sharovary In the summer collection of women's pants 2016 dominatefeminine models. Pants kyuloty, wide trousers, shortened pipes - favorites of summer fashion. Models of women's pants, presented by designers for the spring and summer of 2016, pleasantly surprised by the variety of styles and brightness of colors, an abundance of feminine images. Women's pants kyulots, or pants-skirt, look like a favorite of summer fashion. Designers experiment with materials, colors, accessories. Silk cottons from Valentino and light-cotton pantaloons, presented by the Parisian fashion house Celine, correspond to the trend of feminine style. Bright satin and silk trousers are another trendy stroke of the summer season 2016. Asian motifs were demonstrated by designers Dsquared, Sonya Rykiel, Celine. Clothing from the "thousand and one nights" appeared in fashion boutiques and in democratic stores. Sharovars look good on all women, slim and full. Designers offer different options for length and volume of trousers. Some models are wide along the entire length, and only on the ankles the legs are gathered into the cuffs. There are several models shortened or narrowed downwards. Women's pajama trousers are also a sign of summer 2016. Free cut, light fabrics, bright colors, flowers and ruches are attributes of such trousers. Slender ladies can choose from the models of the season truncated pipes. The palette of colors is rich in summer: purple, yellow, crimson ... Shortened trousers have become fashionable for men, but for men's clothing this silhouette is still somewhat risky: visually "shortens" the growth, emphasizes the emerging fullness ... Surprisingly, the female figure shortened trousers do not spoil at all, most of the ladies in the shortened pipes look cute and sexy. sharovary2

Summer Collection

Women's pants in 2016 are dominated by feminine models. With what to wear these funny and cute pants? Universal T-shirts do not fit. Tops, blouses, jackets for new pants are different from "jeans style". We must carefully choose the "top" for the trousers, since the trousers themselves are a bright enough and eye-catching element of clothing. A monochrome top or light silk blouse is a good addition to the ensemble. With sharovarov appropriate decorations: pendants, bracelets - all this corresponds to the emerging eastern style. One of the features of the fashion trousers 2016 is the simplicity of their manufacture. Spacious, voluminous trousers or trousers of pajamas can be sewn by a woman who has mastered the basics of tailor's craft. Making jeans is a much more complicated process than sewing mind-blowing trousers. Often, homemade things can compete with design samples. But what about business, office style? Classics no one canceled, then she and the classics. And your favorite jeans are unlikely to give way.