useful masks for tips of hair Women often face a problemsplit hair. When this happens, ladies first try to try on themselves all sorts of means, hoping for a speedy result. They absolutely do not try to understand directly the cause of unhealthy hair, and without this, it is simply impossible to correct the situation.

What to be afraid of our hair

It is known that the state of hair is judged about healthman and the strength of his immunity. If the hair shines with inner strength, lie in natural curls or fall off an elastic mass, then everything is in order. But often, even young girls can see the effect of dry "shaggy", that is, long strands of disobedient flawed, and short give out a clear overdrying and brittle hair. Immediately striking, how many visited the tips in this head of hair. It looks very ugly and unpleasant. It seems that the girl simply does not like herself or does not know how to take care of herself. This state of affairs makes it necessary to start looking for the real cause of such a distressing state of hairstyle. Hair damage factors can be either external or internal. The first ones are:

  • strong gassing of an industrial or transported city;
  • unsuccessfully matched shampoo;
  • infection of the scalp with pathogenic microorganisms;
  • long-term exposure to sea water or chlorinated in the pool;
  • reaction to prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.

Often a person provokes the distress of his hair that has been crossed. Such reasons for the section include:

  • washing with too hot water, strong rubbing, insufficient rinsing;
  • frequent use of a hot-air dryer;
  • choice of substandard combs - metal or cheap plastic;
  • systematic wearing of wigs, hairpieces, linings;
  • unsuccessful choice of means for coloring.

If there are no such reasons, and the quantitysplit hair grows, it is worth considering about the effect of factors such as malnutrition, side effects of medications taken. Secular hair may also be a consequence of kidney disease, disruption of the gastrointestinal tract, puberty, nicotine poisoning (smoking), chronic fatigue, insufficient fluid in the body. mask with olive oil for split ends

How to deal with the problem

The most correct approach is to determine the reason whysplit hair, eliminate harmful factors. But often it can not be done. A person does not have the time or the desire to undergo a medical examination to find out at what level the functions of certain organs fail. The general systematization of the reasons and the correct conclusions about what needs to be changed urgently in their mode and behavior should help in solving the problem. Some women go on the way to a regular visit to the hairdresser in order not just to fix the haircut, namely to cut off the hair ends visited. However, this method does not help dramatically improve the situation, rather, on the contrary, the hairdo can lose shape, and hair will still look untidy. Short-term positive effect gives a popular haircut today with hot scissors. But this method will not help improve the condition for a long time. It is necessary to proceed to the care procedures in the form of hair masks.

Recommendations of traditional medicine

Old medicines include a variety of recipes for hair healing. Among the herbal remedies that have a curative effect on the scalp, the roots of the curls and their entire length are:

  • juice of fresh nettle or her infusion (2 tbsp dry grass for 1 tbsp boiling water);
  • parsley (juice of fresh grass);
  • Chamomile pharmacy, infusion (20 g per 1 tbsp boiling water);
  • bark of oak (1 tbsp boil in 1 tbsp water);
  • celandine (fresh herb juice, diluted 1: 2 with water);
  • birch (10 g of dry buds or 15 g of dry leaves boiled in 1 tbsp water);
  • aloe (fresh juice or pharmacy);
  • melon (juice);
  • geranium (juice of fresh leaves).

Many tips concern the healtheffects of sour-milk and oil wraps. It is not for nothing that women in Central Asia who practice hair washing with katyk (a special kind of milk starter), practically do not encounter overdried or crossed hair. The basis for oil mixtures is olive or any other heated vegetable oil of high quality with the addition of all sorts of ingredients. The following components proved to be well-suited:

  • honey, diluted in warm water;
  • juice of onions;
  • juice of garlic;
  • 2 tbsp. l. sour cream;
  • 1 tbsp. l. mustard, diluted with warm water in a proportion of 1: 2;
  • alcohol solution of hot pepper, diluted with warm water in a proportion of 1: 3.

An obligatory condition for obtaining a result during the application of such masks is a warm wrapping of the head for 30-50 minutes. masking on hair

Modern care strategy

Advanced pharmacological and cosmetic companiesconstantly produce new hair care products on the market, which guarantee a brilliant effect. Most often, such advertising is quite true, because the drugs are manufactured after a long laboratory test and obtaining state certificates of domestic or foreign samples. Such preparations include specially prepared minerals, concentrated enzymes, placental inclusions and other rather expensive components, and they are very expensive. If you decide to treat your hair with their help, it's best not to do it yourself, but in the salons. At volume purchases hairdressing salons use some discount. In addition, if you have not consulted a trichologist, it is the experienced interior master who will tell you which drug is preferable to you as a mask for split ends of hair. Self-use of the most useful masks also helps to significantly improve the condition of the hair and improve their tips. A wide application today is found in mixtures using gelatin, which is known to be a natural product:

  • 1 Pack the gelatin in the water, adding a little shampoo;
  • Pack the contents of 1 package of dissolved gelatin with egg yolk and a small amount of shampoo;
  • to 1 tbsp. l. diluted gelatin add 3 ml of essential oil (fir, pine, lemon, pink) and a small amount of shampoo.

Any mask of this type is held on the hair for 30 minutes, abundantly washed with water.

Traditional means over the centuries

If your hair is split, then without masks andwrapping is indispensable. The most effective and effective procedures include the use of long-known ingredients, which were used several centuries ago. This is a "prescription recipe" based on burdock or castor oil. Both have long been used in the Slavic world and successfully passed into modern medicine. But if previously people who wanted to use such drugs had to find and dig a burdock root or collect castor seeds to make oil based on them, then today it is enough to go to the pharmacy or perfume shop and buy ready-to-use extract. Rubbing these oils in the roots of the hair and applying along the entire length guarantees an excellent result, but only after repeated use. Another tool is recognized as a guarantor of reliable care for problem hair - this is henna. If your hair color allows you to use Iranian henna, then after a month of applying this wrapping 1-2 times a week you will notice positive changes. There is also a so-called henna colorless. For its production is another raw material, it also significantly improves the structure of the hair, making them heavy and smooth along the entire length. All the above techniques and methods, provided they are systematically applied, will perfectly improve the condition of your hair. Only active actions and the desire at all costs to achieve the desired effect will bear fruit in the form of a luxurious shock of renewed, life-shining hair.