toad feng shui to attract monetary prosperity What are the secrets of finding harmony in the house? How to attract good luck, strengthen family ties? These and many other questions are answered by one of the most enigmatic and fascinating sciences of the East - Feng Shui. According to the teachings of this centuries-old culture, special talismans of feng shui serve as assistants in achieving such goals. With their help, you can activate certain sectors of our home and thereby achieve the desired in life. At the same time, not only talismans themselves are of great importance, but also their competent location by sector. This is the idea of ​​Eastern science. All objects in the room should be harmoniously located in space, that is, their purpose should correspond to the purpose of the housing sector. Non-observance of this rule can lead to undesirable and sometimes even negative consequences. Most often people are concerned about issues related to welfare, career growth, health, romance, family relationships. In order to adjust these areas of their lives, it is necessary to restore order in the sectors responsible for their homes, get rid of old and unnecessary things and acquire talismans that are recommended by experts in the field of feng shui. elephant for the fulfillment of desires for feng shui

Threelegged toad and money tree - welfare symbols

One of the most powerful talismans that attractsmoney in the home, according to the teachings of Feng Shui, is a golden toad. She stands on three paws, and in her mouth holds a coin. Despite its great popularity, few people know that to activate its energy, it is necessary to remember the following:

  • First, you can not stick a coin;
  • Secondly, the talisman should be placed in the wealth sector - the south-eastern part of the dwelling;
  • Thirdly, the toad must be regularly lowered into the water, after which it must dry itself.

Attracting wealth to the house will help such a talismaneastern culture, as a money tree. By this name all plants of the succulent species with large round leaves were gifted. To strengthen the mascot, you can put a coin in the pot. By the way, a living tree can be replaced by a picture on a panel. Another interesting and at the same time symbolic option - an artificial tree with coins instead of leaves. As ancillary elements, images of streams on panels or functioning sources of water, indoor fountains can be used. But you can not put cacti next to the money tree. It is believed that their energy is incompatible.

Peacock and Phoenix for career growth

Talisman of Feng Shui Peacock is sure to helphis owner get to the very top of his career. To fully admire his beauty, one should take his worthy place in the glory sector - in the south. Peacocks made of precious metals, decorated with stones, have the greatest power. A talisman that attracts luck in a career can be the image of a peacock. In this case, you should give preference to bright and beautiful panels and pictures. Strengthen the action of the bird on your sector can be, burning candles near it, "feeding" the grain. Another winged creature that attracts career growth is the bird Phoenix. From mythology it is known about its ability to rise from the ashes. Being in the house, she gives her master the ability to rise above all adversity. If you take a place for Phoenix in the southern part of the dwelling, he will attract success and glory to his owner. On the other hand, the bird is distinguished by a rather impulsive impulsive disposition. Therefore, in order to achieve balance, according to Chinese teaching, you should place a picture of the Dragon next to it. You can also mitigate the energy of the Phoenix with the help of a figurine of the Turtle. ducks mandarin duck to attract love

Mandarin duckling: Feng Shui for love

The image of mandarin ducks was widelyspread among all comers to bring romance and love to their lives. Also this talisman is very popular among those who want to strengthen the marriage ties. According to the teachings of Feng Shui, ducks should be placed in the south-west, that is, in the sector of marriage. Being in its place, the talisman becomes the guarantor of fidelity, love and happiness in marriage. There is one condition, the fulfillment of which is necessary to achieve the desired goal. Ducks should be placed in pairs. In the same part of the dwelling you can put wedding photos, images of the happiest moments. In addition, in the marriage sector, all other items must be paired: figurines, candles and other attributes. It is also possible to leave engagement rings for the night beside dashes. On small ducks it is not without reason that such serious responsibility as preserving the marriage bonds is entrusted. According to the Chinese legend, mandarin ducks choose their partner only once and remain true to each other all their lives. The best talismans, bringing good luck in love and staying faithful in marriage, are ducks of orange shades made of natural materials.

An elephant to fulfill all desires

The most unpretentious figure, employee, according toculture of feng shui, talisman, is an elephant. The statuette with great success can replace and the image of this noble animal. The magic of the talisman is so desirable to baptize unlimited. In Eastern culture it is believed that the elephant brings happiness and luck to the house, fulfills wishes, gives well-being and health to the whole family. The symbol of the elephant strengthens and the sector responsible for children gives care and support to the younger generation. The universality of the talisman consists in its ability to bring luck in that sphere of life, for which the sector of its location is responsible. If you place an elephant figurine in the center of the apartment, the family expects well-being and health. The image of an elephant in the northern part of the dwelling will provide career growth. The elephant figurine in the east will strengthen the relationship in the family. An elephant placed in the southeastern sector of the house will bring wealth. The elephant image in the travel sector - in the north-west of the room - will help you to travel. A figurine in the western part of the house will not affect the children. Perhaps this solution will help develop new talents in the young generation and open up great opportunities for them. With the help of the listed talismans, feng shui can energize your home, achieve harmony, achieve what you want. It is also important to learn how to enjoy the very process of applying this beautiful oriental culture in your life. After all, harmony with your inner world is the first step towards harmony with the outside world.