beautiful slanting bangs The easiest and, perhaps, the most effective waychange your appearance - this is the right choice and beautifully trim bangs. Most owners of long hair do not want to change hairstyles, making haircuts - with luxurious curls it is always very pitiful to part. But a beautiful stylish fringe is done very easily, and it will not be difficult to grow it again. The fashion for perfectly straight bangs, slightly covering the eyebrows, is already in the past, and today few choose this model. A lot of owners of long hair give preference to oblique fringes, especially since they can be of different types. The main advantage of this bang is its excellent compatibility with any type of hair and their length, and with any shape of face. fashionable slit fringe

How to choose for yourself a model of oblique bangs

For the owners of luxurious long hair stylistshave developed a variety of options for instant hair change with the oblique bangs. This is not only a fashion whim, but also an excellent opportunity to hide the existing shortcomings of appearance, favorably emphasizing its merits. Such a stylish addition of long hair always looks unique, feminine and modern. If you have an oval, round or rectangular type of face, you can safely choose a long oblique bangs - in most cases it is cut to the line of the eyelashes, which visually makes your image more youthful. However, the owner of a round type face, this model should be selected with caution. In order to visually extend the face, you can choose a version with uneven "torn" edges - this model will give your image sexuality and make it a little cocky. You should know that people who have fine, neat facial features are well suited to shortened oblique fringe, while a long version of it not only does not emphasize this feature, but also conceals most of the face. Several large facial features can be visually reduced and slightly elongated by a long "torn" bang, one end of which will extend to the lower edge of the ear. Slanting bangs can be safely chosen by those who have long straight hair, but if you prefer curls, this choice may not match your style. slanting bang variants

Variants of oblique bangs for long hair

A short oblique bangs can, without hesitation,to choose cheerful mischievous persons. This model always looks stylish and fervent, helping its owners instantly "throw off" a few years off. Therefore, if you are young at least with your body, even with your soul, feel free to experiment, choosing such an option - this will be exactly what your appearance lacked. For girls who are owners of long but not very thick hair, an excellent way out of the situation will be a multi-layer oblique bangs - this variant of the hairstyle will help to refresh the face and visually make the hair thick. You can stack it both smoothly and casually - change your appearance to the mood! The evocative, extravagant variant - a "torn" oblique fringe - is not suitable for everyone. Typically, to create this kind of using a razor, not scissors, strongly milling strands, leaving some of them very long. Thanks to this technique, we get a "ragged" effect. Such a hairstyle will emphasize your adherence to sports and youth style, but if you are a fan of classical style, then combining such a hairstyle with strict clothing will be very problematic for you. Do you dream of being like a movie star? Then choose a very long oblique bangs - such models are very popular with Hollywood actresses. Reese Witherspoon, Penelope Cruz and many others just adore this soft feminine version - it is laid by a beautiful wave, and it descends to the chin or below it.

Haircut and styling

Slanting bangs look spectacular and beautiful only whenprovided that it is neatly and correctly trimmed. It can be done by an experienced master. However, if you decide to trim it yourself, you need to consider the following points:

  • To get the desired result, you should stock up with very sharp scissors, a razor, hairpins and clips. After the hair is removed and the bang zone is determined, you can start cutting
  • When cutting hair must be dried. Carrying a haircut of wet hair, you can make a mistake in the length, and after drying the bangs will be much shorter than what you would like
  • "Ragged" effect can be created using thinning, hot scissors and sliding slices
  • Scissors should be held vertically when cutting. Cut your hair not across your forehead, but at the chosen angle, trying to cut very smoothly

There are several ways of laying oblique bangs. In order to emphasize its shape, the hair is first dried with a hair dryer, and then pulled out with a hot iron in the direction in which it should lie. Laying the "torn" bangs is usually done with the help of mousse for hair. It is put on the locks by fingers and squeezes them into a fist. To make this kind of bangs look spectacular, you can select several strands by applying a gel or a varnish for hair on them. However, even if you do not have time for packing, a slanting bang combined with long hair will look great and without any manipulation! A little asymmetrical parting, long hair gathered in a tail and a slightly disheveled oblique bang without any effort will give you the appearance of a stylish, confident business lady.