Style military Style military in clothes, photo of which we are todaywe can already see in women's magazines, went into fashion at the beginning of the last century, but now in no way inferior to new trends. The wearing of clothes in military style (from the English military - military) spread after the First World War. And since the 40-ies clothing for civilians deliberately began to be produced similar to the military uniform. But this does not mean that clothes in the style of military should be very similar to camouflage, it is only some decorative elements, color or shape that reminds him. The fact is that military-style clothes are not a military overcoat, not a spotted uniform with a soldier's cap. It is made from ordinary fabric, not from the one intended for uniform. It is not necessary to understand the style of the military, the photo of which has long appeared on the pages of fashion, literally, because it's only a stylization of the appearance under wartime.

Fashion styles in military style for women

military clothingstyles of military style clothes Silhouettes of styleMilitary for women are angular and sharp, from this the shapes seem a bit aggressive. Attributes of such clothes are the expanded shoulders, the underlined waist and slightly narrowed line of hips. And yet, what does the military clothing have about the military? To her boldly it is possible to carry a tight overcoat overcoat, slightly expanded downwards and fitted with a collar stand, patch pockets, rigid shoulders, with a buckle and a pair of rows of large buttons. Also among the most popular styles are military-style shirts with breast pockets, lapels and a leather belt, very elegant breeches that must be worn in combination with high massive boots, as well as wide military-style trousers made of coarse material with riveted straps and a lot of overhead pockets. military styledresses in the style of military Also very relevantsuch a fashion item in the style of military, like a fitted jacket or a jacket with a shoulder strap with epaulettes, with mandatory padding pockets, large buttons. In other words, it should resemble a military tunic or a jacket. You can also say about the dress in the style of the military, which should be tight-fitting, with large buttons, but the length in this case is of no special significance. You can not forget about such mandatory elements of dresses in the style of military, as a wide belt and patch pockets of large sizes. Women's military clothing is also straight or slightly flared skirts, often long, necessarily with a wide belt. Relevant and varied options for wide pants in a military style with a lot of patch pockets. Military style military uniforms should be long, with all sorts of stitches, cutouts and pockets. Jackets in the style of military in general give a huge scope for imagination. They are welcome various "zippers", stitching, stripes, large metal fasteners and patch pockets.

Colors and shades of military style clothing

style military in clothes photothe basic colors of the military style. The most important thing isstyle military, the photo of which we often see in the catalogs of fashion clothes, is the color. The main is spotted camouflage coloring, and the main colors are protective, khaki, marshy green and dirty brown. Also, the fashion in the style of military includes green of different shades, yellowish-sandy, gray, brown, sometimes with spots, that is, all colors encountered in military uniforms of different armies of the world. Also, the color of the fabric can be monophonic, for example, brown, green, blue or black. Sometimes there are olive, and even dark red, red and gray-green colors. But I want to recall that the main highlight of the style of military clothing, a photo of which flashes in the fashion press, is a combination of incongruous. Wearing a uniform is not fashionable in itself, but only in combination with completely peaceful and absolutely frivolous things. And if you decide to wear a khaki thing, then only in combination with colorful, bright and provocative decor elements. For example, a military style in women's clothing, a photo of which can be seen, is decorated with chic, elegant stylish orders, golden ornament uniforms. Such a smart military-style jacket will look great with monophonic tight pants or jeans.

Shoes and accessories in the style of military

women's clothing militaryStreet - fashion military Military style footwear,designed for military boots or boots, on a thick sole without a heel or on a low heel with rounded capes - this is the silhouette that is today the most popular. Also to shoes in military style are rough boots with a blunt nose on laces and a wide heel, and military military boots in the style of a thick tractor sole. military-style coatClassic military Military style accessories -this is a rectangular bag, glasses, belt, a watch with militaristic elements. Ornaments in the style of military are also brooches, which, most likely, will interest the youth. Their key details are medals, coins and military decorations of Victorian times, which, in combination with ribbons, look very beautiful. A military style is always a looseness, courage and audacity. An excellent addition to the wardrobe in this style can be bags of matte rough leather with a minimum of all sorts of jewelry, but the most practical and functional. They will perfectly match with boots in the style of military. Welcome to the massive metal bracelets on the watch in the style of military, leather belts, as well as brooches that mimic stripe or chevron. The combination of metal and leather in jewelry, for example, military-style watches with a leather strap, look very impressive. The choice of accessories is considerable: dark monochrome ties, decorations-orders, sashes, wide belts with buckles and much, much more. style military in women's clothingUSA marine military Military style military forwomen are very popular in the fashionable season of spring-summer 2011, and if you are not indifferent to it, then do not forget about bags in the style of military, because accessories are very often the basis of your favorite style. And the "battle coloring" with an enviable constancy appears in the fashion collections of the most famous brands, and has long become as classic as animalistic safari prints. This spring and summer the style of military in women's clothing, in the photo it can be seen, especially popular with many leading designers. A bit of glamor, a neat form, "military color" - and before us is a ready-made stylish accessory in the style of military, with which you can safely go to any club party. There are in some collections and a few brutal and crude bags in the style of military. For example, a bag that has a masculine character and is an excellent version of the travel bag, well combined with military-style boots. With such a detail of the wardrobe in the style of military 2011, you should combine clothes of green or brown hues, khaki colors, and denim. In some collections, entire lines of bags are devoted to the military trend.

Outerwear and trousers in the style of military

style military photocoat in military style Military style is differentthe clarity of the silhouette and the severity of the lines. Women's military-style coat, photos of which are already found in the new fashion catalogs, have a strict collar-stand, two rows of buttons, a straight line of the shoulder, and a strap with a large buckle creating a clear waistline. This coat is in the style of military, it can be seen in the photo, it fits well with military-style trousers of straight and loose cut from dense and hard material and high military boots with a massive sole. Jackets in the style of military - large and enlarging shoulders, which completely do not attach femininity. But if you put on such a stylish military style jacket with a dress and heels, then the image will be very effective balanced, though incomprehensible for the vast majority of people. Jackets in the style of military must be present in the fashionable wardrobe of any modern girl. And do not rush to conclusions, if such clothes seem rude to you. Details of gold color (brooches, buttons, rosettes, epaulettes and even embroidery) make all things that are strict at first glance original and very stylish. In many fashion collections of famous designers, there is a wide selection of jackets, coats and jackets in the style of military, that you can easily create almost any image, even feminine and bohemian. military style jacketsRock-Chic in the style of the military For example, to createimage in a style like rock chic, best suited jeans in the style of military or leggings in combination with high heels, a shirt in a military style, and, of course, a jacket. To create a feminine image, you can take, for example, a bright red fashion jacket with epaulettes and a skirt that is half the length - maybe it's not very convenient and practical, but the desired effect is achieved! Models of jeans in the style of military are usually dotted with cuts and holes, and look aggressive, but at the same time stylish and sexy. You will look particularly impressive in them if you pick up beautiful military-style boots. Another great variant of clothing is straight trousers in the style of military with a soft metallic luster, very feminine, glamorous and at the same time quite comfortable. They blend with fashionable blouses. People who wear clothes and decorations in a military style often have a solid character and are adamant in their decisions. They are strong and confident people who are not at all afraid of increased attention. Such an outfit can also emphasize the athletic form or the person's belonging to a particular political or social group. And some women really like men in military uniform. Sometimes in life there are times when you need to change the image, or radically change people's opinion about yourself, so why not try the military style of 2011? Experiment, try, because the decisive choice is always just for you. Only be sure to remember that too it is not necessary to get too involved - there must always be a measure in everything. We advise you to read: