proper sleep on feng shui The bedroom, according to Fengshui, is a closed from allworld personal space of a person or two people. It is necessary to approach the arrangement of such a place very responsibly, since in this room there should be no place for objects associated with aggression, loneliness, uncertainty, anxiety, contradictions and other negative emotions and feelings. The pose for sleep is not so important. The main thing is for a person to be comfortable. In a dream, a person moves unconsciously and his mind will force the body to take the best, from the energy point of view, position, but you need to pay attention to the design of the bedroom. The bedroom, as an ideal place for sleeping, should be filled with peace, harmony, sensuality and other emotions in this channel. It is not so difficult to create an ideal place for sleeping, that is, a bedroom, according to the teachings of feng shui, but in this case you need to feel a few details to create an ideal soft space in which a person will sleep at least 6-8 hours a day. When it comes to the bedroom, you need to consider everything: the color, the spatial orientation of furniture, the specifics of furniture, decor elements and much more, allowing you to correctly direct the available energy currents, so that they favorably affect those who went to bed in the room, contributed to normal rest and sated with energy for accomplishment during the forthcoming working day. An incorrect approach to the organization of a bedroom in most cases leads to the fact that a person constantly feels tired, because the energy of the bedroom does not give him a good rest, which affects the entire life of a person, making it sluggish and inactive. It is worthwhile to consider in more detail how to put order in the bedroom and make room for positive emotions and experiences so that the dormant can rest easy. a bedroom on a feng shui

How to choose a color for a bedroom according to the teachings of Feng Shui

The choice of colors for a bedroom is, perhaps, the mostresponsible moment, because the bedroom is not only a place to sleep, but also a place associated with romance and a more intimate relationship between people. It should be noted immediately that when decorating the bedroom walls, you should not take paint or wallpaper of dark or cold tones, since these colors are more suitable for a place where you need to be focused rather than relaxed. If the bedroom is decorated in cold colors, a person will not be able to completely relax and get rid of the tension at night, that is, it will not be possible to relax properly in such a bedroom. Too bright, screaming colors are also not an ideal option, although some decor elements in such colors are welcome, as they will help attract passion, but you can forget about rest then, but the bedroom is a place where complete pacification is to come. The best option for the bedroom will be light pink, peach, tender-lilac and other soft colors of light colors. The main thing is that the color is associated with peace, since most of the time in the bedroom people still sleep. Covered with decorative material, it should be as light and warm as possible, so that the feeling of coziness clearly appeared in it.

The selection of furniture and its proper arrangement

In any bedroom there should be a setThe furniture makes it a comfortable place to sleep. First of all it's a bed. It is best to choose a variant made of wood, since wood has an excellent property of absorbing and filtering negative energy, while metal is a colder material that is not too suitable for a space such as a bedroom. In addition, you need to pay special attention to the design of the bed. It is desirable that it does not have any sharp corners, it should be comfortable for sleeping. Requirements for the location of the bed is very much, but we will start in order. So, it is welcomed that the head of the bed is just at the eastern wall. Thus, the heads of people who are asleep, as if turned towards sunrise, and legs - in the direction of sunset. This will adjust the correct energy flow, saturation of the body during sleep energy. Further it is very important that the bed does not stand in front of the door. It seems to many that such an arrangement is very convenient, because the lying person can immediately see who enters the room, but according to the teachings of Feng Shui, through the door a person lying to her feet loses a large amount of energy in a dream. It is best if the bed is placed parallel to the window, of course, if possible, without violating other requirements. Bedside tables can be placed at the head of the bed, but you need to carefully monitor that they do not have a lot of things, especially photos and flowers. In the bedroom it is possible to place pictures on the walls, best of all with natural landscapes, except for those that show vortices, tornadoes, sea storms and so on. If there is a need to arrange a wardrobe in the bedroom, it should be placed on the opposite side of the window. If there is a desire to place a mirror in the bedroom, you need to pick up only a round variant. It is desirable that the bedroom did not have sharp corners and objects with sharp angles. fineness of the design of the bedroom

Some subtleties of the design of the bedroom

There are a number of subjects that are extremelyit is undesirable to have in the bedroom, as they do not allow the correct distribution of energy in the sleeping room. First, do not store in the bedroom dried flowers and other items that are made by hand or from dead plants and animals. Dry plants literally attract negative energy, so putting a composition of such colors and fees or the picture on which such plants are attached is not the best option, because in a dream a person will literally be saturated with this energy. In no case should not put live flowers at the head of the bed. It's right to put them on the windowsills. The choice of colors must be approached responsibly, they must necessarily have rounded leaves and bloom with colors of dark tones. Even plants with red flowers are inadmissible, because for the bedroom red color is not too suitable. Do not leave flowers in the bedroom on the windowsill with curly stems, this is also not too good in terms of energy. Flowers standing on the windowsills, perform the function of the filter, carefully processing the energy coming from the outside of the window. On the floor, even if it is warm, it is worth placing a carpet that can hold energy coming from the Earth. Adhering to these principles of arranging a berth, you can properly create a closed space, ideal for relaxation.