hot hair extensions A woman with long healthy hair is alwayslooks beautiful, elegant, chic. In addition, because with long hair you can improvise, invent hair styles, stack them in different ways and create numerous images. But, unfortunately, not every lady has the necessary qualities of hair to grow herself to the desired length. Modern cosmetology offers a variety of ways for hair extensions: hot, capsule, tape, with artificial and natural strands, you can use the cold way. The most popular and popular is Italian, or hot hair extensions.

Features of hot extensions

Hairdressers are used for hot buildingKeratin is a hot-melt adhesive, with which the strands are held. A special capsule is created, not palpable and absolutely imperceptible even on thin hair. When working on the Italian build-up, a hairdresser must have some experience, because such work is laborious, "jewelry". The master separates the same parts of the hair and, applying additional strands to his hair, fixes them with a special apparatus using a keratin capsule. The hairdresser must correctly distribute the build-up strands so that the overall appearance looks natural. There is also a micro-growth - for this, very thin donor strands are taken, but higher skills are required here. ways to build hair

Pros and cons of hair extensions

For Italian build-up useonly natural hair - artificial material can deteriorate when the keratin is heated and the capsule is created. And if earlier strands were imported from Italy, now the technology of their processing is applied in Russia, which reduced the cost of the procedure. But, like all procedures, hot build has its own "pluses" and "minuses". For example, when caring for such hair, you can not use curlers or forceps - you can damage the keratin capsule and strands will simply disappear. If you act very carefully, have a certain skill, then you can use heating devices. Carefully apply to the use of balms and hair masks - they can not be applied to the roots, but you can forget about the chemical wave - it's too fraught with the falling off of all accretive hair. On the other hand - it is hair that is accreted in a hot way, easily removed. Keratin, left on hair, is washed off simply with warm water, they look perfect, practically are not appreciable even to the touch. With the hot method, you can build strands with round and voluminous hair, and you can also have more flat strands. From this will depend on your hair - direct flowing strands or fluffy hair. Italian technology involves the correction of the hair every 4 months, but the hair that is grown in a cold way will need to be adjusted much more often. And the adjustment will not be too long - only about half an hour (and the build-up lasts from 2 to 4 hours), and the hairstyle will always look neat and flawless. Hot hair extensions also have a curative effect - the capsules contain keratin and, slowly getting rid of the capsule, it feeds the roots of the hair, thereby saturating them with vitamins. Hold the donor strands very reliably, you can do absolutely any hairstyle - tails, braids, curls. In any case, strands will withstand everything, they will not be noticeable. Only here from dyeing such hair is better to abstain. Exposure to chemicals that make up hair dye may be fatal. It is better to dye your hair first, and then choose the color of donor strands - and keep your hair healthy, and the strands of the donor will look natural. A re-dyeing can be done during correction - the master will do everything impeccably. Hair is an ornament of any woman, this is her pride and care. Many men "caught" on the beauty of healthy hair, like fish on the hook. Want to look always stunning, but do not have the hair the right length? Take advantage of hair extensions - practical, convenient and safe for health. There are a lot of methods, which one to choose only for you - just find out all the subtleties and nuances of such procedures. Be beautiful and happy! We advise you to read: