little black dresses Little black dresses 2012 - a brilliant masterpieceworld fashion. They are popular with famous designers for almost a hundred years. To create this amazing outfit we owe the great Coco Chanel who believed that if in your wardrobe there is at least one black dress, then at any moment of life you will look good and match the latest fashion trends. In 1926, Mademoiselle Chanel came up with the style of dress that every woman could wear, regardless of age, shape and social status, and look great in it. The classic black dress from Koko was made of black crepe de Chine, had an elongated, narrowed sleeve, fitted silhouette, a simple semicircular cut and the length of the skirt to the middle of the knee. The main distinguishing feature was that it combined three qualities: convenience, simplicity and elegance.

Advantages and disadvantages

A small black dress revolutionized thewomen's clothing after the war. It was very universal and practical, fresh and unusual, so instantly conquered the world fashionable Olympus. It was worn by everyone, from the princess to the maid, because the advantages were there.

  • Neutral black color allows you to create a variety of images, consistent with the situation. In the same dress, a woman can look both mysterious and sexy.
  • Simple tailoring is suitable for almost any shape, besides it slim and looks always very modern.
  • This dress does not require a lot of costs, since it can be sewn from any fabric (expensive or cheap) and with a minimum amount of material.
  • This style is quite relevant at any time of the day, it can be used for evening out, and as working clothes. The main thing is to choose the right accessories.
  • A small black dress looks harmonious with any hairdo at any length of hair.
  • It can be worn as with expensive ornaments, and with simple costume jewelry or altogether without it.

Among the shortcomings of a small black dress can be identified his demand for the figure:

  • If you think your legs are ugly, then this style is better not to use.
  • Excessive fullness and short dress do not match.
  • Bad or dull skin - black color only emphasizes its shortcomings.

The distant twenties have long since sunk into oblivion, anda small black dress is still at the height of popularity. True, it has undergone some changes, but in fact the world does not stand still. Skirts in dresses have become very diverse: from screaming mini, to low-key, just below the knees. Some surprise with their splendor and airiness, others strongly tighten the figure, emphasizing each bend. Modern dresses, unlike the original, have deep neckline, tight straps, belts and many more details that adorn them. They are radically different from each other, but they are still modern, comfortable and elegant. Below you can see small black dresses - a photo and a story about the fashion trends of this year. small black dress photo

How to choose the right dress style?

Today, a small black dress is a thing inwhich every woman feels stylish and comfortable. There are a lot of styles of this outfit, so when buying, be guided by the features of your figure. After all, if the dress sits perfectly, then even the simplest fabric can perform miracles. The main rule when choosing is to maintain a balance. So, if you have a beautiful chest and you choose a dress with a deep neckline, then its length should be up to the knee. If you want to emphasize the beauty of your feet, then you should pay attention to short models with a moderate neckline. The dress-case is perfect for girls with small breasts. A dress with an American armhole or a collar-stand and small sleeves will visually reduce the broad shoulders. If you, on the contrary, have fragile shoulders, then you can safely choose a style with lanterns or shoulder pads. And do not forget that a dress with a tight top looks better in combination with a lush skirt, and a voluminous collar or sleeves are more suited to a tight "bottom".

Fashion trends of 2012

Every year, fashion designers are increasingly working to complement the cult black dress with modern elements. Black dresses 2012 - is the embodiment of refinement, glamor and sexuality.

  • In the spring, fashionable dresses in school style without sleeves and knee-length are very fashionable.
  • In the summer season, light everyday variants with an oval neckline and wide straps will be relevant.
  • Another fashion trend is the three-dimensional sleeves and the straight silhouette of the dress.
  • For several seasons, black dresses with paillettes, especially large ones, have been fashionable. They look very smart and bright.
  • For cocktail parties, the sleeveless model with an emphasis on the shoulder line is perfect.
  • Some models are intrigued by a V-neck on the chest. These dresses are very sexy, and various draperies give them multifacetedness.
  • Very extravagant look black dress-bustier, decorated with brooches, rhinestones and flowers from the fabric. They perfectly set off both sunburn and aristocratic pallor.
  • Black dresses with lace inserts are still relevant this season. Such models are very feminine and romantic.
  • Trend of the spring-summer season 2012 - dresses in the style of the fifties with fitted silhouettes and skirts just below the knees.

little black dresses 2012

With what is better to wear a short black dress

A black dress of medium length will create yourindividual image in one second. In it you can be both a luxurious queen of the night, and a strict business lady - it all depends on a skillful combination of clothes, shoes and accessories. Many designers advise to wear a fitted jacket to the dress, preferably a contrasting color - then you will fully correspond to the office dress code. The universal black dress of simple cut has perfectly proved itself in a daily sock. In cool weather, it can be worn with a brightly colored turtleneck, narrow trousers and a separate large mating collar. But a fur collar and a large brooch with rhinestones will instantly turn you into a glamorous seducer. Very bright and unusual looks combination of short dress and colored pantyhose, but this option suits girls with slender legs. Another good option is a black dress in tandem with a white scarf, bag, shoes, belt or glasses. To make a small black dress look festive, it is worth adding bright accessories: high-heeled shoes in patent leather and a light-tone handbag, a beautiful brooch with rhinestones, a thin belt or long gloves and a pill-top hat. But do not get too carried away with accessories, so as not to overload the image, because as a black dress from a noble fabric (silk, velvet, muslin) and in itself looks very impressive. If you are a fan of the classic version, then your choice is a brooch with a white camellia or a string of pearls. As for the choice of shoes, then for everyday wear, ballet shoes of bright colors, sandals or shoes with a low heel are best. For the evening image, the combination of a small black dress and a pair of boats on a hairpin is ideal. This includes shoes with an open toe, decorated with beautiful buckles or animal print. Everything is changing, and a small black dress remains the favorite dress of women all over the world. It is always attractive and practical, and is able to instantly transform the office modesty into a luxurious night queen. Its main mystery is that it always remains in the shadow of a woman, like a luxurious frame adorning the creation of art and riveting the views of others.