women's haircut ladder for long hair Gait stair - one of the most popular amongwomen, which is suitable for any occasion: for a hike to work or for an evening out. This is a rather complex hairstyle, reminiscent of a cascade, in which the hair is sheared in such a way that a smooth transition occurs from the short strands on the crown to the longer ones below the next layers. Each successive layer is longer than the previous one. The scaffold is capable to give volume, to make hair "more alive" and more dynamically. Especially beautiful look haircuts ladder on long hair. Haircuts layers are irreplaceable, when long hair begin to break off and be cut off, not keeping a long length. In order for the layered haircut to look beautiful, the hair looked thick and bulky, you need to cut it regularly, because healthy ends with a "fresh" cut add density, volume, keep the styling longer and lie better. Cutting the ladder on long hair will allow you to remove the damaged ends while keeping the total length. At a hairstyle it is inadmissible to leave split ends, they create the not well-groomed and untidy image. cutting a ladder with a bang and without it

Who fits a fringe

Stylists especially recommend stairs to girls withround, square or triangular face. Hiding the area of ​​the face from the sides, this hairstyle gives it an elongated shape. Also, it is universal in relation to the length and type of hair. Cutting ladder looks great on long hair, it's good on short ones. Thin hair "gives" the necessary volume, and heavy "unloads", making them more airy and light. Not suitable for stairs hard curly locks or curls, tk. this structure does not allow creating a clear contour, therefore, they will have to be straightened all the time, so it's better to choose another option for a haircut, and if the hairdresser dissuades you, you need to listen! A small scaffold with a bang looks very impressive. In this version, the ladder starts from the bangs. In the absence of bangs (recommended if the forehead is not very high), it begins at the level of the earlobe. Such different types of haircuts look stylish and natural. With this haircut harmoniously look different bangs: long thick, asymmetrical, straight sparse, with filament strands, etc. Options are considered stylist in conjunction with the shape of the face and the proportions of the figure. Correctly selected fringe works wonders!

Styling and grooming

Cutting ladder requires special attention anddaily styling. Laying is best done with a hair dryer with attachments to give volume. The best means for laying the ladder is mousse, it is applied before using a hair dryer for damp hair. Also, you can make a styling with a large round comb and hair dryer, with the ends of the strands should be turned either inward or outward. There are many other options for styling. The simplest of them:

  • You can collect a bundle, leaving strands in the face, then lay the bangs.
  • You can thoroughly comb the hair, then apply the wax on the tips, put on the bezel.
  • Option is more complicated - styling with ironing. First stretch the strand behind the strand, then lay bangs, the completion of laying is the application of a special spray, giving a natural shine. You can wind hair into elastic curls either completely, or separate strands on the sides. To do this, you can use the bobbin, getting smaller curls, curling irons or traditional curlers. Cutting ladder can be supplemented with accessories:

  • tapes,
  • rim,
  • hairpins, etc.
  • For the care of hair, cut by a ladder,best suited special shampoos, feeding tips. The head is washed once in 3 days, do not do it too often. Also, special therapeutic masks are needed against the cross section of the hair. Grooming ladder from year to year remains relevant and in demand, not giving up their positions. She is very popular among the stars, she was worn by Angelina Jolie, Penelope Cruz, Pamela Anderson, and others.