feng shui desktop Today there is probably no such person,who does not know what feng shui is. This ancient Chinese doctrine of energy interaction of the surrounding world and man. According to him, by arranging the most comfortable place of our existence, we attract good luck in our life. Ancient Chinese wisdom says: "If you want to change your life, change twenty-seven items in your house." The art of feng shui combines elements of good taste, common sense and mysticism. According to this doctrine, in the world there is a force that connects man with the environment. With the help of this art, you can make your life happy and happy, and make your workplace a source of success and prosperity. To do this, you need to organize a feng shui desktop. Because correctly arranging the workplace, you can increase your efficiency, facilitate your work, increase the amount of work that will lead to prosperity and well-being.

Color in the workplace

One of the most important elements to beTo pay attention, decorating a workplace, is its color registration. Each color according to feng shui reflects a certain kind of energy. Color influences our health and affects our mood. Do not use in your workplace gray, black and white colors. They are absolutely not harmonious. Gray is just a kind of black, which according to Chinese teaching is not color at all. Black is visible only when the surface does not reflect anything, but only absorbs light. The white color is neutral, which means it does not carry any energy. Do not use too bright colors in your workplace, because their diversity adversely affects the body. Variegated, bright colors only attract attention at first. To be in the same place constantly in such a situation is quite tiring. Making out the workplace, adhere literally to the principle of the "golden" middle. Beige, yellow, light orange, a touch of coffee with milk, golden tones, as well as a warm shade of red, a soothing color of young greenery, a gentle olive will create a feeling of joy and safety. Having defined the color, you can choose the direction, because it is very important for feng shui. feng shui on your desktop

Direction and location

The location of the desktop by Feng Shui hasgreat value. It should be located as far as possible from the door diagonally. You can not sit with your back to the door. The Chinese say that those who sit to the door with their backs draw to their misfortunes and troubles. It must be borne in mind that the details that seem to us insignificant, for example, a table with sharp corners, a sharp light, an uncomfortable chair pumped out energy. When planning a workplace, you need to put the desk correctly. The direction to the east is favorable for beginning entrepreneurs - you will be helped by the energy of the rising sun. The north-west is favorable for those who aspire to leadership, seek responsible posts. The creative energy is attracted by the southeast, and for a stable business the west is good. Strictly southern direction can cause stress and tension. Your desk should stand so that it can be seen well from the front door. It should not be blocked by various massive objects - cabinets, armchairs, safes. It is believed that luck can bypass you if you are not visible from the front door. It is also important to create a favorable atmosphere in the workplace. Correctly arranged workplace - feng shui on the desktop - will be a guarantee of health, spiritual and emotional balance. Do not squeeze your desktop into the clamped corner, let alone between the cabinets. One of the cornerstones of the theory of feng shui is the principle of the five elements. Fire, earth, metal, water and wood are present in everything, not excluding man. These basic elements can form coziness and harmony, supporting each other, or destroying. And then everything in the house and in life goes awry. All elements, except the earth, correspond to their sides of the world, colors, animals, seasons, directions, materials and forms. All the overhanging constructions above the workplace can serve as a source of disease and failure. Remove behind the racks and panels all computer cables and telephone wires. All the wires and cables lying in sight mean an outflow of money. You can not have your own workplace so that it is opposite the door, especially if it opens into the room, because in this case you will be attacked by a strong energy flow, which is bad for your health. Do not sit down and back to the door, because this is a very disturbing and uncomfortable position. According to Feng Shui it is called a "knife in the back". With this arrangement it is believed that you can substitute, betray or bypass the promotion of the career ladder. If you can not sit in another way, then you need to put a mirror on the table so that you can see the front door. Do not sit back and to the window. Thus, you are depriving yourself of the support of your own employees and influential persons. In addition, in this case, even the most ingenious of your projects will be doomed to failure. It is better to sit with your back to the wall. If this is not possible, close the window with curtains. Sit better face to the door, but diagonally, not opposite.


The quality of the work will be affected by any physicalinconvenience. You should be able to approach freely to your desktop, and at the table and in front of him there must be free space. It symbolizes perspectives and opportunities. Otherwise, difficulties await you. If in the room where you work, directly in front of you is a partition, then hang on it a picture depicting a flowering valley or lake. This way you visually expand the space in front of you, and hence your perspective. If you work in a crowded room or you have to accept a large number of visitors by the nature of the work, you can get tired of them. In order to protect your personal space, put on your desktop some favorite subject. The most unfavorable is the workplace located at the door. In this case, it does not matter what position this person occupies - the attitude of outsiders to him will always be less respectful. Such an employee is more tired of the bustle, because people are constantly passing by him, and visitors are distracted by their questions. If the workplace can not be moved from the passageway, place a large or bright object on the table. If in the room where you work, a lot of cabinets and racks with working documentation, revise it, throwing away everything unnecessary and outdated. And what is rarely used, put in the back room. Clogged and cluttered cabinets, shelves and racks mean the inability to perceive the new, limiting your professional growth. Good workplace lighting is an excellent way to attract positive energy. A working table for feng shui requires additional lighting, which will provide a table lamp. The light should be either directly above the head, or from the side of a non-working, usually left hand. If you are working at a computer, the light should aim directly at the keyboard. Sunlight, especially on a bright day, can interfere with work, so you should use curtains or blinds. However, it is not worthwhile to switch over to artificial lighting. working table on feng shui

We equip the table

If in the far left part of the desktopput a metal object or a table lamp, then you will attract financial success. If you put your photo on your desktop on some prestigious conference or meeting, you will activate your career success in this way. The zone on the far right side of the desktop is responsible for your personal and family relationships. And if in this area there are problems, put there a pair figure. By equipping your desk, it is important to avoid clutter and confusion. In a room with musty air, there can not be a good feng shui. Success will forever leave the room in which tobacco clouds of smoke hang, business papers are scattered uncontrollably, furniture is set up, where dusty windows with dirty curtains. Do not allow confusion on the desktop - always keep it clean and in order. Where there is disorder, there is no normal circulation of positive energy, which means that there will be no health and luck. For a long time it's not necessary on the desk for papers to have the most place in the trash can. This will help you effectively deal with pressing problems. The location of objects under the table is as important as it is on it. Do not clutter with excess wires, boxes and replaceable shoes the space under your feet. The feeling of tightness in the legs leads to the same sensation in the head. And then you will miss the "flight of thought." We advise you to read: