hairstyles for prom Graduation party for all without exception isa symbol of youth, gentle charm and at the same time violent temperament. As usual, girls always strive to surpass each other in beauty and originality and, of course, in extremely bold ideas. Although there are some who, on the contrary, like the eternal classic in the image of tender beauty. Therefore, every girl thinks about her image at the graduation party. Here, makeup, dress, and, of course, the hairdo, which, of course, is the main component of the image, is also important. After all, it should emphasize the character well, and also skillfully combine with the other elements of your external appearance. Undoubtedly, choosing a hairstyle for a prom is just as important as choosing a prom dress. Hairstyles for graduation party - this is a very important topic in the context of creating any maiden image. Of all even the most beautiful hairstyles for the prom, you need to choose the most ideal, which will be in harmony with make-up and dress. And do not forget that the graduation party usually lasts until the morning, so the hairstyle for the prom must not only survive the official part, but also the subsequent active holiday: most likely, you will dance and walk, and maybe even go to ride on motor ship. It's a shame, but it happens that just on the date of the graduation ball rainy weather happens.

How to choose a hairstyle for prom?

hairstyle for prom The main rule in choosing a hairstyle at the promevening is that you can not postpone it for the last days. If you suddenly decide to change your hair color, then let you have time to change it, if the new color does not suit you. It is better to make long experiments with a variety of hairstyle options for the prom: photos can be found on the Internet and in hairdressing salons. And, of course, it is worthwhile to show the experts the independent results of hairstyles for the graduation party - the photo can not always be repeated according to the instructions itself, so consult a specialist. Many hairstyles look great in the beauty salon and on the screen, in the mirror and in the magazine, but you must not forget that you will dance and move. Therefore, complex and massive hairstyles for the prom night will be completely uncomfortable. Another important point is the excessive adulthood given to such hairstyles for the prom: photo in the magazine this, of course, will not show, but the real young face will look much older with this hairdo in reality.

What depends on the type of face?

To start, be guided when choosing a hairstyle is notso much for the fact that you really liked it in the magazine, but also on your type of face, because even the most beautiful hairstyles for the prom night will not look good with an unsuitable type of person. hairstyles for graduation party photo So, the recommendations for choosing a hairstyle depending on the type of face:

  • If you were lucky enough to be the owner of an oval face, then you can make yourself absolutely any hairstyle.
  • If you have a "square" face and massivechin, then you are best to go asymmetrical hair style with oblique cut. In this case, the bangs should not be straight, because then she will emphasize all your imperfections of the face. Your bangs should be combed on the side, or make it asymmetrical. With the help of wavy delicate strands you can also soften the image.
  • If the oval of the face is slightly "stretched", then thisthe face can be softened with nice curls. In this case, the widest part of the hairdo should be near the line of eyebrows and descend to the chin and cheekbones. And remember, in no case will your straight, straight hair come!
  • If you are the owner of prominent cheekbones - then inIn this case, the widest part of the hairstyle should descend below the cheek line. Also, a thick bang helps to hide some of the shortcomings. You will go perfectly straightened hair. You can even try a haircut that Victoria Beckham often does - a square that is raised from the back to the back, and the face has long strands. It will be ideal for hairstyles for graduation parties: a photo of the famous secular fashionista can now be found in any magazine about beauty and style.
  • If you have chubby cheeks, then you should not make complex hairstyles. Such shortcomings can be hidden with the help of a long or chin-level haircut - a "cascade".

Choose a hairstyle for the

hairstyles for prom evening Having decided on the type of face and hairstyle thatwill suit him, we will find out what hairstyles for the graduation party of 2011 are as relevant as ever. And we are talking about coquettish delicate hairstyles for graduation party 2011: photos of these hairstyles you will find in magazines of all hairdressing salons. But the hairstyle itself, no matter how stunning it was, should still be in harmony with the outfit chosen for the prom. So, if you have a dress with an open neckline, then it will suit a lot of fashionable hairstyles for the prom night of 2011. For example, you can choose a high hairstyle or experiment with a retro style that has not lost its relevance, or beautifully arrange curls along the face. Look, first of all, that this hairstyle was convenient for you and, most importantly, liked you. If your outfit is in a futuristic or oriental style, then you will get a hairstyle in the form of a high tail or very popular "shells" today. And to make such a hairstyle will not be difficult at all. Hair simply need to be collected from behind and counter-clockwise to wind around the nape. Next, the hair is tied in a knot, and the tips should be hidden under the "seam". The final touch - your "shell" is securely strengthened by the studs. That's all you need for a hairstyle for graduation party 2011: a photo of her can look very impressive, but in her creation such a hairstyle, as you see, is simple. Although there is nothing surprising that some young girls will taste extreme enough hairstyles. In this case, you should pay attention to the fashionable underground, in which you can learn a lot of fresh ideas, still too bold, to become the property of the majority.

Hair length matters

hairstyles for the prom 2011 If you have medium-length hair, then for youThere are suitable hairstyles for the prom night for medium length hair. Design, for example, retro style styling with an emphasis on the middle or side parting. If you have a short haircut, for hairstyles for graduation party for short hair is perfect fit "wet" styling. To do it, you must apply a modeling gel to damp hair and make an oblique parting. To comb the hair behind the ear on one side, and on the other - it is necessary to arrange the hair along the cheekbone. And to achieve the desired effect well contribute to light negligence. Notice how charming the curls on the temples in Lily Brick style are. Among the hairstyles on the prom night for short hair is also very elegant, when short curly hair is laid to the back of the head in parallel waves. This hairstyle must be supplemented with scallops and other beautiful accessories. And do not forget that such accessories can not only securely fix the shape of your hairstyle, but also give it a special chic. After all, beautiful bandages and hair clips serve to complement the hairstyle, as well as to attract attention. If you are not too confident in your abilities, then it is best then to go to the professionals. As the graduation party is not that holiday, when you can risk bad stowage. If you are confident enough, then here you have to choose the most current and stylish hairstyles for the prom.

Let's do our hair on our prom!

beautiful hairstyles for graduation party "Romance". When part of the hair must be pinned, and the other part is left loose. Then it will turn out - "romance". To complete the image of a romantic young person, you need to curl around the face of a few strands. And finish and shine such hair style will give sparkling hairpins or a small diadem. "Comet" (ponytail) is a hairstyle that is always in fashion and always looks stylish. If you can not exactly understand what you want, make a choice in favor of this hairstyle - do not go wrong. Because this is for any girl the perfect option! And do not think that it's boring and trivial. In fact, this is a whole room for experiments. For example, if you want to add a little piquancy, you need to release a few strands of hair and curl them a little. You can also curl your hair in the very tail or, if you want, pull them out and straighten them with a hair iron. Or another option: to curl only a few single strands - it will look very unusual. Next, the "comet" should be tied in a kichu, and you can decorate it with hairpins and flowers. "Hollywood". Classics "in Hollywood" is slightly curled on large curlers and after fixed locks that will give you Hollywood chic and, not unimportantly, such a hairstyle will keep its freshness until the morning. "The sparkling chic." Looks great and "sparkling chic." When the loose - curled or straight hair interlaces the lenses, strung on a transparent line. Such an incomparable gloss effect in the hair can not be repeated with any varnish with sparkles. "Locks." As not cool, they are always in fashion. And now especially - careless, deliberately disheveled. To create such curls, you must apply mousse to your hair, then dry them with a diffuser - a special nozzle for the hair dryer, while twisting the tips of your hair with your fingers. The main thing here is not to overdo the use of funds for styling. They should be in moderation. "A smooth beam." Smooth, but not quite, because it has its own zest, which many times in the course of time will be remembered. So, the actual and very unusual solution of a smooth beam will be a combination with magnificent curls in one hairstyle. So, they are adjacent to the head at the very roots, but remain voluminous along the entire length. Thus, the effect is obtained both of rigor and, at the same time, naturalness. In this hairstyle there may be corrugated strands, and simply careless curls. To make hair extremely smooth at the face it is possible by means of gel for packing of hair. It's not at all difficult to do if you apply the gel at the roots to the hair, and then give them a little bit of neatness to the comb. Then it is necessary to fix them with invisible heads above the nape. And so you will be simply irresistible. "Bouffant". Very nice looking smooth rollers should be the forehead. To create such a platen, you need to lay the start not back, as is usually done, but forward. For "nachesa" you will need, first, a varnish of a very strong fixation and comb, and also a lot of patience. Although complex, then there is nothing in the performance of the nape. For him, the curl behind the curl must be combed and immediately filled with lacquer, wait a little while the varnish dries and then the next strand, another next and so on. Further all only depends on your imagination, it is quite possible to create a masterpiece. It is with this hair style that you will look like from the cover of a real fashion magazine. "The bunch." About five years ago he was called boring and old-fashioned. But fashion does not stand still, and now, thanks to these beams, professionals create masterpieces. Of course, you can practice with this hair in advance, and fill your hand. After all, you can always create a new hairstyle, you just need to adjust the above - below the bunch of hair. The "bundle", in turn, will be well decorated with crabs, ribbons, hair clips, invisible roses, all that your imagination is capable of. Beams themselves can be with weaving, and laid with gel, and disheveled, and with false hair - this is only a matter of your imagination. And with a similar hair style, you will surely be irresistible. As you can see, hairstyles for the prom ball are presented in a very wide "assortment", here you can find hairstyles for both short and long hair and, of course, choose a hairstyle for the prom evening for medium length hair. Choose, experiment and find your ideal hairstyle for the prom. We advise you to read: