how to draw luck in your life Little, probably, of such people who believe thatthey are all happy with their lives, and fate fully measured them and luck, and money, and happiness. And - we are sure of it! - really there are no such people who would not want to learn how to attract good luck to their lives. There is a very interesting method by which you can attract both money and luck, and this method of feng shui is called. It is unlikely that such a mystical system as feng shui could have appeared today. Modern people are completely at a loss to reflect on the interrelationship of various life phenomena. Most of us work hard all day, and if we have free time, our brain still remains busy: we read books, we get information, watching television and the Internet's furrows. By loading your brain with a constant stream of information, we completely stop noticing the world around us. But many thousands of years ago, when nothing was distracting from philosophical reflections, Chinese scholars noted that the surrounding space can influence human life. Over time, the disparate views of the Chinese sages formed into a harmonious system - feng shui, which is successfully used today to attract more luck and money.

Harmonization of energy

The system of feng shui offers its interpretationarrangement of the world and everything that happens in it. The basic concept or cornerstone of this esoteric system is that everything in the surrounding space is a different manifestation of the life-giving energy of Qi. If there is enough energy in the space of the house of the Chi energy and it is in a balanced state, people in it experience an emotional upsurge, are practically not sick, they are lucky in business. In such a house, the plants feel great, the pets are active and cheerful. If it is not so, then we must seriously take up our home. In order to increase the energy flow pouring into it and there to harmonize it, in Feng Shui for luck there are special techniques that have been tested for millennia. The main task of Feng Shui is to attract good luck to all spheres of life ... In order to fully study the wise system and become an expert, it can take years, so extensive this knowledge, but in order to establish an energy order in your own apartment, you will need to know the basic, the most important aspects. These include the famous doctrine of "Eight vital aspirations." This doctrine says that all space has eight major directions, which are located depending on the sides of the world. For its practical use, an octagon-bagua is used, which points to them. Each side of the octagon corresponds to one of the spheres of human life. For example, the north is a career, the northwest is helping, the west is children, the southwest is married, the south is fame, the southeast is money and wealth, the east is the family, the northeast is knowledge, the center is health. Feng Shui tips for luck are reduced to activating energy in one of the sectors of the octagon or, if necessary, in all at once. In the beginning of work on the space of their own housing, an octagon with sectors is imposed on the plan of an apartment or house and determines vital directions. After this, it becomes clear which part of the apartment corresponds to one or another side of life. how to attract money and luck to your life

Feng Shui Tools

The concept of life's success is very multifaceted and oftenthe views on it from different people do not match. For some, luck is building a successful career, for others - meeting with your soul mate, for someone this is a solution to a serious health problem. Therefore, everyone should choose the right sector and do it using feng shui tools. Luck in love If personal life does not go well, then it is necessary to influence the south-western sector. Activation of this zone will be promoted by objects or images symbolizing a pair, for example, a statuette with a pair of pigeons, a pair of identical pillows on a sofa or a bed, a picture with a couple in love, two identical lamps or a candlestick. In addition, there is a special Chinese symbol that promotes luck in love - it's a touching pair of ducks-tangerines. They are associated with romantic love, loyalty and a strong family. Ducks do not need to be cleaned when luck has smiled and your pair was found. They will be faithful and true in preserving this union for a long time. There is a warning about this sector of the apartment - it is better to refuse in the zone of love and marriage from images that symbolize loneliness. Success in financial affairs When good luck turns away in matters involving money and financial success, it means that it's time to pay attention to the southeastern housing sector. Water increases the energy of this sector, and if there is an aquarium with fish at home, then the most suitable place for them is the southeast. In this part of the apartment you can put a fountain with flowing water or a beautiful picture with a picture of sea or river water. Picking up a picture, you should not choose a raging sea or a mountain waterfall. Such a powerful energy of water can play a cruel joke and it will be conventionally "flush" the cash flow that should get into the apartment. Chinese characters have a good influence on money luck: a three-legged toad, a cheerful old man Hottie, coins tied with a red ribbon. The appearance of them in the right place promotes the growth of earnings, and money will flow into your house with a full-flowing river. Especially popular in the modern world is a money tree, it can be found both in offices and in cozy apartments. It also symbolizes prosperity. Only it is necessary to watch, that the plant was healthy and well-grown, so that it favorably influenced the level of well-being. If the tree is green, the money will be attracted to you; But if his leaves begin to wither and fall, then your money will also "fly away" from you. To attract good money into your life, it is very important that the sector that is responsible for wealth is brightly lit. Experts in Feng Shui recommend also to repair all leaking cranes, which symbolize on a subconscious level the money flowing out of the house. Career take-off If at work there was a complete stagnation, the authorities do not notice and one has only to dream of career growth, then one must take up the northern sector of the dwelling, responsible for career success. Strangely enough, but for success in a career turtle is recommended. It does not mean that one can think according to our usual ideas that everything will go snailly, but on the contrary - the tortoise symbolizes heavenly support, wisdom and protection. In matters of career, it will not be superfluous. If possible, the turtle should be placed so that it is behind you - so it will protect the person from behind, in the most vulnerable part of it. The northern sector can also strengthen various figures of metal or glass. The glass pyramid works particularly well there, symbolizing the goals and their achievement. Under the pyramid, you can put money - it may just be a coin - and then you will give special energy to your goal of making a career and getting a good salary. Not in this zone will be all that is connected with water: fountains, aquariums, images of fish, rivers, seas. You can tell a story, on which the main place is occupied by money. And the music of the wind will contribute to the revitalization of life in this zone. Talismans of luck in Feng Shui It should always be remembered that in Feng Shui symbolism is important, and sometimes it is necessary to connect creative imagination to faithfully express the necessary essence of the changes. You can use for your own purposes traditional Chinese talismans. In addition to influencing talismans on certain spheres of life, according to experts of Feng Shui, one can influence fate or common luck. In this case, life can change surprisingly. Everything suddenly starts to develop successfully: incomes increase, children listen, in marital relations - full mutual understanding; and events in general do not cease to please. There are special symbols that are responsible for common luck. This is the famous Chinese dragon, symbolizing the changes for the better and attracting by its appearance great luck. The best place for him in the house is the eastern sector. A well-known symbol of luck is a sailboat, in which luck comes to the dwelling. Only it is important to properly arrange it so that the bow of the ship points to the house, and not to the door. To make the effect of the sailboat more powerful, several coins are placed on its deck. To strengthen the zone of glory, a shell is recommended, which attracts fame and popularity, and with them prosperity. Also reinforces the zone of glory is the red triangle, which causes the association of fire. But the dried pumpkin-gourd is considered a symbol of luck and health. If she is in the house, it means that the saints will visit him and this will bring prosperity, peace and mutual understanding. The hieroglyph of double luck, if placed in the bedroom, will help harmonize relations or meet real love in life. This is the most powerful symbol for family happiness, it is treated with special respect in the east and is recommended to be worn in the form of a gold ornament. A natural question arises in everyone who wants to try to apply knowledge in practice. Where do you get all these symbols and talismans that will give you luck? Talismans are sold in specialized stores, where you can also learn about their use and purchase books, various reference books on the system of feng shui. How to draw luck in your life correctly

How it works?

Once a famous master in feng shui was asked: how it works? He replied: "I do not know how, but I know for certain that it works." For this reason, for all who are just beginning to practice feng shui and have doubts, it is important to trust this ancient wisdom, which is not always possible to comprehend. It is simpler to regard this knowledge as a small miracle, which actually exists, and proof of this is changes that accidentally start happening in life. No wonder Feng Shui is considered to be the art of harmonious life, and art, as you know, one time you will not master. Regular practice - that's what can produce the desired result, and luck, seeing such persistence, will hasten to your house, carrying happiness, money and success in all spheres of life. We advise you to read: