money tree feng shui When it comes to financial well-being,people are ready to believe in anything, if only this "anything" helped them get rich. And it does not matter whether we really experience material difficulties, or simply we think so. A lot of money, as is known, does not happen. That's why recently the eastern teaching of Feng Shui became so popular, which guarantees us the fulfillment of almost all desires, provided certain rules are observed. Here, for example, there is in this doctrine the concept of zones of influence and talismans, which these zones activate. And if you in your house correctly determine the wealth zone and put there the appropriate talisman, then money will flow to you by the river. Well, if it does not, then you did something wrong. The money tree feng shui considers one of the strongest talismans of wealth. Therefore, you can use in this capacity not only a living flower, but also a handmade artificial money tree. But how to make this talisman work according to the rules of this ancient teaching, we will try to find out.

Money tree as a talisman

The influence zones in each house are located inaccording to the sides of the light and in a strict sequence, which is determined by the Bagua grid. And these zones can be defined both in the whole house, and in each separate room. But it is not enough just to find the exact location of each influential zone. It is necessary to activate these zones. In the teaching of feng shui, the zones of influence are activated by means of color, natural elements and talismans. The talisman in the teachings of feng shui is a kind of symbol. Interestingly, the talisman of wealth can activate not only the zone of the same name, but also the zones responsible for your spiritual and cultural life, family well-being and love. But if you are determined to use the magical power of the talisman of wealth to improve your financial situation, then preferably use a money tree. Wood is a living substance that can grow and develop. Therefore, the money tree of feng shui will contribute to the growth of your financial well-being, development of a rich spiritual world, and rich cultural life. Before seriously tackling the activation of the wealth zone, answer some simple questions.

  • Are you really ready to get rich?
  • Do you know why you need money?
  • If yes, in what quantity?
  • Are you sure that money can improve your life?
  • If so, in what way?

If you can not answer these questions, thenno talismans will help you get rich. Well, if you answered all the questions and decided to become rich, then choose a money tree and follow the rules of feng shui. feng shui money tree

Live money tree

As we have already said, the money tree of feng shuican be alive or artificial. Live money tree - this is a well-known houseplant plump dog, in Latin "Crassula". It is an unpretentious succulent, with a tree-like trunk and small fleshy leaves. The plant can not be called spectacular, but it looks very stylish and resembles a Japanese bonsai. In care, the fatty woman is undemanding, but loves well-lit rooms. By the way, the last factor is important for the wealth zone, which should also be well covered. So, for those who love indoor flowers, the fat-foot will become the most suitable talisman of wealth. Keep in mind that your money tree should in no case be presented to you. It is best to buy it or steal it by breaking off a twig somewhere on the spot. By the way, you can break off not only the twig, but even one single leaflet, which will soon take root. And even if you are persistently offered to take a fat woman as a gift, refuse, since the donated money tree will not only not help make you rich, but even become an anti-talisman and can bring failure to both the person who gave it and the person who accepted the gift. To your living mascot acted in full force, he must be healthy, well-groomed and handsome. So do not forget about the rules of care for plants of this species, and the tree itself from time to time turn to the light source by different sides. Then your money tree will form a smooth and beautiful crown. By the way, it is possible to form a crown, fixing still non-aged branches from different angles. To do this, they are tied to a wooden peg, attracted to the main trunk or, on the contrary, pushed away from it by means of a spacer. To enhance the magical properties of a living money tree in a pot, you can bury real coins, and decorate the crown with red ribbons. By the way, coins can also be hung on the branches of a fat woman. Then it will definitely become a talisman of wealth and bring you luck.

Artificial money tree

As a talisman of wealth in Feng ShuiIt is used not only a live fat woman, but also an artificial mint tree. Such a ready talisman can be purchased at a specialized store, or you can make it yourself. By the way, it is believed that the money tree made by itself has more energy and will certainly bring good luck. For a coin tree, you only need a stand, in which you can fasten the wire and Chinese coins with a square hole in the middle. But if you can not get such coins, then use ordinary coins, which you must first wash and polish so that they sparkle like gold coins. You will need at least one hundred coins, on each branch of the money tree there must be at least ten, and the twigs themselves must be at least ten. So, to make a tree, prepare a stand (this can be a jar from the cream or any other container filled with gypsum or polystyrene). Ten pieces of wire twist at the base and secure in the stand. And now form the trunk and the crown of your money tree, then hang coins on its branches and decorate it with red ribbons, beads or beads. Despite the fact that your mint tree is artificial, you also need to look after it and treat it like a living plant. Of course, you do not need to water an artificial money tree, but you can place a fountain, an aquarium or a picture of water next to it. Also it must be put in a well-lit place and make sure that the tree does not accumulate dust. money tree by feng shui

Money tree and wealth zone

As you already knew, alive or artificialThe money tree of feng shui should activate the wealth zone. Therefore, you can put it in the room that matches this zone, or in that part of the separate room where the wealth zone is located. And this area will be located in the south-eastern part of your house or a particular room. When you define a wealth zone, you need to design it in accordance with the requirements of the teachings of Feng Shui. So, for example, in this zone there should not be any very old or unnecessary things. The zone itself or the corresponding room should be decorated in blue, green or blue tones. Under a pot of money tree, you need to put a red napkin, and put a money bill. Well, the tree itself should also be decorated with red ribbons. And now you only need to look after your money tree and wait until this mascot of feng shui shows its magical powers. And this will certainly happen, provided that you have done everything right. Good luck! We advise you to read: