how to wash off hair dye at home Every woman dreams of being beautiful. It is for this purpose that it resorts not only to creating the image with those means that generously endowed nature with the beautiful half of humanity, but also to the aid of the achievements of modern cosmetology. Often, this young lady aspire to radically change the image with the help of hair dye. However, sometimes you have to face the fact that the chosen type of paint does not give the desired result. That is, the hair color is not at all the same as we would like. or they are colored unevenly. How in this case to wash off a paint from hair in house conditions without harm for them?

Options for washing hair from hair in the home

There are several ways to wash off the paint withhair improvised means. Their effectiveness has been tested not by one generation of women for decades. All you need is to choose the most suitable option for yourself and use it. Today you can talk almost dozens of techniques of how to wash off the paint from your hair. This traditional folk methods (with the help of salt, soda, butter, kefir, beer and many others), and chemical methods that can be applied in beauty salons or at home. If you like the second option, then we can disappoint you. Washing on the basis of numerous chemical reagents gives a quick and good result only in the color solution. It adversely affects the hair, leading to over-drying, brittleness and burning of the scalp. In addition, you can never accurately guess the water-salt balance of the scalp to determine the time of contact with the skin. If you are ready to learn how to flush the hair from your hair at home using proven means, then we share with you the most effective recipes and methods. to wash off a paint from hair in house conditions

Kefir flushing

Many specialists in the field of hairdressingart says that the use of kefir can not be considered just a means for washing off. This is proven at the molecular level. Since it is in kefir that contains a large number of lactic acid bacteria and biologically active additives, you can safely count on strengthening the roots of hair, restoring damaged areas of the scalp, treating microcracks with lactic acid, etc. To wash off a paint from hair kefir it is simple enough. We recommend using kefir masks for lightening hair or for a more even color over the entire length of the hair. Flush the hair with kefir hair simply and safely. We recommend several ways.

  • You need to take about one liter of kefir (the moreits fat content, the better). Pour it into a bowl, add about a tablespoon of vegetable oil (rapeseed, sunflower, olive or other), one tablespoon of salt, stir it thoroughly, apply on dry hair, put on a polyethylene cap and walk for about an hour. If you decide to repeat the procedure, then you should first wash off the mask with warm water and shampoo for greasy hair. Then repeat everything. But it should be remembered that this method can be applied no more than twice a day and not more than twice a month. In general, it is better to use it if you need to lighten two tones.
  • On two glasses of kefir with the maximum percentagethe fat content should be added two tablespoons of baking soda and three tablespoons of vodka. All this should be mixed, slightly warmed (approximately, to a temperature of forty degrees) and applied evenly over the entire length of the hair. Head should be covered with cellophane or paper towels. It takes about two hours to walk. This method brightens the hair for one - one and a half tones. When using the resulting mixture, a short tingling of the scalp caused by vodka can be observed.
  • Used only kefir, without addingany additional ingredients. Such a mask can be rightfully considered nutritious for the hair and scalp, since without any impurities it gives extra hair to the hair.
  • Washing with soda

    When an issue arises, how to wash off the paint withhair, memories come to mind how our mothers and grandmothers cleaned out numerous stains with soda. Rinse off the paint with hair soda is quite simple. It is always worth remembering that soda is a pretty soft and safe scrub, but they should not get involved. In total, there are several dozens of formulas for preparing a solution of soda. We will describe only two of them, which are considered to be the most effective.

  • It is necessary to take ten tablespoons of sodalong hair this amount is worth doubling), add a glass of water to them, mix thoroughly. Water should not be quite hot, since soda will lose some of its properties. Add one teaspoon of salt to the solution, take a cotton pad or a tampon, get a piece of the resulting gruel onto it and evenly apply on small strands from the roots to the tips. If the roots are more dyed than the tips of the hair, then the largest amount of gruel should be applied to them. After all the hair is covered with soda, you need to mash, rub or twist into small bunches. It takes about forty minutes to walk with such gruel, but not more than an hour. Soda gives the hair stiffness. It is necessary to wash off such a solution under running warm water for about fifteen minutes. After that, you need to wash your head again with a shampoo.
  • For one liter of warm water you need to take fivetablespoons of soda, stir, soak the hair with this solution and wrap it in polyethylene film. To go so it is necessary about twenty minutes, then to wash off all with hair shampoo or soap. This procedure can be repeated, but no more than twice.
  • When using soda masks, the growth improveshair, since the use of soda "awakens" the blood vessels, making the blood supply to the head and hair bulbs reinforced and constant. There are several contraindications for use - dry scalp, brittle hair, a large degree of dandruff, etc. Therefore, before flushing hair with soda, it is worth considering the use of other methods of washing away from the hair of the paint a few tones towards clarification. The first way to flush paint is most productive than the second, but it should be used only if you have absolutely healthy hair. how to properly wash the hair from the hair in the home

    Flushing paint with hair oil

    If all the methods of flushing paint that wedescribed above do not suit you or you fear for the health of your hair, we recommend you to wash off the paint with oil hair. It is the recipes based on oils of various origins that are most often used when flushing paint. We advise you to apply the most effective and safe of them. Since not all types of oils are suitable for every woman due to high allergenicity, we offer only the safest.

  • To remove from the hair the paint that wasbadly applied, you need to take one glass of any vegetable oil, add about twenty to thirty grams of fat (for example, pork), although you can use margarine. This mixture should be heated to a temperature that will seem most comfortable to you when applied to the skin and hair. This mask should be applied with a brush to dye the hair and leave for about half an hour. To enhance the effect, it is recommended to put a cellophane bag on the head or a cap for coloring the hair. This mask, as a rule, is washed off several times with shampoo.
  • In order for the mask to be easily washed off (thatespecially important for owners of lush and thick head of hear), it is necessary to use a mixture of castor, olive and sunflower oils. These three types of oils should be taken in equal amounts and mixed. You can add a little moisturizing cream for the skin of your hands. The mixture should be heated to a comfortable temperature, applied to the hair, covered with cellophane and resemble approximately half an hour. The brightening effect can be enhanced by thermal action. For example, to warm hair when there is oil on them, it is possible with the use of a hair dryer. But at the same time, it is impossible to set the hot regime, since the oil will melt and drain through the hair. To wash off such mask it is possible children's shampoo some times. If the hair is not brightened enough, a similar procedure can be repeated after about twelve hours. Especially since the mask of olive oil is recognized as nutritious and effective.
  • As we said above, quite oftenIt is applied at change of color of hair aside light castor oil. It is not only the main ingredient of numerous recipes, but also a medicine that is recommended to use to strengthen the eyelashes, hair and nails. The recipe is pretty simple. It is necessary to mix three yolks (previously separated from the protein) with three or four spoons of castor oil. After this, the prepared mixture is applied to the hair along the entire length (carefully distributing the mixture), rub it into the hair and scalp. The head needs to be wrapped with a cellophane bag and a towel.
  • Do not use a hairdryer, since the yolk cancurl up on the hair, which significantly complicates their washing. The use of different oils is quite useful for hair. It should be borne in mind that oil masks do not just lighten the hair for a few tones and wash away the dyes of even natural origin (henna, basma and their mixtures), but also saturate hair with nutrients for a long time. When using a mask from oil, shampoos should be used for oily thick hair. All subsequent times, you need to wash your head with gentle shampoos. It is not only effective, but also useful, to remove paint from hair with oil. Since using different oils you simultaneously protect the hair, make them obedient and silky, shiny and healthy. Such hair will always be of interest and attract attention. Taking care of the color of your hair, you can simultaneously fill them with strength and attractiveness. If you want to have healthy hair, then after applying any paint, make strengthening masks, which for many years will save the natural pigmentation of hair, their healthy appearance and density. We advise you to read: