blouse styles Fashionable blouses 2016 is a huge choiceexquisite models for every taste. Shirts and blouses as a subject of ladies' wardrobe have long been fashionable. Since then, they have undergone many changes. The new season brought a lot of stylish trends, the main one of which was the style of the 70s of last century. What fashion styles blouses offer for spring and summer fashion houses and famous designers? Their choice, as always, is huge and varied. These are exquisite models with a round neck, chiffon blouses, truncated tops and classic shirt blouses with three-dimensional sleeves. Also in the new season in the fashion model with a variety of prints. Modnits probably will be pleased with blouses with prints of animals, reptiles and floral print. Also relevant are the styles of women's blouses in the style of minimalism, for which simple forms, beige palette and elitist details are characteristic. The hit of the summer season will be blouses of bright colors. The most actual colors for the spring-summer season are pink, orange, yellow, red, blue and green. This spring and summer, no one of the fair sex can not do without a fashionable and stylish blouse. Fashion industry in every season represents a variety of styles and colors of blouses that are suitable for all occasions.

The history of the appearance of women's blouses

For the first time women's blouses as a separate itema female wardrobe appeared in the nineteenth century, namely -1820, when the skirts began to be worn separately from the top. The first versions of blouses were worn with the corset. Until then, as long as they became what women wear today, more than half a century has passed. In modern times, women have a huge selection of models and styles of blouses that can be worn in a variety of combinations: with jackets, trousers, suits and skirts.

Fashionable blouse styles

fashion blouses 2016 How to fashion your blouses 2016preference this season? Fashion houses and designers have prepared a variety of the most diverse fashion styles of blouses. A huge selection will satisfy the taste of both classical admirers and lovers of extravagant models. The coming season is characterized by the originality of cuts - models with an asymmetrical armhole are very popular, with both sloping floors and sleeveless. Fashion blouses 2016: photo models of women's shirts and blouses will acquaint you with creative design ideas and the latest innovations in the fashion world. Blouse styles: podium photo is an incredibly great choice for relaxing, working in the office, for every day and evening models. Fashionable shirts and blouses of the 2016 season can be easily distinguished by the transparent fabric, the juiciness of colors, the abundance of lace design elements and the collar-stand. Trend of the spring season - attacking fashion shows 2016 translucent blouses, which are present today in many, even the most restrained collections. It is no longer the news that unisex clothing intended for both sexes is the most fashionable clothing this season. Blouses and shirts of unisex, as well as clothing in military styles, designed primarily for bold, creative women of fashion. The novelty of the season is a blouse made of laceless lace without sleeves. However, not every fashionista will dare to wear such a blouse. Very stylish and seductive looks blouse with a collar of cuffs and inserts on the back and shelves of transparent lace. This material can be found today in almost all fashion collections, as lace is very actively used in the coming season. Women's shirt in protective color creates a confident image of a modern woman. While the blond colors of military blouses, on the contrary, give the female image lightness and romance. Hussar buttons, double row of buttons, double stitching, pockets, stripes and shoulder straps - these are the main distinguishing features of military clothing. Women's shirts in a cage, stripes and with a simple classic pattern will taste to all: to young girls, and housewives, and business ladies. Strict blouses of calm and gentle colors are an excellent option for women who prefer a business style of clothing. Transparent and translucent chiffon blouses have been adding a touch of style, femininity and tenderness to the female image for more than a year, making it even more charming and sexy. Today many women even in everyday life prefer to wear white cotton and linen women's blouses and shirts. Such a subject of the women's wardrobe adds an image of modesty and seriousness, intelligence and concentration. Fashionable blouse styles: a photo with a round neckline and without buttons is a real find of designers who have moved the luxury and femininity of the past to the modern world. Women's blouses in the style of the 60s of the last century, made of transparent fabrics, can be both very sexy and monastic at the same time.

Decorative blouse styles

blouse styles photo Presented in the new season, the elegantblouses and shirts - it's incredibly airy and weightless, feminine and sexy models of silk, chiffon, satin and organza. Decorated with elegant bows, frill, ruffles, lace, flounces and complex Roman draperies, which are a hit of the coming season. Fortunately, such models are suitable for all girls without exception. Women's blouses, decorated with frill, ruffles and flounces create a more harmonious, feminine and calm silhouette, while emphasizing the sexuality and even the romanticism of their mistress. Important accents of fashionable blouses 2016: photos of fashion trends - models without sleeves and collar, collar-stand, transparent fabrics, elongated cuffs, blouses with bright print, pattern or pattern, draperies, ruffles, lace, frill, flounces and asymmetry. What style of elegant blouse to choose depends only on you: mood, taste and preferences, as well as features of the figure.

Fashion blouses 2016: how to choose and what to wear

styles of women's blouses Whatever fashionable style of a woman's blouse youchosen for the new spring-summer season of 2016, it will perfectly match almost all things relevant for the warm season: classic skirts and trousers, or original shorts and capris. Against the backdrop of snow-white shirts look great any jewelry, jewelry and beads made of natural stones. To comfortable blouses without buttons, skirt trapeziums and skirts-pencils, as well as bright air skirts, are ideally suited. They also combine well with classic high waist trousers and look great with strict office suits, sarafans and jeans. In cool weather, you can put on a vest over a blouse or put on a warm cardigan. To complement the ensemble will help dressed on top of the blouse wide elastic band, and complete the image will help competently selected jewelry and accessories. fashion blouses 2016 images To fashion women's blouse beautifully looked and complemented your image, it should:

  • fit the size;
  • match the selected style;
  • blend in color with the rest of the wardrobe;
  • by style match your figure.

It is very important for every woman to havewardrobe a small but carefully selected selection of topical shirts and blouses in this season, as these are the things that are the basis for everyday and business clothes. We advise you to read: