sportswear style of 2012 Sportswear has long been consideredThe usual form, intended only for playing sports. The sports style of clothes 2016 is something comfortable and comfortable, which will be preferred by students, doctors and artists. Such an image is very convenient because it allows you to travel, go shopping, go for a walk, and, of course, the most important thing is to do sports. Sports style is characterized by:

  • Loose, comfortable and light pants or shorts.
  • Lamps on the edges or decorative stitching, ornaments.
  • Overhead pockets, zippers, hoodies.
  • Such things are made only from naturalfabrics (wool, cotton, suede, etc.), which can be dense, but at the same time quite elastic, which is good for air and does not cause skin irritation.
  • For modern clothes of sports style the most various colors are used.
  • Symmetric and geometric lines, comfortable and comfortable straight silhouettes.

Now clothes in this style are preferrednot only men, but also women, regardless of age and composition. Sportswear is created for active people who, above all, value practicality and comfort. In addition to everything - it is always very relevant, with the exception, of course, of festive and business events. sport style 2012

Fashionable tendencies of sportswear

Every girl worries with the onset of springThe question is - what will be the fashion, sports style 2016? And it will be incredibly comfortable and free, because modern fashion designers preferred more elegant fabrics - such as satin, chiffon, silk. Cloak fabrics and knitwear are also quite relevant, so designers used them extensively to create fashionable clothes in a sporty style.

  • Tracksuits with unusual T-shirts and tops will undoubtedly set you apart from the crowd, and in cool weather, pullovers of bright tones will be perfect additions.
  • This spring is popular free style: volume down jackets and sweaters or long polo shirts. Knitted caps of various styles or unusual bandages on your head will save you from bad weather and add some zest to you.
  • Many fashion designers present dresses in sportswearstyle. Top models looks like a polo shirt, and the bottom can be both tight, and free. Pants of the maximum length and dress-polo - an original and unusual image for every woman of fashion.
  • Very relevant to any free clothing sets in this style, complemented by pockets, various finishes, locks.
  • Quite fashionable will be knitted items in a free style, whether it be bandages, scarves, or leggings.

Some designers have demonstrated thatSports style is perfectly combined with glamorous chic. It can be contrasts, combinations of gold, white, black and red, as well as tandem leather with shiny materials. The designers took a great interest in the style of the 80s, therefore, various models of free cut with high collars, voluminous sleeves in a juicy color scale were widely presented. fashion sport style 2012

How correctly to combine things of sports style?

The most fashionable combination is blendingcasual style with sports. Pants-bananas of any style look great in tandem with a jacket in the style of college or a kangaroo jacket. Very topical is the implementation of the most fashionable trend - multilayered. A variety of blazers can be combined with thin turtlenecks or free-style jackets. All this complements and decorates prints in ethnic style. Other designers presented to our attention collections with unusual sports motifs, which are characterized by original accessories and footwear. T-shirts and T-shirts with various collars, cardigans and jackets, trousers and shorts, dresses and skirts with wide laces and pockets - all this perfectly matches with high-heeled shoes, wide bracelets, clutches of various styles and sunglasses. Now the most diverse, tender and feminine variants of combinations are very actual. A hit tandem can be called a hoodie (sweatshirt with a hood) and dresses-tunics on fasteners or zippers. These things should be fitted and worn with leggings or tight jeans of any colors, and as a supplement, a T-shirt or top with prints or a bright white color can perform. I would like to say that orange and yellow squares lead in the world of prints in 2016, which earlier shone on costumes for aerobics. Portraits and guitars are no longer relevant. Fashionable sports style in 2016 in the spring is characterized in different ways, but special attention is given to the jackets. Models for freeride and snowboarding have long been the subject of urban style. Light blown jackets of shiny colors have been at the height of popularity for several seasons. To be the most fashionable, it is worth looking for a jacket neon shade or a simple black with sequins. But do not forget that "dummies" do not combine with boots or ankle boots, as well as with red lipstick or bright accessories. But, nevertheless, the sports style does not prohibit heels, just now you will need to buy stylized botilions or shoes in this style, and now there are lots of them, with original lacing or inserts in the form of strips. Such shoes, of course, very comfortable, but it should not be combined with sports shorts or pants. The best option will be jeans, leggings or a skirt. A classic element of some sports chic can be considered Olympic with silver or gold stripes. Such things are best combined with a white T-shirt or T-shirt and a monophonic bottom, but the pants should be worn only for a trip to the gym. If you want to be the most fashionable in your fitness club, then boldly buy solid gray or black leggings, in which practically all Hollywood stars are training now. In addition to the hips, you can tie a skirt bottom coat, which looks unobtrusive and feminine, and also hides the full buttocks. Leading sports suits with a variety of prints: feminine flowers, aggressive African and animal. In conclusion, I would like to say that the choice of clothes for sports style is very wide and varied. But remember that this image is not always and not always appropriate, despite the convenience, practicality and many created images. We advise you to read: