Face Mask for Withering Skin The older we become, the more flawsnotice on your face: a grid of unpleasant wrinkles, loss of skin elasticity. From time you will not escape, you will say, and you will be absolutely right. That's just beauty and uhozhennosti it does not concern: at any age you need to monitor yourself and apply a lot of effort for the sake of prolonging youth. And since you read these lines, then you are not indifferent to your appearance and you are not going to grow old too early. It is for you that we offer the best recipes for masks to solve such a problem as the fading skin of a face.

Masks for aging skin

First of all, it is worth remembering when it is betterall to apply facial masks is a wonderful skin care, and they need to be applied at a certain time: from ten to twelve o'clock in the afternoon, from sixteen to eighteen hours and from twenty-two to twenty-three in the morning. It is at this time that the masks are best absorbed on our skin. You can buy an already prepared mask in a cosmetic store, or you can cook it yourself at home. This will significantly reduce your costs, because the ingredients are at home - in the refrigerator and on the kitchen shelves. Moreover, by preparing the mask yourself, you will know for sure that it does not contain any harmful constituents and allergens.

Rejuvenating mask from aloe

It takes time to prepare this mask,but the result is worth it: in just a few applications you can hide enough deep wrinkles! It is a wonderful care for withering, dry skin of the face. So, the main ingredient of the mask is the leaves of aloe. This wonderful plant probably got along well on your windowsill. If not, then you can easily borrow a few leaves from a neighbor. So, you need two or three sheets of aloe, kept in the refrigerator for two weeks. After this period, squeeze out of the leaves one tablespoon of juice, mix it with a tablespoon of vegetable oil. After that, you will need a face cream, which you usually use - add one teaspoon to the resulting mixture. Lightly heat the resulting mask and apply on the face for about ten to fifteen minutes. After that, rinse with warm water and apply a moisturizer on your face.

Nourishing mask for aging skin

The fact that with age, the skin lacks vitamins andnutrients - a fact quite obvious. After thirty years, the skin needs special care, and if you have not done this before, then it's worth taking care of your appearance immediately. With this mask you can fill this gap and give your skin as many valuable, useful micronutrients as possible. This mask is especially good for owners of dry, weather-beaten skin. One tablespoon of yeast should be carefully mixed with fatty sour cream and warm milk - so that about half the glass is obtained. Stir the resulting mixture until smooth. After that, you need to add one teaspoon of flaxseed oil or fish oil - depending on what you have available. Next, add one teaspoon of melted honey to the mask (make sure that you do not have any allergies to this product, otherwise this treatment instead of a positive effect will give you an itch and skin irritation). Ware the dishes with the resulting mixture in warm water for fermentation, then apply to the face for ten minutes. Wash your face alternately with warm and cold water. At the end of the procedure, do not forget to put a moisturizing face cream on your face. Face Mask for Withering Face

Mask of plantain for fading skin

We all know about the magic power of the plantain: he is able to heal wounds, being an excellent analgesic and anti-inflammatory agent. Skin care with this wonderful plant is not uncommon, because it perfectly affects the skin condition, literally healing it from the ailments and aging processes. Rinse the fresh leaves of the plantain well and crush them. One tablespoon of deciduous gruel will need a little warm water and one teaspoon of melted honey. Gently grind the mixture and apply to the cleansed face for fifteen minutes. At the end of the procedure, rinse the mask with warm water and apply a nourishing cream to the skin - without this, skin care will be incomplete.

Mask against wrinkles

This mask perfectly nourishes the skin, rejuvenates andSmoothes wrinkles. For its preparation you need one tablespoon of cream margarine, one tablespoon of sunflower oil, one teaspoon of melted wax. In addition to these ingredients, we need two tablespoons of gruel of the following fresh leaves: nettle, parsley, mountain ash, currant, rose petals and dog rose. It is possible that you do not have all these leaves, but effective skin care with the help of this mask completely allows you to use only what is available - the main thing is that the gruel was at least two tablespoons. Adding the leaves to the mask, all the ingredients should be properly stirred and applied to the face for fifteen minutes. After that, wash and apply to your skin your usual face cream.

Potato Mask for Withering Skin

Potatoes are widely used not only incooking, but also in folk medicine, because it has truly healing properties. It contains vitamin C, vitamins B, D, K, E, folic acid, citric acid - can be continued for a very long time. That is why skin care with potatoes is so effective. Using this valuable vegetable as an ingredient for a mask, you will provide your skin with nutrition and improve the color of your face. Pound boiled potatoes and add to it one tablespoon of milk. Add so much sour cream so that its ratio to puree was 1: 1. After that, pour into the resulting mixture one teaspoon freshly squeezed lemon juice. The mask is applied to the face for ten minutes, after which it is washed off with cool water. At the end of the procedure, as usual, we apply a face cream. withering face skin

Softening Nourishing Mask for Withering Skin

For this mask, we need one raw eggyolk and a half teaspoon of lemon juice. Beat this mixture until lush foam and apply to clean skin for about fifteen minutes. This mask will tighten the face, so try not to laugh and not talk during its application. To wash off a mask it is necessary alternately - that warm, that hot water. Do not forget to apply moisturizer at the end of the procedure. This mask perfectly nourishes the fading skin of the face, tones and smooths the color. Using this simple recipe regularly, you will not have time to notice how you will look younger for several years - without going to the salon and the help of professional cosmetologists. Of course, you can spend a lot of money buying the most expensive cream with a lifting effect, visiting the best beauty salons to prolong the youth of your skin. However, no cream and more than one expert will not help you overcome the signs of aging if you are not ready to invest your strength and time for your own beauty and attractiveness, if facial skin care is not a matter of habitual and natural. Set things aside, look in the mirror and make yourself a pair of masks, taking advantage of our recipes. Who said that youth does not return? We advise you to read: