mummy from stretch marks Many women experience discomfort afterpregnancy due to the fact that stretch marks appear on their body (striae). A lot of money is spent on treating this shortcoming. That there are only cosmetic procedures, newfangled creams and ointments! But most of them do not bring the desired result. The mood spoils, complexes develop, and after all the season of holidays and beach rest has come. I want to be attractive and bright! And then comes to the aid of a wonderful remedy - a mummy from stretch marks. But before running to the pharmacy in search of healing, let's find out what the mummy is, how it helps in dealing with skin irregularities and stretch marks, and what its proper application is.

What is a mummy?

Mumiye is a mountain tar, consisting ofa natural mixture of organic and inorganic elements. This substance is extracted in the mountains of Asia, and the most common golden mummy is brought to us from the Altai. This is a homogeneous mass of brown or almost black, which has an unusual smell and bitter taste. It is produced most often in tablets, sometimes found in the form of capsules or plates. The healing power of this remedy and its effect on the body are well known for more than three millennia. And the areas of application of mummies are so diverse that it remains to be surprised how such a wonderful healing "elixir" remained so much in the shadows for so long. However, this is only for us he is little known, but in eastern medicine, treatment with the help of mummies stands on a special place. It is tracked in ancient records and medical treatises of Asia, Mongolia, Tibet and India.

What is the mummy used for?

Due to the high content of various elementsMumiye has a huge range of healing properties that improve the treatment. It is used for general strengthening of immunity, healing of various wounds, both internal and external. Widespread use of this tool found in traumatology. He is appointed to accelerate the processes of tissue regeneration, restoration of bones after fractures, as well as in the treatment of ulcers. Mumiye helps to get rid of acne and other skin irregularities, relieves inflammation in tissues, alleviates the symptoms of allergic reactions, improves metabolism and promotes resorption of scars. That's why the cream from stretch marks with mummies is, perhaps, the most effective means for solving this cosmetic problem. cream from stretch marks with mummies

Use mummies against stretch marks

Often you can hear that treatment with cream withmummy against stretch marks, if used regularly, is very effective. And this is actually so. However, you need to know that it helps only if you are preparing a solution or cream. Factory tools with this component, as a rule, do not bring good results, and sometimes even cause irritation and allergic reactions, the treatment of which can drag on for a long time. The fact is that a quality cream from stretch marks with a mummy has a very short shelf life. And if he often contacts with air and skin (for example, if the cream is not packed in a tube, but in a jar with a wide neck), then the time of his "life" decreases to a week! So do not wait for positive changes, buying a cosmetic with a mummy, the expiration date of which is a year. Most likely, you spent money in vain. The next time you can save much and prepare a cream with a mummy yourself at home. Then the treatment will certainly bring results.

Preparation of cream from stretch marks with mummies

The recipe itself is very simple. To prepare a cream with mummies from stretch marks, you will need very little time and patience. As a basic active substance, any natural mummy is suitable, but it is most convenient to use it in capsules. Firstly, it is already dosed in advance, which means that you do not need to weigh and measure the exact amount of the powder. Secondly, the mummy in the capsules dissolves more rapidly. If it is difficult to find a mummy in capsules in pharmacies in your city, then it is quite possible to use the usual in tablets, first chopping them or wholly (then the cooking time will increase slightly). Mumio in plates is better to dissolve in a small amount of water. The recipe for a cream with mummies from stretch marks can be varied in every possible way.

Recipe for cream from stretch marks with mummies

You will need:

  • 2-3 grams of purified mummy;
  • Non-metallic cup;
  • 1 teaspoon of warm (but not hot) boiled water;
  • A portion of the cream that you usually use for the body (one or two times)

Preparation: In a clean cup or bowl, mix the ground mummy with 1 teaspoon of warm water and wait until it dissolves completely. You will get a brown liquid without sediment. Add a portion of the cream, which you need for one or two applications, and mix it thoroughly with the mummy solution. If you crushed the mummy beforehand, it can be mixed immediately with the cream without using water. Allow the mixture to steep for 10-15 minutes and stir again. Ready cream can be applied immediately or folded in a jar (preferably glass). Keep the product you need in the fridge, because a natural mummy in combination with a cream is a perishable product.

How to muffle the unpleasant smell of cream from stretch marks with mummies?

One of the features of a quality mummy isits specific smell, which not everyone will like. You can experiment with creams to get rid of it. Some of them neutralize the "aroma" of the mountain tar or make it less obvious. If you do not intend to abandon your favorite cream, then try adding natural essential oils to your home recipe. It is enough 2-3 drops that after the procedure you should have a "tasty" train, and not a repulsive odor mummy. For this purpose, the following oils are perfectly suitable:

  • All kinds of citrus oils (also help in the fight against cellulite);
  • Mint oil (soothes and softens the skin);
  • Rose oil (has a healing property, and also relieves irritation);
  • Grape seed oil (moisturizes the skin);
  • Ylang-ylang (a good antiseptic, besides a natural aphrodisiac)

This is not a complete list of fragrances that youcan add to the recipe. But be careful, some oils do not mask, but enhance the unpleasant odor. For example, coffee oil, lavender oil and bergamot.

Rules for applying cream with mummies

Cream with mummy, like any other cream, is appliedmassage circular motions on the part of the body where there are stretch marks. In order for the treatment to be effective, it is necessary to gently massage the product in the skin clockwise until it is completely absorbed. Use the cream best on a clean steamed body so that the beneficial substances are absorbed faster and better into the skin. Ideal - in the evening and / or in the morning after a hot shower and scrub. Instead of scrub, you can just walk around the body with a washcloth to remove the dead skin particles. mummy against stretch marks

Prevention of stretch marks

To avoid the appearance of stretch marks duringpregnancy or diet, use cream with mummies regularly 2-3 times a week. This will help maintain skin tone and its elasticity, because it is because of the loss of elasticity that striae form. And even if such a tear of the fabric is already outlined, be sure to use the above recipe and lubricate the "newborn" stretch. So you can reduce its size, and even completely get rid of this annoying misunderstanding.

Application of mummies during pregnancy and feeding

Since it is during pregnancy that most oftenthe first stretch marks appear, the question of the safety of application of mummies during this period is especially relevant. In general, the reception of such a biologically active supplement throughout the duration of pregnancy is contraindicated, but the use of cream with mummies is acceptable. It is only necessary to remember that this substance in large doses becomes toxic, and studies in this area have not been carried out. Therefore, before using a prescription cream, consult your doctor. He will say exactly, is it permissible to apply the mummy during pregnancy specifically in your case. During breastfeeding, the cream with the mummy should be used carefully, avoiding applying to the breast, so that it does not hit the baby in the mouth during feeding. Also it is worthwhile to approach the choice of the oil that you are accustomed to muffling the smell of mummy. It can negatively affect the behavior of the child.

Tips for using mummies

Within a month of regular use, younotice a positive result. And the first changes are visible to the naked eye in about 2 weeks. In order to quickly get rid of stretch marks and make them less visible, follow these simple tips:

  • Sometimes a cream when mixed with a mummy can changeits consistency. This is completely normal. If you are confused that the product was too liquid, try reducing the amount of mummies or changing the brand of the cream;
  • To speed up the healing process of your skin, use the mummy regularly. You can apply it 2 times a day - in the morning and in the evening;
  • To enhance the effect, use a specialmassage roller while applying cream. This will improve blood flow to the skin and accelerate the healing process of stretch marks. During pregnancy, do not massage the stomach;
  • During pregnancy, use the cream with caution. If irritation or redness occurs, discontinue use of the mummy;
  • DO NOT wash off the cream after applying for a minimum of 3-4 hours;
  • If the hands and skin remain dark traces of the mummy, wipe this place with lemon juice or a means for make-up remover. This will quickly remove the darkening.
  • Traces of the mummy with clothes and bed linen, if they appeared,
  • easy to wash with household soap and a weak solution of lemon juice (1 tablespoon juice per 0.5 liter of water).

Here, perhaps, and all the tricks that you canuse to fight stretch marks during pregnancy or diet. The main thing to remember is that the problem is easier to prevent than to fight with its consequences and complain about your imprudence. Be healthy and beautiful! We advise you to read: