chocolate diet For a piece of chocolate you are ready to give life, butabsolutely sure that it gets fat. Without a cup of invigorating coffee in the morning, the brain refuses to work, but you know for sure that coffee increases blood pressure and increases the burden on the heart. You will be surprised, but to torture yourself, refusing bitter-sweet squares and warming the soul of the drink, is no longer necessary. Chocolate diet - this is the way for those who do not even want to deprive themselves of pleasure even for a day and at the same time yearning to get rid of at least a couple of extra pounds. You will not believe, but the chocolate diet is not just a tasty name, it's really based on chocolate. Experts have long put coffee beans and cocoa beans in the service of a slender figure. Ways to lose weight with them a lot - from simple to the most exotic.

Paradisaic delight

A modern American woman has nothing to herselfrefuses and eats about 14 kg of chocolate a year, Swiss about 12 kg, a resident of the Foggy Albion - 10 kg, a German - almost 8 kg, a slender Japanese woman - 3.5 kg, a Russian likes chocolate very much, but eats only 2.5 kg . It's quite a bit - about 8 g per day. More we can not afford, because we are afraid to get well. But chocolate is a storehouse of carbohydrates, which contribute to the production of serotonin, and glucose, a source of energy. Serotonin increases vitality, calms appetite, relieves pain and helps to fall asleep. If this hormone is not enough, the mood deteriorates, and we instinctively attack the sweet. The level of serotonin varies depending on the state of health and season. Its deficiency is one of the reasons that in the second half of the day, especially in winter (and in women even before the menstruation), we are drawn to the sweet. It is known that even in a small piece of dark chocolate contains so many flavonoids (and they are responsible for the normal work of the heart and blood vessels), as contained in five cups of tea, six apples, two glasses of red wine or twenty-eight glasses of white. chocolate coffee diet

Fragrant Energizer

Coffee drinks the whole world, to be exact, 2 billion people. They drink it just black, with milk, cream, ice cream, adding various spices: cinnamon, cloves, cardamom and even black pepper and salt. Coffee is not the enemy's heart, of course, if you drink it with non-liter mugs. With moderate use, this divine drink even improves the functioning of the heart and protects it from ailments. American scientists have proved that a dose that is healthy for the heart is 3-4 cups a day. Drink from ground grains is preferable to soluble (soluble coffee leads to fluid retention in the body, irritates the intestines, provokes the development of cellulite). And it is better that he was not black, but with milk that softens the effect of caffeine. Drink to your health! By the way, from the coffee aroma alone you can already lose weight! Essential oils give a charming smell to the drink. They drive sleep and fatigue, improve mood, and in addition, exacerbate reactions and increase attention. Caffeine, contained in coffee beans, relieves swelling, burns fat and even fights with the "orange peel" on the skin. The coffee contains a whole complex of macro- and microelements: manganese, magnesium, iodine, phosphorus, iron, calcium, vitamins A, D, P. Thanks to the mild laxative and diuretic effect, coffee helps to purify the body of toxins and toxins, providing a mild detox effect. There are grains and coffee oil, which improves the skin condition. It is not surprising that coffee-based compounds are widely used in cosmetology to combat excess kilograms and cellulite. And caffeine alleviates the pain, so pharmacologists often include its composition of various analgesics.

Sam-m-may a delicious diet

Chocolate diet is delicious, but tough enough. It has a very low calorie content - only about 600 kcal per day, which leads to rapid weight loss. Duration of the diet is 7 days. At the end of the week, weight loss should be at least 6-7 kg, and the first tangible results are visible on the third day. The effect is achieved through the rejection of salt and the withdrawal of excess fluid, because coffee is very dehydrated. Chocolate also keeps the brain functioning, it maintains the blood glucose level, preventing you from falling into a hypoglycemic syncope. The main secret of the diet is to use only bitter chocolate with the maximum content of cocoa beans. The combination of cocoa butter and sugar dramatically increases its calorie content, which is why sweet chocolate is better, but it's losing weight from the bitter. Milk, white, chocolate with nuts, dried fruits and stuffing - under the ban! Your efforts will simply be in vain. Chocolate needs to be eaten very little - only 90 g (maximum 100 g). Divide the chocolate into 3 parts (30 g each) and sweeten them for breakfast, lunch and dinner, drinking a cup of fragrant coffee with milk, but without sugar. Attention! You can drink after eating only after 3 hours. It can be pure water, black or green tea, of course, without sugar.

  • Breakfast. Coffee with milk, 30 g chocolate
  • Dinner. Coffee with milk, 30 g chocolate
  • Dinner. Coffee with milk, 30 g chocolate

Like any diet, the chocolate diet has its advantages and disadvantages. Pros of diet:

  • For 7 days weight loss reaches 7 kg
  • Chocolate diet is delicious
  • You do not need to count calories
  • Coffee and chocolate contain many useful vitamins and minerals
  • Chocolate diet is easy to apply
  • It is possible that at the end of the diet you will not be able to look at the chocolate for a very long time
  • Chocolate diet does not require material costs

Disadvantages of the diet:

  • Chocolate diet is a completely unbalanced diet that deprives the body of many essential nutrients
  • Chocolate diet is contraindicated in diabetes mellitus, hypertension, chocolate allergies, liver and pancreas diseases, as well as pregnant and lactating women

chocolate macaroni diet

Chocolate unloading days

If the chocolate-coffee diet seems to you all-still too heavy and you do not risk sitting for a week on coffee and chocolate, then the ideal option for you - chocolate days of release. You need to eat the same way, but 1 or 2 times a week. Lose weight on such a discharge can be approximately 1 kg per day.

Another version of a delicious diet

For those who do not want to give up a loved onegoodies and can not comply with a rigid diet, a real find - an Italian chocolate-macaroni diet. Macaroni are an excellent source of carbohydrates, B vitamins and minerals. An indispensable condition - they should be only from durum wheat, the norm - only 100 g per day. They must be boiled to the state of al dente. You can not combine pasta with proteins - meat, fish, cheese and fermented milk products. All these products are forbidden by diet. You will also have to give up salt and sugar. That's all the limitations! But eat fruits and vegetables at least every day! Pay special attention to vitamin C, which is especially abundant in kiwi and citrus fruits (but not more than 200 g per day). You can eat tomatoes in any form, 3-4 pieces of medium size. Be sure to include in your diet fresh carrots. Eat at least two carrots daily, and squeeze juice out of three more. Diversify the menu with boiled beets, lettuce leaves and fresh herbs. You can pamper yourself with toast from whole wheat bread, walnuts (1 piece per day), boiled soft boiled eggs (1 piece per day). Salad dressing with olive oil, you can add 1 h. Spoon of honey. And of course, most importantly - chocolate, but only bitter, without additives and fillings. Drink at least 1.5 liters of clean water and no more than two cups of black or green tea a day. But coffee is banned! Sample menu of chocolate-macaroni diet

  • Breakfast. A cup of tea, a toast of whole wheat bread (50 g), 30 g chocolate, 1 orange
  • Lunch. 1 carrot, 2 kiwi
  • Dinner. Macaroni (100 g) with 2 tomato sauce, fresh vegetable salad, carrot juice, 30 g chocolate
  • Snack. Salad from vegetables and lettuce, 1 orange and 30 g chocolate
  • Dinner. Salad of fresh vegetables and lettuce leaves.

Choose what you prefer - a chocolate diet, unloading days on chocolate several times a week or a chocolate-macaroni diet. Delicious weight loss to you!

From our table to your table

As you know, a strong half of humanity -real sweet. Indulge your beloved with coffee and chocolate dessert. The recipe is simple enough and will not take you much time, but it will cheer up, cheer up for the whole day and bring real pleasure to your second half.

  • Cook strong coffee, add a fewpieces of chocolate, orange peel and a little creamy liqueur (for example "Baileys"). Stir everything until the chocolate dissolves completely. Pour the drink into beautiful cups, top with whipped cream and sprinkle with cinnamon.

P. S. If you really want chocolate, be sure to eat a small piece, otherwise you will not notice how to swallow all the tiles. We advise you to read: