love zone on feng shui Feng Shui (Feng Shui) is a Chinese teaching thatconsiders the organization of the surrounding space in accordance with the flows of qi energy. According to this teaching, in order for a person to be happy and successful, you need to properly arrange housing, paying particular attention to each sector of the house. In this article, we will consider what a zone of love is, where it is and how to arrange it.

Branch of marriage: general provisions

It is believed that the zone of love (or a marriage zone)is in the south-western part of the housing. At the same time she is responsible not only for passionate feelings between a man and a woman, but also for the well-being of the family as a whole, the design of this part of the apartment influences mutual understanding between household members. Proper organization of space in this sector will help not only to strengthen relations between close people, it is also able to attract love into the life of a single person. However, one should not treat the process of decorating a zone of love according to feng shui as a magical rite - it has nothing to do with a privation, and it will not be possible to force someone to love you with the help of knowledge of feng shui. First of all you need to know that in this part of the apartment should always be clean and comfortable. Of course, the mess is not welcome anywhere, but keep in mind that the less well-groomed the marriage area, the more problems in the family you expect. Along with this, it is worth considering special recommendations on the design of this particular zone. in the zone of love on feng shui one of the priority colors pink

Choosing the furniture correctly

When decorating the interior, try toeach piece of furniture in this area had a "pair" of its own. 2 armchairs, 2 bedside tables, 2 chairs - everything should be 2, because love is mutual feelings of two. If the marriage area falls on the bedroom and, accordingly, the marital bed is located on this place, it does not mean that it is necessary to put next one more bed. Just try to have in the area of ​​the bed more paired items - 2 pillows, 2 lights, sconces at the head (it will be better if the lamps will be crystal).

What items should be in this sector?

This zone is beneficially influencedelements of the Earth and Fire, and Water and Metal can only do harm. Accordingly, try, that here there was no abundance of metal objects, and also the presence of water in any form. Decorative fountains, vases with flowers - all this should not be here. You should not even put live flowers here, because they need water to grow. But the painted flowers will come just in time - the pictures with their image will have a positive effect on the feelings of the spouses. If you want your love to be passionate, then it's better to choose scenery with images of peonies, and if there is not enough tenderness and warmth, then take roses. For the same reason, the so-called altar of love should not be in the bathroom or toilet. According to Feng Shui, the water that is located on the territory of the bathroom will wash your feelings every day. If the marriage zone falls on the kitchen, then this too is not the most successful option. Particular importance in the area of ​​marriage is the pairing of objects located in it. Here you can put, for example, figurines that will embody love - it's best if it's the figures of a boy and a girl, two swans or doves. The most famous symbols of happiness and harmony in the family are butterflies and mandarin ducks. In this area it is appropriate to put candles, preferably red and white colors - they will personify a man and a woman. If your personal life does not go well, then it is worth periodically lighting candles - this will cleanse your energy, the elements of Fire will help you make the relationship passionate and strong. The zone of love can also be decorated with beautiful stones - in this way you will support the influence of the elements of the Earth. Try not to store in this place items made of artificial materials. Coloring for gold, forgery for granite, etc. - all this will bring into your life a lie and provoke treason. In this zone there should be no spoiled things - any cracks and scratches will affect the relationship in the family. According to the teachings of Feng Shui, the stronger the objects in the zone of love - the stronger the relationship. For the same reason, there should not be things that did not belong to you before - any objects store the energy of their past owners. Thus, in the area of ​​marriage you can not store antiques - the presence of "alien" energy will attract strangers into your life, which can result in treason. In the area of ​​marriage, you can arrange photos of loved ones, just look, so that there are no images of single people. If you are still alone, then you can decorate this part of the apartment with images of loving couples and various figures in the shape of a heart - this will allow you to draw love into your life and let in your heart new feelings. Souvenirs in the form of heart, boxes with hearts - all this will help you activate the zone of love and find your happiness. By the way, the photo frames should be thin and elegant - heavy objects can "weight" your relationship. in the zone of love put paired figures

What colors can I use to decorate?

Traditionally, the colors of love are red,pink and light green. However, do not strive to paint the wall with bright spots chaotically - do not forget that everything should look harmonious, and the motley colors of the interior can look tasteless and annoy your eyes. When decorating the love sector, you can use different shades of brown, but try to avoid too dark colors. If you are lonely and you feel the internal devastation, then you should use the yellow color - for example, pick up a light wallpaper of a pleasant yellowish hue.

Activate the marriage sector to enhance passion

In order for the relationship between the spouses to beharmonious, you need to maintain a sexual interest in each other, and passion over the years blunted. To keep the fire of your senses alive, experts in feng shui advise you to keep objects with erotic symbolism in the zone of marriage. It can be oils for erotic massage, aphrodisiacs, books about love and sex, images of erotic content. But remember that these items should be closed from prying eyes, do not put them in a prominent place. to activate the sector marriage in the zone of love put the symbolism of an erotic nature

And if you still have a bathroom or kitchen?

If you are not lucky, and the love sector in yourhouse is located in the bathroom, then in this case, neutralize the negative impact of this room. To do this, on the outside of the bathroom door hangs a mirror, and the doors themselves should be given a color so that they merge with the wall. Thus, you seem to be fencing off this space, push it away. Then the zone of love can be considered closest to the bathroom place in the house. If the zone of love is a kitchen, then in this sector it is necessary to put a table. It is desirable that it was a round shape, and the number of chairs was even (remember the pairing of objects). Try to keep the sink away - the negative effect of water we have already considered above. Carefully watch that forks in the area of ​​marriage are not forked and knives, these sharp objects can bring conflicts into your life. It can be concluded that in the zone of love it is worth keeping things that are associated with love and family happiness. This part of the apartment is suitable for storing things that are dear to the heart and family photos. The main thing is to try to decorate this corner of the dwelling with love and tenderness and believe in the fact that everything will be fine in your family - then your marriage will be really strong, and the children will grow up cheerful and happy.