beautiful baby hairstyles Long hair - it's beautiful, feminine andinteresting. After all, they can do different hairstyles, not limited to fantasies. Any girl with properly laid hair will look well-groomed, beautiful and tidy. Every mother who wants her child, having long hair, stood out among the others, should be able to create different hairstyles. It must be remembered that not every child can sit in a chair for a long time, until his hair is braided. But, it turns out, a beautiful hairstyle does not mean long. So, what kind of haircuts for long hair can be, what is needed to create them?

Just loose hair

This option is not the best for a smallchild. Taking into account the lively lifestyle of non-sitting, it is worth taking care of its convenience, eliminating loose hair as an everyday hairstyle. For the matinee, nevertheless, the fitting of "curls" is appropriate. Also, if desired, you can comb the bangs and pin it with a peg back, along with the other strands in front. As a result, you will get enough adult styling. Decorating it with a tiara or a beautiful rim, you can create a festive look. If you are still considering the option of a hairstyle for loose hair, it will be interesting to lay them on one side. The hair in this hairstyle is wound up, and looks festive. But a small child will not be comfortable with this hairstyle, but for the schoolgirl it is quite suitable. weaving for children's hairstyles

Stacking of tails

Even from ordinary tails, you can createneat appearance of your girl. Tails can be either one or two. You can make it out of curly curls, it will look interesting and unusual. Using beautiful rubberies and hairpins with different colors and bows, you can change the look of the hairstyle to a more festive. This is suitable especially for young children. You can wrap around the tail of a piece of hair, and stab them, using hairpins and invisibility. A very popular and rather concise solution for long hair is the ponytail. He is a kind of everyday hairstyle. Typically, this tail looks great on perfectly straight and smooth hair. But also on curling locks you can also make a tall tail, decorate it with satin ribbons or a beautiful bow, and this hairdo from everyday will turn into a dressing gown. The low tail itself is not very interesting. But even from it you can make a pretty beautiful and stylish hairstyle. For this it is necessary to turn it from the top down, the rubber band to hide inside. It can also be decorated with a bright flower or bow or a beautiful hair clip. For a change, you can make a low and high tail, shifting it to the side and decorating with various accessories, to avoid boring such a styling.

Bagel bagels

This kind of styling is easy enough,while doing it you can do it differently each time. The simplest version begins with the separation of hair into two halves. Each divided half rises, then the flagella roll. They are stacked alternately, as if wrapping each strand of hair over the previous one. You can fasten them with the help of hairpins-invisible or studs and rubber bands. For a variety of wheelbarrows can be twisted not from tails, but from pre-braided plaits. On long hair, you can try to make and another hairstyle, combined from a high ponytail and sheepskin. To create it, you need to make two tall tails, not necessarily on the same level. The tips of the hair can be curled with forceps. Half hair from the tail wrap it around. This styling is very easy to create, takes a little time, and the result will pleasantly please you. fashion hairstyles for long hair

Styling in the form of braids

Of course, the most common and convenientchild piling, is pigtail. Especially on long hair, you can safely wander, include imagination. It can be completely diverse, and not at all like the braid that our grandmothers braided. One of the most common hair styles based on braids is two spikelets connected together on the back of the head. They are very simple. First it is necessary to divide the hair into 2 equal parts, then along the temples of the braid from each part of the spikelets, weaving gradually all the hair. After both spikelets are braided, they are connected by a rubber band from the back. You can also make an exit option, placing a beautiful flower in the middle of the neck. With spikelets you can safely experiment. So, for example, on one side of the braid are two such spikelet, and from the other half of the hair is one big, at the end, connect them with an accessory. Very adorn your girl hair in the form of roses from her hair. The technique of creating such beauty is very simple. To do this, you need to braid the braid, and then beautifully and correctly lay it and pin it with the help of hairpins. Ideally looks a braid with a rose. To do this, braids are braided in the form of a rim, passing through the head. Of course, she still has a free edge. Of course, you can make from it just a ponytail, or tweak a braid, but it will be much more interesting if you spin a rose. For this, it is necessary to gently pull the strands from the swirling free edge. This is done to create a voluminous and free rose. This style will decorate your girl on any holiday. The fish tail is very popular now. It should be noted that this hairstyle is suitable for both adults and children. Its creation is distinguished by its simplicity and uncommonness. Hair before weaving is preferably well combed and moistened with a special spray, and you can use wax. To create one such braid it is necessary to divide the hair into two parts. The weaving starts from the side of the temples. On each side it is taken over a small string and it is thrown over each other on the back of the head, at the same time being crossed. The same procedure is repeated to the end. As a result, we get a beautiful hairstyle and really resembles a fish tail. Styling of the Cos-flagella became very actual. They wiggle like a normal braids. The only difference is that each strand of the future pigtail is twisted before the interlacing, forming a flagellum. Such a scythe will look interesting and will add variety to the range of hairstyles.

Stacking in the form of a bow

With such a hairstyle, your girl will definitely beattract the attention of their peers. To create a need to collect the tail. Then the resulting tail should be joined in half and tightened with an elastic band. The free tip remains in front. It is with his help that the bow will be created. The resulting bundle must be divided into two equal parts with the help of the remaining tip of the hair. Loose strand is fixed with a rubber band at the back. So, the laying is complete. It is important to remember that when creating a child's hairdo, you can safely use various accessories. They play a huge role, turning even the most ordinary braid into an interesting hairdo. If your beauty is already the owner of beautiful and long hair, it's up to the little thing. The ability to beautifully collect hair and put it in your hair is your task. Try it, experiment. These unassuming rules of creating hairstyles will surely please your child, allocate it among the rest. Good luck, success and more imagination.