what products burn fats What does any girl dream of losing weight dream about? About that, to lose those extra pounds, continuing to eat deliciously. After all, most of us, sitting on a strict diet, after a while simply can not stand the test of hunger and attack the forbidden food, like she-wolves on lambs. As a result - a sense of guilt, depression and a couple more extra kilos in addition to the previous weight. It would seem, a vicious circle ... But do not be in a hurry to get upset: the fact is that there are very tasty and healthy products that are allowed to be consumed by all those who lose weight. Knowing that you can eat and what not, you can easily cope with your diet and finally achieve the desired results. So what foods burn fats? There are not so few of them, and in this article we will give you a detailed list of what can be eaten during weight loss without the risk of "eating fat." Paradoxically, some products do not only store fat, but also burn them. Of course, instantly melting excess volume in the area of ​​your waist and hips they are not capable, but to resist the feeling of hunger in the process of losing weight - easily!


Many dislike this useful fruit for itsthe taste of bitterness, but in vain. It is that chemical substance (citrus flavonoid naringenin) that gives the grapefruit a slightly bitter taste, and is responsible for the breakdown of fats in the body. And this is not its only benefit, because it regulates the level of insulin and glucose in the blood, which leads to a decrease in appetite. Imagine, you look at the table, filled up with delicious food, and are ready to eat at least half in one sitting! But if you eat at least half of the grapefruit before the meal, then most of the so much culinary delights you like most recently seem to you not so appetizing. As a result, you eat less and save your figure. You can eat grapefruit in its pure form, you can drink freshly squeezed juice and even mix it with the juices of other citrus fruits. If you at least half a month will eat half a grapefruit before each meal, you will lose weight by two or three kilograms (and this is with the usual diet!). It's not surprising, because even a quarter of this wonderful fruit, eaten before dinner, burns as many as eight hundred calories. But, unfortunately, for regular consumption of grapefruit in food there are contraindications. With increased acidity of the stomach, and even more so, with gastritis or ulcers, grapefruit is not recommended. It should also refrain from this product to women in the menopause: physicians suggest a link between the regular use of this fruit and breast cancer. products of burning fats

Green tea

Green teas of all sorts are becoming more and more popular,coming to the aid of not only losing young ladies, but also all those who care about their health. It is not surprising, because a couple of cups of freshly-brewed green tea a day prevents the formation of cancer cells, strengthens blood vessels and even protects from harmful radiation from the screen of a computer monitor and TV. And for us, slimming women, green tea is especially useful, since it is able to restore the normal operation of metabolic processes in the body. What could be better: you still have not eaten a delicious dinner, and the metabolism has already begun to burn all the excess fats (that is how the products that burn fats work). Moreover, green tea, as well as grapefruit, lowers the sense of appetite. That's why he is on our list. Of course, it is not necessary to drink tea before "greening", especially - to replace them with ordinary food. If daily you drink at least a cup of green tea every day, you will lose about four kilograms. Of course, for many this figure will seem scanty, but after all this result is preserved with the usual diet for you! Nobody prevents you from going on a diet and going in for sports - then the "green friend" will provide you with an invaluable help in losing weight. Green tea is contraindicated for women with heart disease, as well as for nursing mothers, since it can cause sleep disruption in a child. But most often such problems arise in those who abuse this drink. Still, green tea is a kind of medicine, and it should be taken in a dosed way.

A pineapple

Pineapple is a very tasty and sweet fruit, andtherefore losing weight with him is a pleasure! Look at the pharmacy: there are full of different dietary supplements based on pineapple. The question arises: how can you lose weight on this fruit, if it is sweet, which means high-calorie? That's the whole secret, that in a hundred grams of the product contains only forty-nine kilocalories! For comparison, there are four hundred grams of chocolate bar. But not only low calorie helps everyone to easily and quickly lose weight. In pineapple contains a rare substance - bromelain. Physicians call it an enzyme of harmony. Its effect is that it perfectly cleaves proteins and fats, improves digestion and strengthens the work of gastric juice. Thanks to these properties, pineapple does not allow the deposition of excess fats. It is believed that one gram of pure bromelain in the body per day is able to help throw off a kilogram of excess weight. But if you believe that, eating pineapple from morning till night, you will find the figure of your dream, then you are deeply mistaken. All that you will find is irritation of the oral mucosa and indigestion. Everything is good in moderation! In order for the magic property of bromelain to work and you lose a kilo per day, you need conditions that are impossible for the human body. So, just enjoy a delicious, delicious product, eating a slice after each meal. In addition, pineapple perfectly lowers appetite, so it will be superfluous to eat a portion of fruit and before eating. In spite of the fact that pineapple is very useful for health (there are a lot of vitamins and minerals in it), there are also contra-indications for its regular use. Due to the fact that the substances contained in pineapple, can cause a reduction in muscle tissue, it should not be eaten by pregnant women - it can damage the fetus. It is also worthwhile to refrain from this product to women with gastritis and stomach ulcers. Well, in addition, the juice and pulp of pineapple can cause some people an allergic reaction.


Well, where do not have seafood! Salmon is a fish that contributes not only to weight loss, but also to a significant enhancement of health! To begin with, this fish contains a large number of omega-3 fatty acids, which successfully break down fatty tissues. Do you know that the less these acids in the body, the more chances you have for obesity? So quickly run to the store and buy a tasty, fresh salmon. In addition to the benefits of losing weight, salmon will help you to find shining skin, strong hair and nails. It contains vitamins A, D, B12 and B6. In addition, due to regular consumption of this fish you will lower your cholesterol level and normalize blood pressure. Is not it an excuse to eat salmon at least once a week?

Boiled beef

If you had to look for yourselfa suitable diet, then you probably noticed that practically in all menus there is boiled beef. And it's no accident. Agree, having eaten a piece of beef, you can easily satisfy your hunger. That's why this product is on our list. It's not just saturation, but also that the protein contained in this meat speeds up the work of metabolic processes in the body. Therefore, safely include this product in your diet and lose weight on health. A hundred grams of boiled beef contains two hundred and fifty-four kilocalories, which is quite a bit, considering that the average norm of a healthy woman is one thousand eight hundred kilocalories. Eating a piece of beef a day, you not only quench the feeling of hunger and avoid the opportunity to eat excess, but also increase your hemoglobin, which is important for losing weight. In boiled beef, there are useful acids - omega-3 and omega-6 (albeit in small amounts, but the body and that's happy!). products that burn fat


The use of coffee for the body has always been an issuedisputable. Someone argues that this is a real poison for health, and someone - that this is an indispensable source of cheerfulness. The whole point, of course, is how many servings of this drink you drink per day. If you replace them with breakfast, lunch and dinner, then you just "burn" by planting your heart. But the moderate consumption of coffee does not threaten anything so terrible: you not only activate your energy, but also stimulate the respiratory system, enrich the body with important vitamins and minerals, and soothe your nerves during stress. As for weight loss, coffee is very valuable in two respects: first, it has a diuretic effect, which means it frees the body of excess fluid; and secondly - it stimulates the acceleration of the work of metabolism in the body. Do you know that every morning you drunk a cup of freshly brewed coffee frees you up to three hundred kilocalories? Few drinks can boast the same result. So boldly drink coffee in moderate doses and enjoy the result. Contraindicated in coffee hypertensive patients, as well as those who suffer from a stomach ulcer and heart failure. Be careful before drinking a drink at night: you can suffer insomnia until the morning!


Why do you think the princess on beans wasso slender? Surely she not only slept on them at night, but also enjoyed using them during the day. Unfortunately, very few modern women often eat peas, beans or lentils, but in vain! These wonderful products help not only burn excess calories, but also improve the body. They contain so many useful elements that you can write about this a separate book. Suffice it to say that in the legumes there is fiber, calcium, phosphorus, folic acid ... It can be continued for a very long time. Regular consumption of legumes helps reduce cholesterol in the blood, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. And besides, the manganese contained in these products makes our hair shiny and durable. Beans - an indispensable product for those who want to lose weight. They contain so much fiber and pectin that they take up a lot of space in the stomach. And this despite the fact that a portion of this porridge contains only two hundred kilocalories! In addition, legumes contain forty percent protein, so that you can easily replace them with the use of higher calorie meat.


It would seem that such a customary product asan apple knows everything. But what not everyone knows is that the daily use of these wonderful fruits helps to establish the optimal level of sugar in the blood - and therefore, to normalize the level of hormones that affect the appetite. Eat more apples - less to overeat. One ripe apple contains about ninety kilocalories, and this is a significant plus for all ladies sitting on a diet. Slimming is most suitable for green sour grades, since they contain less sugar. Of course, you should not replace the usual eating habits by eating apples - so you will not only spoil the work of the stomach, but also damage the enamel on the teeth (fruit acids in large quantities can eat it). But you can not do anything for junk days on apples - it's tasty, and for the figure it's useful. As you can see, low-calorie foods that burn fat exist. You can only choose the ones that you like, and it's a pleasure to watch, as gradually lose those extra pounds.