Successful shopping

What is a cachebee site?

Literally, the backback is translated as a refund. In the field of Internet trading, cashback means a return to the buyer of some of the money spent on the purchase of goods. In its essence, this is a bonus program. The main difference is that the buyer after a while after the purchase receives not points or bonuses that can be spent only in a particular online store, but real money. LetyShops

How it works?

Keshbek service concludes with online storesa partnership agreement according to which the service receives from the store a percentage of each purchase of the attracted customer. Having received from the purchase its interest, the cacheback service gives some of it directly to the client. The main condition for the job is that the purchase is not made directly in the store, but through the affiliate link that the cash service gives. More information about the principle of cashbacks .

LetyShops2 For residents of the CIS countries, the best option among cache-sites will be . Among users, he has recommended himself as a reliable service, offering a fairly high percentage of returns.

How to start working with

First of all on the site you need to pass a simpleregistration process. To do this, click on the blue "registration" button. In the window that appears, enter your e-mail address and password or log in using the already registered accounts on the services indicated in the left part of the window: That's all, now you can start using all the advantages of cachebee service.

How to make a purchase?

The site is very well structured, and finding the product of interest will not be a problem. From the home page, you can all available for online shopping with the option to return money: Available online stores The plus of the service is that all available goods are categorized, so you can find the product of interest at the most reasonable price and with a high return: Categories of stores For example, by buying the Lumea IPL SC1981 photo-epilator in for 10,990 rubles, using the cash-back service, you return 143 rubles. Buying a photoepilator After the goods have been selected, you need to go tolink to the store and make a purchase. Already for some time after a successful purchase, a part of the money that can be withdrawn to a bank card, Webmoney, QIWI or Yandex.Money will be returned to your account in your account.


Compared with other cachebee services, offers the most favorable terms for its customers:

  • The minimum amount for withdrawal of funds is only 500 rubles;
  • Very convenient for searching the catalog of goods;
  • An advantageous affiliate program with which you can receive 15% from each attracted buyer's cash register;
  • Operational support service;
  • The highest amounts of refunds.

All the benefits and benefits of buying throughCashback sites are undeniable. After all, you can not only save on low prices in online stores, but also get quite large cash payments and save even more. In addition, on the site you can constantly monitor the current and most profitable discounts and promotions, which offer more than two hundred available stores. Why pay more? Come in and get your cashback!