the The most popular brands are in Europe,and quite a bit of America and Australia. You can choose models of classical style and style. This option is great for office and business meetings. If a woman wants romance, you can always choose linen with ruffles and lace. The most popular type of underwear are bras. They are an integral part of the female image and you can choose them for every taste. The choice begins with the brand, series or model collection, color, size, style, as well as their intended use. Their appointment can be different: everyday, for sports, for sleeping or romantic for dates. Buying them for a holiday or a celebration, you can think ahead of the look and material: a silicone bra without strapless under a dress, seamless for outdoor activities or vice versa large size with widely spaced straps during pregnancy. Linen from famous designers and designers is not only high-quality and comfortable, but also extraordinarily beautiful. It has been in the trend for several years. What would give him the charm and recognition - underwear is decorated with rhinestones and pendants. As a separate category I want to highlight corrective and pulling underwear. Most often it is bought by women who want to hide their body's shortcomings, but we always want to look beautiful and desirable. And comes to the correction of the female figure in three directions: correction of the bust (bras), waist and abdomen (corsets, corsages, body, high panties), hips and buttocks (shorts, leggings, pants, pantyhose). This category also includes large sizes. Women's underwear of large size performs the same correction functions, but also looks fashionable and attractive. This underwear is very popular. To bras as a pre-set just need panties or thongs. Most often they are selected in one color or better, one brand and one collection. We are used to the fact that there are only ordinary panties slips and beautiful thongs. What model to wear, each of the women will choose herself. The main thing is not to forget that they should like not only you, but also your young man. Fastest fashion changes to swimwear and bikinis. Every season we learn about new colors and styles. This year, girls choose a two-color swimsuit bando or as they are called bikini top without straps. Removing straps and denuding their shoulders, the girls not only can beautifully tan in the sun, but they will also be able to draw attention to the beach to an unusual swimsuit. Unlike the folded swimsuit, bikinis can be combined as you like by color and style. In addition, it is worth paying attention to such an accessory as pareo. This year he is extremely popular. Your men will always look fashionable on the beach, regardless of whether he wears classic swimming trunks turning into long bathing shorts or short swimsuits. If to sum up - we always want to be different: romantic and reckless, fatal and mysterious, tender and beautiful. We are sure that the first purchase you made - you will definitely like it. Getting used to beautiful and inexpensive things, you instill in yourself a sense of beauty. In exquisite underwear, women always feel attractive and sexy. Correctly thinking, dressing, dreaming - you form a personality, which will surely succeed.