secrets of female beauty Coco Chanel once said a brilliant phrase: "Every day, leaving the house, a woman goes to meet her fate." And it is true! It is useless to guess how our day will pass, because it can contain so many mysteries, riddles and surprises! From the smallest to the larger ones. Perhaps, today you will get acquainted with the man of your dreams. Or will it happen tomorrow? Nobody knows, so you need to look good every day. But at the same time it is impossible to predict what kind of image you need today. The main thing is to remember that you need to remain yourself. And also - to know all the secrets of female beauty. A little tip: do not plan your outfit for the day. Firstly, it's boring, and secondly - who knows what your mood will be in the morning? Maybe you would prefer to be in the image of a glamorous diva and wear bright decorations? Or you might want to be a gentle coquette in a light silk dress! The main thing is that in the chosen outfit you feel confident and comfortable to stay in harmony with yourself. Then it will be noticeable to others, and people will reach out to you. After all, naturalness is so appreciated!

What a woman is ready for beauty

But we must not forget that beauty requiresvictims, and you'll have to wake up early to get yourself in order. It is better to get up half an hour earlier, but not in a hurry to make yourself a styling and make-up and wipe off the stale lacquer. Then it will be possible to meet with a broad smile to meet your destiny! Women's attractiveness, like a mosaic, consists of small things. To collect the full picture, you need not spare time and energy, and then not only you, but others will notice how you shine. Female beauty is not only an attractive appearance. It is grace and confidence, a bright light that sparkles in the eyes and a smile. The mind, spirit and body are all together and are the main components of beauty. And every woman can be beautiful. Secretly, each of us dreams of looking more beautiful, without losing its uniqueness. Is there anything that we women do not do in pursuit of beauty? For example, we are able to use a cream from hemorrhoids to destroy dark circles under the eyes, hair spray - to fix and preserve makeup longer, whilst whitening toothpaste we are ready to smear our bodies, if it is necessary to remove the artificial tan immediately. And these are just a few rather unusual ways to achieve the desired result in the pursuit of beauty, in which women are ready to confess. There are other homegrown methods. For example, you can remove the swelling from the eyes with cold spoons, which are placed on the swollen eyelids. And to prevent the appearance of the first wrinkles on the neck can be if you sleep only on your back and without a pillow. The researchers, who conducted a detailed study of all the female rituals designed to preserve and enhance beauty, found that four out of every ten women use what is in their kitchen cabinets to improve their appearance. The first place in this list is occupied by chilled cucumbers - they are used to improve the complexion, lemon - for whitening nails and lightening hair, as well as chilled tea bags that relieve eye irritation. Despite the excess of all kinds of cosmetic procedures offered in the salons, most women adhere to the tested beauty rituals that are passed from generation to generation in the family or are gleaned from the advice of girlfriends and co-workers. women's beauty secrets

Grandmother's secrets in the arsenal of modern women

What are the women's secrets of beauty passed to us fromour grandmothers? Oh, there are quite a few of them! After all, in the old days there was not such an abundance of cosmetics, and wanted to be beautiful women at all times. And many of their tricks can help us today. After all, there is not always enough time or money to visit salons or shops with good means of caring for a woman's body. So, if you suddenly found out that the shampoo was so out of order and you need to put your hair in order right now, this minute, you can use the way our grandmothers do: spray a little flour or talcum powder on your hair, rub the strands in your hands and then carefully shake the powder off hair. Flour absorbs excess fat, significantly refreshing hair. Two minutes - and you look pretty decent! A lightening of hair with lemon juice? This is because even our grandmothers noticed that lemon juice under the influence of sunlight gives a lighter shade to the hair. But along with the traditional ways of maintaining an attractive appearance, new methods have emerged at our disposal, which women invent by secreting themselves in the bathroom. For example, many shave their hair on their feet, having previously smeared their hair conditioner to soften the hairs. Vaseline is used to straighten curly hair, toothpaste is rubbed into the places of insect bites to soothe the itch, and sleep in socks, applying to the soles of a huge amount of moisturizing cream so that the heels look like a small child. In the same list, you can make use of tea tree oil against ingrown hairs after epilation and rubbing the skin with a piece of ice, which is a frozen infusion of herbs. But the most unexpected, probably, was the use of a hemorrhoids cream, which we already mentioned. Women who experimented with applying this cream under the eyes, found that it reduces the expanded capillaries on the face, thereby significantly reducing the appearance of dark circles.

A few tips for maintaining beauty

  • It is easy and quick to get rid of dandruff,using such a familiar and affordable aspirin. Dissolve two tablets in any dandruff shampoos, and wash your hair regularly with this "enriched" shampoo. A surprising result will not take long.
  • If you squeezed too much cream for the eyelids, then apply it on the cuticle. The ideal condition of the cuticle will be provided to you.
  • Want to add volume to your lips without resorting tosurgeon intervention? Use a little trick when applying makeup: add a little shimmery in the center of the lower and upper lips, and your lips will look pretty plump with the optical effect.
  • If you run out of liquid to remove varnish,and the old varnish must be urgently removed, then we can proceed as follows: apply a layer of fresh on the old varnish, and then erase both layers. After that, you can make up your nails with a new varnish.
  • To preserve the quality of nail polish, store it in the refrigerator.
  • Do you want your hair to shine? Instead of shampoo, apply a beaten egg on your hair, rub it on the head, then rinse. Your hair will be well washed and will shine.
  • Tingling your cheeks you will achieve that they will play a pleasant natural blush.
  • If you would like to apply blush, but can not find them - use lipstick instead. Apply a few light strokes on the cheekbones and blend.
  • Sprinkle the comb with perfume and comb your hair. They will remain unobtrusive aroma, which will envelop you with a light cloud.
  • Heat the eyelash curler before use. This will help to fasten the bend of the cilia faster and more reliably.
  • Cast eyelashes on castor oil every evening, and very soon they will become much thicker. To apply the oil, you can use a baby toothbrush or a brush from an old mascara.
  • Wipe the skin with cabbage decoction, whichdue to the uniqueness of the complex of vitamins, minerals and other active substances contained in this vegetable, it has a remarkable property to tone and smooth the skin.
  • Vegetable oil is cheap and simpleA tool that can compete with many expensive hand care products. Apply a little warm vegetable oil on the nails and cuticles at night, then wearing thin silicone gloves. After several procedures, the nails will become noticeably stronger, and the cuticle will be much softer and thinner.
  • Licorice is able to perform miracles with a coarsenedthe skin of our feet, because it contains estrogen-like substances that soften the skin. Make an ointment from the usual Vaseline and chopped licorice, and rub it into the corns and other coarsened places.
  • A mixture of lemon juice with glycerin, which must be taken in equal parts, will lighten your palms and return them to childlike smoothness even after a large-scale operation to pick and pack supplies for the winter.
  • Chamomile has long been used as aAnti-inflammatory drug, which, among other things, can remove irritation of the skin. Do not forget about the healing properties of this plant. In addition, rinsing the broth with chamomile hair after washing, you will give them a pleasant golden shade and shine.

You can give more tips for savingwomen's beauty, but we want to remind you of another secret from which this beauty depends. Never forget about a good mood! It is much better and more interesting to communicate with a person who is cheerful and optimistic than constantly listening to someone's whining and complaining about life. A special gift is not needed to create a pleasant impression on others. The secret of good mood is simple: you just have to notice in people only good things, be able to say compliments and play jokingly over someone, and, of course, you have to be able to laugh at yourself. Ability to be in a good mood will always attract people to you. Remember this, and you will be surrounded by good people, and life will present you pleasant surprises. Fate loves beautiful and cheerful people! We advise you to read: