irritation after epilation Despite the fact that now in vogue the naturalbeauty, every woman tries in every possible way to embellish her appearance. And very often smooth shiny hair, thin eyebrows, puffy lips on a smooth face is the result of a long and laborious work. Whether it's a man! To him, in order to look attractive, you just need to change your shirt and shave. By the way, many girls, choosing a punishment for a loved one, lead him to a jewelry store. It is, of course, great. A golden ring will never be superfluous. But if you really want to stop all attempts of your man to break the routine, there is a more effective punishment. Make him at least once experience your anguish on the way to a beautiful body. Pluck his eyebrows, send for hours of fitness (it only seems to men that we drift off aimlessly from place to place), do wax depilation. The last method is considered to be particularly effective. Already after the first strip your betrothed will begin to swear in eternal love with an acidic mine on his face, and on the third promise everything in the world, if only to stop the torture. And most importantly - he will never again be skeptical about fluff on your body or irritation after epilation. Of course, this does not mean that you have to grow on the very top, taking advantage of the favor of a loved one. Depilation should be done in order not to be like our ancestors. You yourself will be much more pleasant to observe a smooth body instead of numerous hair on the hands, legs, armpits. We are not talking about an intimate zone or face. Here hair removal is an aesthetic and hygienic necessity. Many women are frightened by irritation after depilation. Therefore, they continually delay the "hour X", not realizing that the more hair on the body, the more difficult (read - more painful) to remove them. And it does not matter at all. which way you use it, wax depilation or laser hair removal. What to do?

What is it - irritation?

You can not fight back. Arrange commas at your own discretion. Have you chosen the fight? Perfectly. Then let's see how to eliminate the negative consequences after hair removal. Let's start with the fact that irritations on the skin can have several varieties. In some women, unsuccessful depilation leads to dryness and stiffness of the skin. Someone causes scaling. Some find on the body and face red spots and points after depilation. And in the latter case, girls confuse redness with ingrown hair. Do not worry, you would have noticed hair on the skin that is growing in the wrong direction. In this case, red dots are just a slight irritation after epilation. Calmed down? Now let's define the nature of the problem. Did you know that a slight redness on the skin after hair removal is the norm? Someone it passes in a few hours. Girls with sensitive skin - on the second day. Therefore, do not panic immediately after the procedure. Of course, if "there is a place to be" purulent pimples, then you should not wait. Go to the doctor. This irritation does not pass by itself. irritation after depilation

Irritation after depilation: causes

You know the favorite women's question for anytrouble? "Why me?" It's understandable. Who will like it, when from all the girlfriends only she has reddening after epilation? Everyone wear short skirts, while the girl herself is forced to hide her legs in jeans and endure endless sensations of itching and tightness on the skin. Not fair. Or is it natural? Let's figure it out.

  • Sometimes the culprit of an unsuccessful procedure is light sensitive skin. On her irritation appears much more often (and not only after depilation) and lasts much longer than on normal skin.
  • In the process of depilation, not only excess vegetation is removed, but also the upper layer of the skin. This fact can also lead to irritation on the skin.
  • If you spend the first or second depilation,it is likely that redness develops on the skin. The fact is that your body has not yet become accustomed to such "bullying", and therefore reacts to discomfort in the only way available to it.
  • Low-quality wax can also causethe formation of red dots after depilation. Therefore, going to the salon, do not hesitate to check the tube with wax. Pay attention to the expiration date, the country of origin (Chinese factories, of course, amaze with their size and turnover of products, but, as a rule, low-quality penny goods come off their tapes). No less important is the way of storing the wax. Even the best quality product can do harm if the storage temperature is initially compromised.
  • Sometimes redness of the skin after wax depilationcomes as a result of an allergic reaction. Therefore, if irritation persists, seek help from an allergist and change the method of hair removal.
  • Remove hair correctly

    Agree that any problem is easier to prevent than to solve. So that treacherous redness on the skin does not appear, let's learn how to do depilation correctly.

    • Remember that any hair removal should be done only on the prepared skin - clean, steamed.
    • After depilation you need to disinfect the skin. For this, cosmeticians use various means: hydrogen peroxide, 70% alcohol, thermal water.
    • If you shaved your legs, do not do chemical epilation for three days. What is the danger of disobedience? All the same irritation.
    • If chemical hair removal was unsuccessful, then do not immediately after that do hair removal with wax.
    • And now lovers of swarthy skin. After depilation for several days you can not sunbathe. If you decide to achieve the desired effect with an auto tan, do not rush. This means also can not be used immediately after removing excess vegetation.
    • If you remove hair with a razor, do not machine it several times at the same place. otherwise you will earn redness on the skin.
    • Do not skimp on depilation. It is better to register with a cosmetician and get a smooth skin, rather than open a Pandora's box called "independent removal of excess vegetation."

    after depilation

    We fight with irritation

    But what if you have already earned rednesson the skin? Leave the problem as is? Of course. no. From the unpleasant consequences of depilation you need to get rid of. As you know, humanity has already managed to come up with 1000 and 1 ways to deal with such irritation. We will introduce you to the most effective and affordable ones.

  • Apply any antiseptic ointment (boron plus, malavit, miramistin, actovegin, solcoseryl) to the reddened skin.
  • If you are a supporter of folk medicine, then you will be helped by decoctions of celandine, chamomile, calendula. Several times a day, make lotions with these broths on the affected areas, and redness will pass.
  • The old, proven grandmother's method is aloe juice. Tear off the leaf, wash it, cut it along and attach the flesh to the red dots.
  • Mix a teaspoon of vegetable oil, 2 drops of eucalyptus oil and 3 drops of essential oil of tea tree. Lubricate the redness of the mixture several times a day.
  • Treat affected area with normal baby powder. This will soothe the irritation on the skin.
  • One Swedish scientist commented on thisthe problem of the appearance of irritation on the skin after another depilation: "The thing is that women remove vegetation, crouched in a close bathroom, where it is wet, slippery and very difficult to maintain balance." Therefore, if redness appears with an enviable regularity, maybe it's worth to register with a beautician and conduct a full-fledged chemical epilation? We advise you to read: