feng shui bedroom What place in the house is the most cozy and tempting? Of course, a bedroom. Here we sleep, which means we spend the third part of our life. This room has a special energy, it calms and relaxes, adjusts to the right thoughts. After all, just before going to bed, lying in a cozy bed, we often make the right decisions, which for some reason did not occur to us in the light of day. In order for the bedroom to become a place for you, where everything "gets to square one", where it is fast asleep and all the problems go to the background, it is necessary to correctly approach its design. And here will help you advice feng shui. So, let's try to understand all the intricacies of this ancient teaching and create a feng shui bedroom.

Cooking room for change

First you need to spend indoorsgeneral cleaning, and even better - to do light cosmetic repairs. Recolor the walls, wash the windows, get rid of unnecessary things. If the ceiling in the bedroom is "decorated" with complex designs - remove them. Or at least hide under an even suspended ceiling. Ideally, the bedroom door should not "look" at the door of another room. This arrangement can lead to quarrels and scandals in the family. It is clear that to break the openings and do the redevelopment of rooms not everyone will agree. And here the usual curtain will come to the rescue, for example, bamboo or beads. Wash the chandelier and sconce over the bed. Dirty things in the bedroom are inadmissible - your material well-being depends on it. If you once regularly bring the room in order, give up bulky plafonds and give preference to simple designs. Be sure to take time to the closet and chest of drawers - carry out an audit there. Surely you have old bed linen, stored "for a rainy day," or things that you no longer wear, and throw away hesitant. Gather with the spirit and throw out all this stuff! He does not contribute to improving material wealth, and the whole atmosphere in the house. a bedroom on a feng shui

Determined with furniture

If the bedroom has bedside tables,pay attention to their height. They should be on the same level with the bed or below it. Only so favorable energy waves can provide you with a full and peaceful sleep. Remove from excess tables unnecessary things, ideally (according to the philosophy of Feng Shui), all surfaces must be absolutely empty. By the way, bedroom furniture is best to choose with rounded edges. Sharp corners poke the atmosphere, make the atmosphere not soothing, but ripped and rough. In the bedroom there should be no electrical appliances: cell phones, speakers from the music center and even the TV must be removed. They prevent you from tune in to a good rest. And you do not need to take a laptop with you to bed - insomnia is provided in this case.

Installing a bed

Particular attention should be paid to the location of the bed. It is important here not only where in the room it stands, but also in which direction its base is unfolded.

  • The most convenient location of the bed is the headboard to the wall, so that from both sides there is a free approach to it;
  • You can not sleep with your feet to the door. Even if there is no possibility to rearrange the bed, fence off the doorway with a light screen;
  • Do not allow the bed to reflect in the mirror. This can lead to the fact that your spouse will have a mistress. And making love, you can not completely relax, feeling in the room the presence of strangers;
  • The family bed should have a common mattress, even if you sleep on two shifted beds. Otherwise, you will not wait for a happy family life;
  • The head of the bed is at the window? In this case, all the energy flows entering the room will immediately fall on you. And this will lead to nothing good. If there is no possibility to rearrange the bed, put on the sill a vase with fresh flowers or crystal;
  • A gross violation of all the principles of feng shui - the installation of a bed (headboard) against a wall adjacent to a bath or toilet.

feng shui in the bedroom

Additional interior items

Bedroom Feng Shui involves competentdistribution of all pieces of furniture and interior. Every little thing matters here. First, there should not be anything on the windowsills, except for living flowers and crystals. Recently, it has become fashionable to decorate rooms with artificial ivy, grapes - this can not be done! Artificial flowers carry dead energy. Secondly, install in the bedroom a small fountain. Water is a cleaning element, as a result of which all negative energy will turn into neutral energy. But aquariums and paintings with a sea view are unacceptable. "Big" water brings only doubts and anxieties. Third, check that the doors do not creak and do not clap from the slightest draft. These sounds are a source of negative energy. If you recently got married, it is worth making a bedroom in red and cherry blossom. It is these shades that arouse passion, preserve happiness in the family, and also accompany the conception of the child. When family relations are already stable, you should decorate the interior in gentle bed colors. But attracting red shades is also allowed, so that passion and love never abated. Beige and sand color, turquoise and lilac look harmonious. They act as a sedative, have a slow conversation and a deep sleep. It is undesirable in the interior to use dark, too saturated colors - they will "press" on the mind and create tension in the air. If you are still lonely, then get a pair of items to decorate the bedroom. For example, two sconces above the bed, two bedside tables, two puffins, two candlesticks. Single objects prevent the appearance of a pair. Fans of painting should take into account that for the bedroom on feng shui suitable portraits of children or still lifes. Landscapes with the image of autumn decorating the room is strongly discouraged, since this time of the year is associated with wilting and aging. Be very careful with the mirrors! If the doors of the cabinet are mirrored, then at night they should be closed with light curtains. It is believed that in a dream our subconsciousness leaves the body and visits parallel worlds, including the looking-glass. Do it wisely, properly arrange furniture, go to the bedroom arrangement with imagination and good mood. Of course, do not rush to extremes and put the bed in the middle of the room, unfolding it diagonally. It is much easier to apply screens and light curtains. And the main rule - do not allow strangers to enter the marital bedroom. This applies to the servant. Let her clean up the rooms, and cleaning the bedroom is your personal responsibility. After all, you do not need someone else's negative emotions, do you? We advise you to read: