mask of honey for the face Healing properties of honey are known from ancient times. In Egypt, when Cleopatra was used to prolong youth, the legendary queen herself did not disdain baths of milk and honey and, perhaps, used face masks from this wonderful product. In Rome, it was used as a universal medicine. If we say "bow of the seven ailments", then in Rome, it must have been said so about honey. In the East, honey was considered to be a means for careful and effective skin care, returning the youth that was gone, so that the mask of honey for the face is really a universal and time-tested cosmetic miracle.

Masks made of honey

The use of masks from honey is very wide - here andtreatment of acne, and effective care for different types of skin, and sometimes caring for the hair. Microelements present in honey, very easily penetrate through skin pores and are absorbed by cells, besides honey can retain moisture, preventing evaporation. Accordingly, the honey mask nourishes and very well moisturizes the skin of the face, which means it slows down aging. Unfortunately, before using masks from honey, you need to check if you have any allergies to it. To do this, a small amount of it must be applied to the inner side of the elbow fold and wait a little time. If irritation does not appear, then you can, without fear of allergies, start applying a honey mask. If you have doubts about a possible allergic reaction to additional components of the prescription, do a similar test for them. Keep in mind, if you have diabetes, the face has dilated vessels or increased hair, then honey, alas, as a raw material for the mask will not suit you. Soft care for dry skin

  • Composition: two teaspoons of warmed milk and honey, one large spoonful of curd. Tear off honey with cottage cheese, add milk. All mixed well and applied to the face. After ten to twelve minutes, remove the cotton pad. This mask with small changes works well for normal and / or combination skin, but in this case you should use yogurt instead of milk and add lemon juice.
  • Ingredients: two large spoons of warm milk-brewed oatmeal, a large spoonful of honey. Mix, abundantly put a lot on the face. After ten minutes, wash it off.
  • Ingredients: a glass of milk, a large spoonful of honey. To make honey in milk and wipe face with this solution instead of washing.
  • Composition: on a small spoon of honey and glycerin, one raw yolk. Wash the jelly carefully with the remaining ingredients. Apply on face, massage skin with fingertips, then wash off with water at about room temperature. The presented egg-honey mask can be made with milk or any vegetable oil instead of glycerin.
  • Ingredients: two small spoons of honey, a large spoonful of mustard or olive oil, one and a half large spoons of warm milk, bread crumb (white bread).
  • Mix the liquid ingredients, add the crumb so as to get a thick mash. Spread heavily on the face and neck for ten to twenty minutes. Wash gently with lukewarm water. honey face mask Masks for oily skin of the face

  • Ingredients: two large spoons of lemon juice and chilled green tea, one small spoonful of honey. Mix, apply for about fifteen minutes, gently wash off with cold water.
  • Composition: half a teaspoon of filtered, liquid honey, two large spoons of cottage cheese, one egg. Mix the ingredients and whip. The weight is applied for fifteen to twenty minutes, it is removed with hardly warm water. Then you should rinse your face with acceptable cold water. This egg-honey mask effectively moisturizes the skin and narrows the pores.
  • Composition: half a large spoonful of honey, two large spoons of liquid black tea leaves, one small spoonful of lemon juice. To mix. Apply mass to very thoroughly cleansed skin. After ten minutes, remove the warm cotton disc and wash with cold water. You can add half a large spoonful of oat flakes.
  • Ingredients: half a tablespoon of Hercules and honey, two spoons of yogurt. It is good to rub everything to uniformity, apply on face, do not remove for fifteen minutes. Wash off not too cold water.
  • Composition: a large spoonful of wheat bran and honey, one and a half large spoons of yogurt. Mix until a mushy condition, plentifully applied to the face for ten to twenty minutes or, if necessary, for a longer time. Wash off with cool water.
  • Composition: half a tablespoon of filtered honey, a large spoonful of oatmeal, two small spoons of lemon juice, a small amount of filtered water. Stir all ingredients, apply mixture on neck and face. After ten minutes, carefully remove the mask with a moist cotton pad, soaked in black tea, then wash with cold enough water.
  • Composition: a tablespoon of grated potato, half a tablespoon of honey, a small amount of cold water. Mix so that a liquid gruel is obtained. Apply it to your face for ten minutes or more. And then rinse with cool enough water
  • Masks from acne:

  • Composition: three tablespoons of finely grated cucumber, a glass of boiling water, two teaspoons of filtered honey. Brew cucumber mass with boiling water, leave to cool. Strain and add honey to the liquid. Stir. Lubricate the resulting solution with problematic skin. After fifteen or twenty minutes to wash with cold water.
  • Composition: two tablespoons of honey and milk, the juice of a whole lemon, a tablespoon of fresh natural yogurt, a little warm water. Mix all the ingredients well, preferably in a glass bowl. Apply the first layer of the mass on the neck and face, wait for it to dry out, apply another layer; repeat until the whole mixture is used. After this, wait ten minutes and rinse, preferably with warm water. A similar mask should be used several times a week, for best effect, the mixture is best prepared immediately before use.
  • Composition: four to five large spoons of ground cinnamon, the amount of honey sufficient to dilute cinnamon to a pasty state. Mix both ingredients until smooth. Apply to either the most problematic areas of the face, or the entire face. Leave it overnight. Wash off in the morning with warm water. For best effect, it is necessary to apply the mask regularly for some time. Does not guarantee too fast results.
  • Ingredients: a large spoonful of aloe and honey juice. Mix both ingredients. Let it brew for ten to twenty minutes. Apply the mixture to the skin of the face, rinse with warm water. Aloe softens and tones the skin, so an additional pleasant effect is guaranteed.
  • Composition: a couple drops of tea tree oil, a large spoonful of honey. Mix thoroughly the two components. Apply mass on face, wait fifteen minutes and rinse off with scarcely warm water. Apply regularly. This mask is not recommended for use during pregnancy. In any case, before using masks with essential oils, it is better to consult a doctor.
  • Egg Honey Face Mask Soothing mask for any skin type

  • Composition: on a tablespoon of dried flowers of elder, linden, chamomile, a glass of boiling water, half a teaspoon of honey and a flour of Hercules. Brew herbs with water, insist for forty minutes. Carefully strain the broth, add honey and flour until you get a gruel. Abundantly put the mixture on the skin for twenty minutes, wash with a warm, then rather cold water. This mask incredibly effectively narrows the pores and normalizes blood circulation.
  • Composition: egg white, a teaspoon of honey, a little wheat flour. Beat the protein, add honey, mix the flour to make a mush. Apply on face for ten minutes. Wash gently with cool water. This egg-honey mask has a drying and cleansing effect, in addition to soothing.
  • Composition: two teaspoons of soft butter and honey, a large spoonful of banana pulp. Grind liquid components with fruit pulp, apply mask on face, wait ten minutes, gently wash with warm water. The pulp of a banana can be replaced by the pulp of kiwi or any other sweet fruit.
  • Composition: a small onion, a teaspoon of honey, some milk. Bake in the oven or microwave oven bulb, peel and mash it. Add the remaining ingredients, stir until homogeneous. Apply weight on face for five to seven minutes, rinse with warm enough water. This recipe is best for combination skin, but works with other types.
  • Composition: a large spoonful of liquid honey, egg yolk, one teaspoon of mustard, olive or some other vegetable oil, five to six drops of lemon juice. Mix the ingredients, grind to homogeneity, apply to the face for half an hour, rinse with not too hot water, thoroughly wipe the ice cube, remove excess moisture, treat with a nutritious cream.
  • This egg-honey mask will not only narrow the pores andwill soothe the skin, but with regular application will rejuvenate the skin of the face. Before implementing any of the above recipes, make sure that you protect the clothes from the possible ingress of honey, since it is washed with difficulty. Do not forget to test yourself for a possible reaction - honey, cinnamon, chamomile, aloe, used in some formulations, can cause quite a strong allergy. If possible, use filtered honey. Otherwise, it may contain dust, pollen, remains of dead insects, which are also possible allergens. Before applying masks, cleanse the skin with a special remedy. When removing masks, do not use soap, it dries the skin and neutralizes the beneficial effect of the procedure.