reasons for the appearance of oily hair The question of why the hair quickly fats,interests a lot of women who are faced with this problem. Of course, the hair itself can not be fat by itself, the cause is the excessive activity of the sebaceous glands of the scalp. It is from this that the hair loses its volume, sticks together, a greasy shine appears, and their attractiveness is lost. In this regard, special attention in the treatment of oily hair should be given to the scalp. The secretion of fat by sebaceous glands is a completely natural process. Healthy hair does not get fat too fast, it usually takes several days. When the hair becomes fat after a few hours after washing, then there is a problem that needs to be solved as soon as possible. First of all, one should understand the reasons why such a problem arose. Each hair has a natural protective layer, formed due to the work of the sebaceous glands of the scalp. It is this layer that protects our hair from dust, dirt and other harmful environmental factors. If the protective shell is broken, the hair becomes exposed to all negative manifestations of the surrounding world. Sebaceous glands at the same time begin to work more intensively and secrete more fat. As a result, ugly, fat hair. What is the reason for the disturbance of the protective layer? choose the right remedy for oily hair

The main causes of increased fat content of hair

  • Too often wash. Surprisingly, this is the most common reason that hair begins to quickly fade. Of course, I do not want to walk with a dirty head. However, many of us are too zealous and start washing their hair every day. Doing this is undesirable, since the necessary protective barrier is washed off. As a result, the hair becomes fat after 7-8 hours, and the procedure must be repeated again, and each time more often.
  • Stresses are also the cause of increased worksebaceous glands. Probably, every person noticed that, starting to get nervous, he begins to sweat more than when he is calm. Moreover, increased sweating occurs on all parts of the body, including the head.
  • Improperly selected care productshair is also the cause of their fat content. Balms and shampoos with silicone make hair heavier, alkaline compounds break the protective layer of hair, making them more susceptible to dirt and dust. Frequent use of a hair dryer also causes the sebaceous glands to work more intensively.
  • Sexual maturation. During the period of hormonal oscillations, the sebaceous glands work more actively. This is the reason, because of which the hair in adolescents very quickly fade.
  • Hormones and contraceptives. People who are obese usually have oily hair. Most of the contraceptives are based on hormones that provoke excessive fat release.
  • No less frequent reason that the hair quicklyfats, is an improper diet and a lack of vitamin B12. To prevent this, you need to consume more dairy products, liver, eggs, fruits, vegetables. Eat at least 5 times a day in small portions. Water to an adult should drink at least 1.5-2 liters per day. Do not get involved in fatty, sharp, smoked and salty dishes.
  • Proper care for oily hair

    Proper care involves conductingsome obligatory procedures: Every day you need to comb your hair with a massage brush with denticles made of natural material for at least 15 minutes. As a result, blood circulation in the scalp is improved and more useful substances enter the strands.

    • To ensure maximum preservation of the structure of hair, wash them should be only boiled water.
    • To avoid having to massage the skin excessivelyhead, because massage provokes the production of sebum, shampoo before applying to the hair should be diluted in a small amount of water and slightly foamed.
    • After washing, the head should be rinsed with cool (not ice) water with the addition of lemon juice.
    • Oily hair is not very fond of balms, so if necessary, they should be applied only to the tips. Do not apply them for the entire length, and even more so on the roots.
    • Dry oily hair preferably in a natural way, without using a hair dryer.
    • To hair zhirneli less, in any caseyou can not go out with wet hair. In the cold season, you must hide your hair under the cap or hood. This is because the sebaceous glands work more intensively in the cold.
    • As little as possible use styling products, because most of them contain alcohol, which dries the skin, thereby pushing the sebaceous glands to work more intensively.

    proper care for oily hair

    Proper means and shampoos for oily hair

    For the care of oily hair should be used only by special means. In addition, you can use folk recipes.

    • Rinsing the head can be an infusion or a decoction of chamomile if the hair is light or acidified water, if the hair is dark.
    • Normalize the fat content of hair can be sour-milk products. Use them as a mask.
    • Between washing procedures, hair can be cleansed with lotions based on yarrow, St. John's wort, linden flowers, root of the calamus, eucalyptus, nettle. You can also use lemon juice.
    • To reduce the fat content of hair, you must rub them mustard gruel. Also it can be used instead of shampoo.

    Proven means for washing greasy hairare bread and egg. They are quite good at dealing with impurities and make the hair soft and silky. To prepare a similar "shampoo", pieces of rye bread are poured with warm water and leave for 10 minutes to swell. After that, they mash and get a gruel washed head. It is difficult to apply a gruel, but the result is impressive. In such a "shampoo" it is allowed to add oils and plant extracts, which stabilize the work of the sebaceous glands. For example, on 1/4 liter of "shampoo" you can add 3 drops of lavender oil, 4 drops of rosemary oil or 7 drops of eucalyptus.

    Masks for oily hair

    • To prepare the mask, take 15 gflowers of calendula and nettle and 10 g of oak bark. Stir and pour dry mixture of 120 ml of boiling water. After we put on a water bath and warm up about half an hour. Then remove from heat and let cool. Apply a similar mask for half an hour, and then wash off without shampoo.
    • To make the next mask, you need to take the seedsquince (1 tbsp.) and pour them a glass of very hot, but not boiling water. After that, the mixture should be placed in a water bath and allowed to boil. After that, the decoction is removed from the bath, filtered and allowed to cool slightly. In a warm form, apply the mask on the head and massage the massage into the roots. Leave for 45 minutes, then wash off in the usual way.
    • The next mask will require kefir (betterdaily, you can cook it yourself). Take the yogurt and gently rub it into the scalp. Then we wrap the head with polyethylene and leave for half an hour, after which we wash it off.
    • We take yolks of two chicken eggs and 10 ml of natural honey. Mix well and rub the mixture into the roots. After that, we wrap the head with polyethylene and heat it. Keep it from 1 to 2 hours.

    All these masks are able to regulate the worksebaceous glands and are suitable for permanent use. However, more often than twice a week, they should not be used. For greater efficiency, the mask can be alternated.