Face Mask for Skin Firming Among most women, there is an opinion thatonly youth can guarantee the skin health, elasticity and beauty. It is also believed that when representatives of the weaker sex cross the forty-year line, all of the above qualities can not even be dreamed of. You see, you can not run from age. But the number of years is not the main indicator for assessing the condition of the female skin. At all ages it can shine with youth. Another question is how the woman herself relates to this. After all, quite often on the streets of the city you can meet quite a few young girls who, due to their unhealthy lifestyle or ordinary laziness, completely do not follow the skin condition. How not to twist, but taking care of yourself can not be called a waste of time. And the sooner a woman begins to do this, the better, since the skin has the property of withering. And this process should be tried to delay, or even better completely to stop.

What prevents the skin from being elastic?

The whole beautiful half of humanity is simplydreams of preserving the elastic skin of the face for many years. But few are endowed with such a privilege from nature itself. The rest have to constantly struggle with all kinds of external and internal factors of influence on the skin condition. These can include age qualification, poor environmental conditions, unbalanced nutrition, stressful situations, abuse of nicotine and alcoholic beverages. In the same negative series, you can include excessive care for your face, as well as the use of non-suitable skin type cosmetics. Remember that the rule "the more, the better" in this case can only hurt. But if you just try a little and the elastic face skin can become your calling card and will testify that you are self-confident, interesting and full of life energy woman. masks for the elasticity of the skin of the face

All in your hands!

Should we say that today, with allthe abundance of expensive cosmetic procedures and new-fangled drugs, the mother nature herself responds to the woman's help? She generously gives us the most natural and incredibly useful ingredients. Masks for the elasticity of the facial skin often include products that are in the kitchen of any hostess, which is very convenient for those women and girls who lead an active lifestyle. Typically, these masks have astringent, nutritious and protects from external effects effect. The only thing that you need to worry about beforehand is to establish your own individual skin type. This procedure can be carried out and independently by means of a usual napkin. The situation with the evaluation of the elasticity and tone of the skin is a bit more complicated. In this case, the best help is a beautician. But it is also possible to manage a few simple tests, which you can really do yourself. To do this, with your thumbs, push a little on the skin areas nearer to the nose and take them to the side clockwise. If the result of this rotational compression test is positive, noticeable wrinkles will appear on your skin, and if it is negative, it will resist pressure and shear. Another test will help determine the degree of skin susceptibility to wrinkling. To do this, just on the side of the face with two fingers, by a slight squeezing, form a crease. If this caused some difficulties, and the skin reminded the rubber, congratulations - your test is negative. Otherwise, you can strongly not be upset. After all, the question of restoring the former beauty, elasticity and elasticity will help us to solve the mask for the skin of the face.

What are the face masks?

Cosmetologists subdivide all facial maskon several types: nutritious, moisturizing, toning, softening, whitening and vitaminizing. So, on the move, it may seem that it is a bit too much. But it is not necessary to apply them all. It is enough to determine the most accessible species and use them by alternation. After a certain period of time, you can try other types of masks, because they are all useful and unique in their own way. You can feel on yourself all the usefulness of masks, if you prepare them immediately before use. Remember that only cleansed skin will respond positively to this kind of procedure. Until the removal of the mask, try to maintain the relaxed and immobile face. To achieve a stronger effect as a result of deep absorption, try to increase the blood circulation and open pores in the skin by hot compresses or washing with contrasting water. Fruit masks will help to vitaminize, tone and smooth the skin. Only if it is prone to dryness and rashes, you should stop using acid fruits and berries. If there are no such problems, the elasticity and velvety skin with regular application of such masks is guaranteed to you. The peculiarity of these cosmetic products is that they can be prepared from any ripened local fruits. To achieve the effect of smoothness and freshness of the skin, it is necessary to use masks from vegetables. And they can be cooked both from raw, and from boiled fruits of vegetable crops. Owners of dry skin can add vegetable or butter to the prepared mass. This will make the mask also softening. Oily skin "loves" the addition of lemon, flour or bran juice in the mask. According to cosmetologists, the most nutritious and rejuvenating, are considered honey-milk masks. But in case of a problem skin, honey should be mixed with aloe juice, and for dry egg yolk. And again, add the lemon to the honey mask, if you have an increased fat content of the skin. Allergic honey masks are contraindicated. If the tone of your skin is reduced and it looks tired, try to heal it with the help of an egg mask, the main ingredient of which is the yolk. It is in it is concentrated all the biologically active substances, iron and sulfur, which give the skin beauty and elasticity. Such masks are almost always mixed with cottage cheese, vegetable oil or milk. Oil masks, made from unrefined vegetable raw materials, are also nutritious and do not require flushing. Simply enough to soak the skin with a tissue. Do not be afraid of using inaccurate proportions in the preparation of masks. No harm from this will not be, since the skin will absorb just as many useful substances as it needs. masks for the elasticity of the face

And which masks can be made quickly and easily?

To more fully disclose the above information, here are a few simple examples of making masks out of those components that every hostess is always at hand.

  • Dairy products With the most ordinaryfatty cottage cheese can significantly increase the level of elasticity of the skin of the face, give it a healthy appearance and pleasant smoothness. To do this, simply grind 3 tablespoons of this product with 1 tablespoon of honey. The resulting mass is applied to the face (except the area around the eyes) and after 20 minutes just remove all this mixture with a cotton swab impregnated with cold milk. This mask works on the formation of a protective thin layer, which prevents the loss of moisture on the surface of the skin. In addition, the skin of the face after the application of such a remedy will be significantly smoothed out.
  • Oat flakes This recipe was given to us by a generousSwitzerland. As you know, oat flakes are very rich in B group vitamins and folic acid, which help to clear sebaceous glands and remove irritation, resulting in the skin becoming dull. To prepare such a mask, a couple tablespoons of oatmeal flakes are filled with unpasteurized milk or natural yoghurt. The resulting mixture should be smeared on your face and let stand for 20 minutes. After removing this mask, the owners of dry skin will appreciate its beauty and smoothness. Those who are struggling with the fat content of the skin, in such a mask should simply replace the milk with lemon juice and whipped egg whites.
  • Healing honey It's no secret that honeyhas a curative antioxidant effect on the human body (exceptions are allergies). There is no special recipe for such a mask. You just have to spread honey on your skin and massage it a little. For a change, honey can be mixed with milk. At the same time, fructose, glucose, trace elements and vitamins contained in honey will do their good work. And you immediately note the positive result.
  • Potato Favorite of all of us potatoes inuniform can not only saturate the stomach, but also work hard to increase the level of elasticity of the skin of the face. To do this, simply mash the boiled potatoes and put them on your face. In this case, the polysaccharide molecules and vitamin C will smooth and purify your skin. After 20 minutes, remove the mass from the skin and wash with warm water.
  • Egg Our grandmothers also used the simplest, buta very useful face mask based on eggs. Note that both chicken and quail are suitable. Whipped eggs should be smeared on the face, soak for 15-20 minutes and rinse with warm water. In the eggs you can add both milk and honey. Long-term use of this mask will certainly revive even the most weakened skin.
  • Yeast Every self-respecting mistress knows thatyeast will not only help to bake delicious pies, but also create miracles with the skin of the face. Just mix 20 grams of yeast with a little warm milk. The resulting mixture is applied to the skin and soak for 15 minutes. When the mask is slightly cool, try rubbing it into the skin with soft, circular movements of its remnants. After just a good wash and look in the mirror. There you will see freshness and radiance.
  • Citrus Masks from grapefruits, oranges andLemons are great for both preventing early wrinkles and for smoothing out long-formed ones. Mix a couple of tablespoons of pulp of any representative of citrus with 1 spoon of yogurt and 50 grams of fine rice flour. Apply the mixture on your face and let stand for 20 minutes. After rinse off with warm water. From small wrinkles there will be no trace.
  • Oils There is a mass of essential oils thatvery help to maintain and restore the elasticity of the skin. But it should be remembered that each type of oil works in different ways. So, anise oil is an excellent antiseptic and promotes the elasticity of the skin. Oils from mandarin, orange and grapefruit work on smoothing wrinkles, moisturizing and renewing the skin, tone up and tighten it. Frankincense, cloves and myrrh will help quickly rejuvenate the skin. Olive oil can replace any most nourishing face cream. You just have to make a choice.
  • Traditional medicine has a great manya recipe for masks for the elasticity of the skin of the face, and for listing all of them would have to spend a huge amount of time. But it should be remembered that the effect of any mask can be enhanced with the help of facial massage. With such simple actions, you will be able to overcome its flabbiness and achieve brilliance and resilience. Reward your skin for the test that it is exposed every day. Be beautiful and healthy!