moccasins for women What are shoes like moccasins? Moccasins - a product of soft leather or suede, if you turn to history, they first appeared in North American Indians. Certainly, women's moccasins in modern execution have gone far ahead in many details, but they have not lost the general idea of ​​their predecessors. Modern women's leather loafers lost their original color, but they turned into fantastically comfortable, practical shoes, and thanks to the designers they went beyond the daily budget option and became quite a presentable wardrobe detail.

Modern women's leather loafers

Women's moccasins summer 2016 - a trend in the fashion world,because every woman wants to combine elegant appeal and environmental friendliness with the high comfort and convenience that they are able to give. What ensures such a high quality of this footwear? First of all - the skin, which is the main material in the manufacture of quality footwear, it is worth mentioning that now at the peak of popularity there are also suede female loafers. The principle of production technology of this footwear has not changed, which is characteristic, it allows even an open, slightly careless seam, in analogy with earlier models. Also, specialists tried to preserve ethnic features in the production of this footwear and use rubber or leather for the sole, but more often than not, the modern market has exactly the models on rubber soles. The quality of moccasins is directly related to the quality of the skin from which they are made, since this is the main material for tailoring. Those models of women's leather moccasins, which were created from calfskin in France, are considered leaders and a standard of quality. The smoothest surface, almost velor, is obtained from French leather. In the northern regions deer skin is often used, and southern countries have organized conveyor production based on antelope skins. The Italians are generally recognized as exotic lovers: the boar skin is their favorite material for sewing moccasins, it has a granular texture that looks very extravagant. The skin of the wild boar set the tone for the fashionable women's moccasins 2016 and now designers everywhere actively use it in their lines. women's loafers photo Moccasins of women's brands are most often made of:

  • Universal calfskin, because it is the most optimal solution in the price issue. Shoes from this type of skin are generally available and offered in the widest range
  • Python or crocodile skin. A product made of such material is considered a classic and a standard for representation
  • Models made of pony skins are ahead of the price factor all of the above raw materials, they can afford only a special class of people.

Comfortable women's shoes are moccasins. Assortment of the modern market

Before you go shopping for summer women'smoccasins need to determine the goals for which they will serve. These can be budgetary options for everyday walks and a fast modern rhythm of life or, perhaps, the lady is guided by a comfortable model of representative shoes for going out into the light. The modern market is able to satisfy every taste and any target orientation, a special trend was moccasins sneakers, designed for very young, active girls. Depending on the purpose, the price index and the style decision in which the shoes are made will vary. For example, sports moccasins are designed for women with increased physical activity, but moccasins for solemn occasions can even be on a small heel. women's moccasins 2016 Let's try to determine what summer female moccasins are at the peak of popularity and are trendy.

  • Shoes decorated with a brush. The popularity of this model has earned thanks to the Americans. This type of female moccasin is an integral part of the business woman's wardrobe. Earlier versions of these women's moccasins included a pompom that held the skin somewhat to prevent the shoes from flying off their feet while walking. But the designers tried to maximally correlate the functionality of the product and to change the design, changing the design of the shoes themselves, the pompon acquired the appointment of an accessory.
  • Often among suede female moccasins occursthe latch on the tongue. This is another version of the design solution, which is available for a modern woman when buying such shoes. It is interesting to know that the prototype of this style was moccasins of the Vidjans model. This is an ideal option for the hot summer season, the female leg is very comfortable in them, as these moccasins can be worn without a sock.
  • Moccasins female summer 2016 is a classic andconvenience, which will acquire a woman who decided to buy a model "Beefrolle" - a style very popular with American women for their high practicality and conservatism. A characteristic feature of this shoe is a thick edging and a quilted seam on the sides of the lift.
  • Moccasins with knobs. Such models are characterized by increased femininity, since the "bumps" are a small heel, the moccasins are very relevant for the summer season without a heel with a heel. To such shoes women often resort, seeking comfort, but gravitating towards a feminine image. Very often it is these models that place fashion magazines on their pages and answer the question about what women's moccasins wear, photos with such models demonstrate that moccasins are not only convenient, but attractive.

As a rule, any moccasins of women's brands, ifthis is really high-quality shoes, they are distinguished by a rather high price, comparable with expensive shoes for business suits. However, in connection with popularization, this wonderful footwear began to differ not only in a democratic price, but also moved far ahead from unjustified conservatism. Now even very young girls who crave diversity and eccentricity, but at the same time strive for comfort, can choose models, for example, moccasins of sneakers. Needless to say, that such shoes will cost an order of magnitude less, as well as the style of moccasins of women's sports. The abundance of stylistic solutions and materials, from which the shoes are made, made it possible to find moccasins and by the size of the purse, and by taste preferences.

Fashionable moccasins: what to wear and how to choose?

suede female loafers Due to the high universality, whichthey have female moccasins, they have gained popularity among many women of different ages, and it has become possible to wear them on all occasions, for a long time they have not given up positions in the fashion world ratings. Let's try to figure out what kind of image can be created by putting on such colorful shoes and in general with what to wear women's moccasins 2016. If a woman has a moccasin with a flat sole, then this is either a classic traditional footwear that fits perfectly with a conservative office style, or sports options that also are adapted for socks for every day. Sports-oriented footwear combines short shorts, breeches and many kinds of pants, especially for summer time, especially such moccasins are decorated with sports logos and have perforations for greater foot comfort. Very often, women's magazines conduct reviews of trendy sportswear and place on their pages moccasins women's 2016 - photos vividly demonstrate the versatility of such shoes. with what to wear female moccasins Happy owners of women's moccasins withoutHeels can enjoy an exquisite way, because often such shoes have a heel. In this case, you can safely wear dresses or skirts, it will not be shameful and ridiculous to include romantic accessories in the image that will emphasize not the everydayness and simplicity of moccasins, but, on the contrary, the high functionality and beauty of the product. This can be clearly seen through the pages of women's magazines that review women's moccasins 2016, the photos fully convey the femininity they provide. Fashionable women's moccasins 2016 can be worn literally with anything and do not be afraid that the image created by you will look ridiculous. For a walk you can wear jeans or more conservative trousers, sports models of pants or truncated breeches, in a word, with modern moccasins everything is in harmony. With what women wear moccasins 2016, if they are high-heeled, that for modern products is no longer nonsense. Dresses, dresses and once again dresses. That's why this footwear has been so popular for many decades in a row.

Design of moccasins from well-known brands

women's shoes moccasins In the classic models of this footwear are foundethno motifs that were characteristic of North American peoples. For example, decorating with a coarse suture, with the help of a special thread. Often weave braids, especially on leather moccasins, which look emphatically authentic. Women's moccasin shoes are often decorated with perforations, usually either abstract padding or floral patterns. This, on the one hand, serves as an ornament for shoes, but on the other hand it is a very practical element that allows the foot to "breathe freely". Often on women's shoes moccasins present a peculiar fringe or a brush of their skin, a similar decor casts on the motives of Indian settlers, and you can also find a North American leather pompom, which is spectacularly colored on the toe. Models for young and bright girls are decorated with rhinestones or decorative thread, in general very often designers use embroidery to diversify this product and depart from strict conservatism. Often, women's catalogs offer a whole selection of style solutions, and place on their pages information about what to wear women's moccasins, photos clearly demonstrate the versatility of the image in which moccasins appear. It is noteworthy that even models that are pompously decorated or decorated with rhinestones do not require excessive care. Of course, you need to keep an eye on the shoes, because the daily operation, on which they are designed, gradually wears out the shoes. The main rule in care is to lubricate moccasins with a special water-repellent cream that will ensure a long life for delicate skin. Thus, the advantages that women's moccasins can offer are obvious. Their universality bribes, and light ethno motifs transform even the most traditional, boring attire. A woman in moccasins feels lightness, comfort and comfort, without losing any connection with femininity and attractiveness. We advise you to read: