with what to wear a corset To date, the corset - one of the mostseductive and feminine wardrobe items of any girl. But recently it has become increasingly unfair to ignore those who lack the imagination or desire to create their own unique and harmonious image. So let's figure it out and try to fill this annoying gap in the question of what to wear a corset, the photo of which is presented below. After all, the current fashion with ease allows you to create with it the most unusual and diverse styles.

Where to put on a woman's corset today?

Everything depends only on your inner qualities. For example, active girls like the usual practical corset at the waist, which easily performs the action of a good fixation and emphasizes grace. Most often it is acquired by women who are on the leadership position, since the corset - perfectly emphasizes confidence and rigor. Schoolgirls use it as a beautiful accessory for the prom night, trying already from such an early age to develop and maintain their taste. The most unusual, shocking and thematic corsets, of course, it is better to wear with an occasion and under the mood. In the question of how to wear a corset, be sure to remember that the very first impression of a person in all remains in memory for a long time, perhaps for life. Such a case can be a solemn wedding, a gathering of friends or simply a warm pleasant evening with your beloved man. It is also often used as an erotic accessory, for example, for love games. And do not underestimate its high advantage, because couples who appreciate a strong relationship, must maintain the acuity of feelings constantly. with what to wear a corset photo

What is the corset combined with?

The simplest combination is white trousers anddecorative corset. It is best that he was tall - he should be worn on a body without shirts and blouses. An addition will serve as a shawl or a silk handkerchief that will warm and will not leave you with a sense of insecurity. You can also add some jewelry and a white handbag. Very simple, but no less elegant composition of a simple shirt, straight corset and a tight skirt. To distinguish by the color scheme, choose the fashionable color of the skirt, for example, brown. The secret of such an image is that all elements must not be different in texture. An interesting option is a velvet corset combined with a long jacket and skirt. This is a rather provocative position, therefore it is better to supplement it with strict classical shades of outerwear. You can supplement this image with accessories in color, to look harmonious and not strictly. The original American style as an everyday option is a white corset with jeans and a shirt. White color removes unnecessary notes, reveals tenderness and feminine simplicity, and in this image there is no surplus. The simplest and most gentle combination is a white shiny corset with a beret of the same color and a beige sweatshirt with a skirt. This is a very unusual and harmonious ensemble, which will complete the silver decoration, adding a note of cold. The jacket will continue the line of the corset, forming a silhouette from the neck to the waist and hips. It will undoubtedly be calm, but at the same time rich and solemn.

Rules for wearing corsets

Continuing the topic, it is necessary to say - ifyou have never used and only look closely at this detail of the wardrobe, then you need to know how to properly wear a corset. It should not cause you inconvenience - this is one of the main rules! Do not pull it very much. The corset should be tightened so that you can move and breathe freely. When you tighten the corset, do it with some effort, and then loosen it a little, leaving room for movement. Remember that it must necessarily match your figure. Female corsets are sewn according to standard patterns, where classical proportions are observed. In case your figure is not quite standard - do not worry, over time the corset will "sit down" and take your forms. In the question of how to wear a corset, you need to pay attention to the condition of your skin, and if you have not done this before, then you need to start taking care of it right now. The present corsets, especially the pulling, are made on steel bones. Each person's skin is very tender, so you will need time to get used to, even though the inner lining is made of eco-friendly cotton.