blending hair colors If you want to change your hair color orAdd to the existing shade new highlights, it is worth considering the option of coloring by mixing several colors. Or you decided to experiment with shades and apply something new and extravagant on your hair - then this way you will definitely like it! And most importantly - this procedure can be done independently. Only you need to know exactly how to mix hair dyes correctly. If you decide to experiment with mixing colors, consider the following nuances:

  • Firstly - the colors can be completely different colors, sometimes even not compatible;
  • Secondly - you must first try to mix a small amount - you will see the result;
  • Thirdly - always consider the original hair color;
  • And, fourthly - try to buy the colors of one manufacturer.

The first steps towards the transformation

So, first choose the desired shade. This can be done using a computer program - download it from the network and insert your image. Now we need to make a trial approach - try mixing the colors and applying the mixture to a separate string. Completely stand the time according to the instructions and only then rinse, dry. Now take a closer look - is it the color you got. Yes, do not forget - take the strand for the experiment from below, and not on the vertex. Suddenly not like it, then you can hide it in your hair. It is recommended that the masters mix at most two colors at the same time. Otherwise, you can not get the effect you expect. how to mix hair dyes

Rules for mixing paints

  • Prepare glass or plastic dishes, you can use a ceramic bowl. The dishes should in no case be metal;
  • You will also need gloves - they are enclosed in each package with paint, as well as a brush;
  • First, mix one paint according to the instructions in the package, then the other. And only after that you can mix two colors;
  • Pour in different colors of paint and mix them with a brush - just mix them in a spiral;
  • Immediately after mixing, apply the paint to the hair and leave it for the time indicated in the instructions;
  • Dye your hair carefully, but quickly - too quickly pass chemical reactions when mixing paints;
  • Consider the original hair color - if you are a brown-haired woman, you will hardly be able to become a blonde for one painting.

Please note - you can not leave mixedpaint for storage! In half an hour the paint will react with the air and become unusable. Therefore, a mixture of several colors should be used immediately. Write down in the diary, when you were painted, and what shades of colors you used - this is sure to come in handy. Firstly, if you like the color, you will not have to remember painfully what you mixed. Secondly, you will find out how strongly this color stays. And, thirdly - even if the shade does not fit, then you probably will know that you can not mix. Here, in principle, and everything - nothing complicated in this. You can be yourself a hairdresser and a stylist. But still be more careful - many masters categorically do not advise mixing paints at home. Therefore, it is better to consider your decision several times. Of course, "hair is not a head - grow back," but it will not happen soon. By the way, it's very difficult to get rid of some shades. You will first have to nullify the resulting color, and then paint your hair again. And this will inevitably lead to drying out of hair, to their exhaustion. As a result, instead of a beautiful and original hairstyle, you will get a completely opposite effect. In everything there should be a moderation and a competent approach to the process - this is an immutable rule, which must be adhered to. But you should not be afraid of anything at all - just be sensible. Improvise, create, come up with new images, try different styles, and then you will always be fashionable and original!