Yes, and in the auto service you can easily boo and force to lay out a tidy sum for eliminating ridiculous (in terms of car mechanic) problems. So to understand the device of the car you are cheaper and safer.

Be prepared for the unexpected

It is necessary to learn a simple science about how to drivecar on a cable, not to "kiss" the tug. After all, you are not Love-radio, and close contacts are not welcome in this case. Turn on the "emergency", before driving, remove the car from the "handbrake" and unlock the steering shaft. Experienced tow (still it is hoped that he is experienced), begins to move without a jerk, smoothly. And all you have to do is to maintain the tension of the cable. There was an alien mechanical sound - stop, before having moved to the roadside, or pressed to the curb on the right side, and look under the bottom of the car. This can be a wire that is attached during movement. If you did not find anything, feel free to call technical assistance. "Failed" brake pedal - swing it a couple of times, maybe the brakes "grab". If this does not happen, brake by shifting to a lower gear (with a manual gearbox) or a handbrake. Did not help? Call the "technician". From under the hood appeared steam - then the engine overheated. Stop and top up the coolant. But not "under pressure", but in small portions, making pauses. Otherwise, a sharp crack in the engine may cause a crack. If you smell the melting wiring and saw the smoke from under the torpedo, stop immediately at the curb. If not yet lit, then grab the bag and the dog and - run from the car. If it's already on, grab only the dog and try to develop supersonic speed, or at least set a record for the speed of removal from the burning car. Insurance will cover losses, buy a new car, but the burns will cost you very much. To extinguish a flame from a fire extinguisher, do not even try. learn to drive a car

Do not complex

The woman behind the wheel is not a nightmare, but quitea normal phenomenon. Of course, provided that this woman really knows how to drive and navigate in situations on the road. Do not wait for indulgence and concessions from the male drivers: they are hostile towards you in advance (as they have inflicted on the sacred). But complexing is not necessary. If the feeling of inferiority does not leave you, then it is better to leave this venture: on the road there are no men and women, and there are only drivers. Now that you have conscientiously disaccustomed and honestly surrendered to the rights, you have every right to enjoy the fruits of your efforts. Offer your husband (lover) to take him to the sports bar. Do not complex, do not be nervous, act like you are on business in proud solitude. And no one froze in anticipation of the imminent payoff at the passenger's place. You have done excellent work and have a legitimate right to this look of incredulous admiration. Now your man is unlikely to grin at the words "how to learn to drive a woman", because he personally will be convinced that it is not more difficult than ... learn to jump with a parachute!


And now seriously. Anyone who learned to drive knows that he can not learn this quickly. In any case, it is impossible to learn well. It is possible to master the theory and driving skills quickly, but it's no reason to drive. And why do you need it? After all, when you are driving, in your hands, not only him, but your own life, as well as the life of all those who meet on your way. So we do not learn quickly, but as follows:

  • choose a good school or instructor;
  • we conscientiously attend classes;
  • we practice the practice qualitatively;
  • master the basics of technical assistance (self-help);
  • honestly we surrender to the rights;
  • regularly and methodically we roll experience.

Only then you will reallylearn to drive. Mastery comes with experience, driving skills are no exception. And according to statistics, women are the more accurate and disciplined drivers, rather than men. And despite all the "horror stories" of ardent chauvinists, only 35% of accidents are committed by women. All the rest are due to the fault of the Schumacher in the third generation. So, girls, good luck on the roads, the future is ours! We advise you to read: