hair mask with olive oil Surprisingly many beauty recipes came to usfrom antiquity. Somehow incomprehensible, rather intuitive way our ancestors found means in order to preserve beauty and youth. Many of these recipes are still relevant today, for example, a mask for hair with olive oil is widely used in cosmetic procedures and is considered one of the best means of giving the hair a healthy and well-groomed appearance. And this is not by chance, because olive oil contains a lot of vitamins and trace elements that restore and strengthen hair, nourish the scalp. Unlike us, our ancestors did not have deep knowledge in chemistry and medicine. However, the useful properties of olive oil were noticed even in ancient Egypt. It was the Egyptians who for the first time attributed the olive tree to a magical origin, revered it as the gift of the goddess Isis, presented to the faithful people. The product became popular and popular in ancient Greece, at that time it was used to care for the skin and hair, as a medicine, as an aphrodisiac, and even as the equivalent of money. It is the Greeks attributed to the creation of the first recipe for hair mask with olive oil, they rubbed it into the roots of the hair, thereby accelerating their growth, making them stronger and thick, giving a healthy freshness and shine. hair mask with olive oil

Recipes of masks based on olive oil

  • The simplest and at the same time quite effectiveis a mask without any additional additives. Olive oil is simply rubbed into the scalp, distributed over all the hair, after which the hair is wrapped. You can walk with such a mask until two o'clock.
  • Mask of olive oil and avocado is beautifulstrengthens hair, gives them a natural shine and softness. For its preparation, mix two tablespoons of olive oil and the flesh of one avocado, previously shredded. The mixture is applied to the hair for about 30 minutes and then washed off with shampoo.
  • Just an excellent means for strengthening hairand the acceleration of their growth will be a mask of olive oil and honey, which are taken in the ratio: two parts of honey to three parts of butter. The mask is distributed over the entire length of the hair, then the head is wrapped with cellophane and a towel, after a quarter of an hour the mask is washed off.
  • From the loss of hair helps the olive oil in combination with lemon juice. Ingredients are taken in equal parts. This mask can be applied to the hair from the evening, carefully wrap it and leave it overnight.
  • Accelerated hair growth mask of five spoons of olivebutter and two egg yolks, which are mixed until homogeneous, and then the mixture is applied to the hair and scalp. Keep the mask for 20-30 minutes.
  • Another mask for hair growth contains olive oilbutter, onion juice and cognac, taken on one tablespoon. There one yolk is added. The mixture is applied for half an hour, it can be applied once a week.
  • A mask with a tincture of red pepper is used for oily hair. It is necessary to mix a spoon of oil with the same amount of tincture, apply the mixture on the roots and hair, keep 15-20 minutes.

hair mask from olive oil

Some common tips for using masks

  • Any mask will be more effective if overhair wear a cellophane cap and wrap the hair with a towel, from the increase in temperature, the permeability of cells to useful substances will greatly increase.
  • It is known that to wash the hair after applicationan oil-based mask is quite problematic, in order to facilitate the task, it is better to apply shampoo to dry hair in sufficient quantity, and only then to wash the hair with water.
  • For the hair to always remain beautifuland had a healthy appearance, care for them should be regular. Apply masks at least once a week, but do not mix recipes. First go one course, then another. So the effect will be much higher.
  • The most useful for consumption in food and forcosmetic needs is the first oil. The quality of olive oil can always be checked by placing it for a short time in the freezer, it will quickly become unclear.

The most important plus of olive oil isits universality. This product is suitable for treating both dry and oily hair. And for women who constantly use irons, hair driers and hair tongs, olive oil is just a treasure. It restores the structure of the hair, prevents loss, protects against dryness. In general, treats all the damage that occurs as a result of using the styling tools. We advise you to read: