shugaring bikini Even in the days of Ancient Egypt, women beganuse all possible methods to attract the attention of men - they represented their beauty from different sides, took care of themselves, using only the most natural ingredients. And already then they began to apply the method of sugar depilation - shugaring. After all, a clean body looks much nicer, agree. In the bikini zone, on the legs and hands, there simply should not be hair. The method allows you to get rid of hairs for a long period (almost 3 weeks), hair removal occurs with the bulb - so deeply penetrate the components. Shugaring a bikini is a great way to make your skin smooth and beautiful in the most intimate parts of the body.

How is Shugaring

Master warms up a special paste, whichconsists of cane and fruit sugar, lemon juice and water. The paste contains only environmentally friendly materials, the presence of carcinogens, fragrances and other chemicals is excluded. After heating, this paste is kneaded by hands and applied a thin layer on the desired area of ​​the skin. Application on the feet and hands is done manually, but in more intimate places the paste is applied with a special spatula. From above everything is covered with a piece of cloth - only flax is used for this procedure. It remains to wait literally 5-7 minutes, so that the paste slightly "grabbed" and ... opa! Everything is ready - smooth and clean skin is guaranteed! But in fact shugaring not only removes hairs - this method allows you to remove from the skin and dead cells of the epithelium. Thanks to this, the skin will have the opportunity to update its cells, and it will be much easier to breathe. deep bikini

Advantage of slugging

The advantages of this method are so wide that it is difficult to decide on one thing. Here are the most basic:

  • Shugaring is carried out with a warm paste (the temperature of your body) and therefore unpleasant sensations are excluded;
  • Such hair removal removes hair by their growth, and this significantly reduces the number of broken and ragged hairs;
  • In this procedure, along with the hairs, all dead skin cells are also removed - the epidermis cleanses;
  • Only natural components are used, therefore, allergic reactions are impossible (there are exceptions, but they are insignificant);
  • Absence of allergies and discomfort during and after the procedure makes it possible to carry out epilation in the bikini zone absolutely safely.

In addition, deep penetration of the pasteallows you to carry out the procedure without pain. By the way, this is the main problem that many women simply frighten off and makes use of an ordinary shaving machine - no effect, no benefit from which is not observed. After the shugaring, you can see its effectiveness - the skin will become soft and velvety, and new hairs will not appear soon. Growing again, they will no longer be as tough and thick, a so-called fluff is formed - it will be much easier to remove during repeated procedures, and time for the procedure will be very little. The presence of nutrients in sugar and lemon juice, no one denies, and the deep penetration of the paste into the layers of the skin provides some transfer of these components - here you have nourishing masks.

Contraindications to the performance of shugaring

As with any cosmetic procedures, shugaring has its own contraindications - they should be read in advance in order not to harm yourself:

  • Diabetes mellitus: a deep penetration of sugar paste can lead to sad consequences;
  • Epilepsy: with such a disease, it is generally not recommended to conduct any procedures in beauty salons;
  • Varicose veins: even if shugaring is not performed on the legs, but only covers the underarm or bikini area;
  • Hypersensitivity to the components of the mixture: this refers to shugaring in any area of ​​the body;
  • Dermatitis and other inflammatory skin diseases.

Experts advise against such a procedureat home, there are several reasons for this. First, the master can visually assess the condition of a particular zone - whether there are rashes, how much it is "started". Secondly, pastes are different and selected according to the thickness and thickness of the hair - for example, the bikini zone, usually, a more gentle recipe is used, but on the legs - more complex in composition. And, thirdly, applying the paste to the skin, the master will necessarily prepare - the application area will be slightly warmed up with a light massage, degreased and treated with a special lotion. Shugaring is an ancient method used by the most beautiful women of antiquity. And they, as you remember, always looked stunning. Do not forget about such an invaluable experience of our ancestors. In the end, this is the most natural and clean material for hair removal. We advise you to read: