tonic for the face at home Complex facial cleansing is mandatorypart of the care program for each girl. And one of the stages of any cleansing program is toning the skin, whose purpose is to improve the effect of the cleansing gel or foam and prepare the skin for moisturizing. Today we will discuss how to prepare a tonic for the face at home using accessible and simple ingredients. Tonic and lotion effectively disinfect the skin, cleanse it and relieve the excess of sebum and dirt accumulated during the day. Owners of problem skin tonic will allow you to narrow pores, and those girls, whose skin is very dehydrated, on the contrary, will help to moisten and soften it. Tonics for oily skin in its composition may include alcohol, for example, vodka or wine, but in the case of dry skin, on the contrary, it is recommended to prepare alcohol-free, softer lotions. Whatever it was, for the manufacture of such tonics will need components that can be found in any home. tonics for the face at home

Preparing home tonics

Now let's talk about the recipes themselves, but beforejust remember a few key features. Home tonics are not stored for a long time. If lotions do not contain alcohol, then they can not be used for more than two days. If the composition of alcohol is still available, the shelf life can be increased to two weeks. But herbal infusions and decoctions are stored for about a week. Tonics for normal skin Normal skin is not too demanding to care - to cleanse your face you can use all sorts of ingredients in various proportions, without fear of drying or waterlogging your skin. Here are some effective tonics that are easy to prepare:

  • Peach-Watermelon Tonic

For cooking, you need about 50 mlwatermelon and peach juice, as well as three milliliters of lemon aether. Tonic is prepared very simply - mix the ingredients to a homogeneous liquid consistency. Use every day, rubbing your face with a cotton pad soaked in lotion.

  • Cucumber tonic with daffodil

Extremely useful for skin tonic, in the compositionwhich includes 40 ml of cucumber juice and literally a couple of drops of ethereal narcissus oil. Mix the ingredients and the preparation is ready. Cucumber juice perfectly tones up the skin, refreshing it and making it more tender and soft, as well as matte.

  • Tonic with oatmeal and milk

Take a couple of large spoonfuls of oatmeal incombination with milk (230 ml) and a spoonful of honey. Grind the flakes and pour boiling milk. Allow the mixture to stand for ten minutes and strain, then add honey. Mix everything thoroughly. It is recommended to apply it in the morning and in the evening.

  • Lime lotion

For such a tonic, a large spoonlime color and a little honey, as well as 250 ml of boiled water. Fill the lime-colored water with water (it should be quite hot) and insist it for about an hour, then strain. Now add honey and stir into the infusion. Such a lotion will provide not only good toning, but also deep moisturizing of the skin.

  • Hop lotion

One of the most effective recipes for whichA spoon of crushed hop cones and 250 ml of water will be needed. First of all pour the cones with boiling water. Let them brew for twenty-twenty-five minutes and strain. Before you start using lotion, you need to cool it well.

  • Tonic with dog rose

And one more lotion recipe for normal skin. Take a spoonful of finely chopped rose hips and roses, as well as 120 ml of mineral water and the same amount of vodka. All the petals pour vodka in combination with mineral water and insist for fourteen days, then strain. Wipe the skin with a tampon moistened with lotion. You will be satisfied with the result! Tonics for oily skin Oily skin requires thorough, more serious care, and nothing in this case will do better than folk remedies. Typically, tonics for this type of skin contain vodka, honey, lemon juice, as well as grapefruit, orange juice and aloe - all these components dry the skin, reducing the secretion of skin secretion. Oily skin needs daily toning, morning and evening. If the skin shines very strongly, then it is recommended to use tonics additionally in the daytime.

  • Tonic with grapefruit

Squeeze out about a half cup of grapefruit juice. Here add a large spoonful of lemon juice and about the same amount of vodka. Stir the mixture and pour into a small bottle, tightly clog it. Give the tonic time to brew - enough two days. Every time before use, shake the mixture in a bottle.

  • Tea lotion

It is known that tea effectively fights skinfat. Use as a basis for the green tea tonic, you will need literally one glass of already cooled drink, where you need to add a couple of spoons of lemon juice or vodka. After rubbing with such a lotion, the skin becomes more matte and delicate, the greasy shine disappears.

  • Tonic with strawberries

For the manufacture of strawberry lotion should bestretch a little more than half a glass of fresh strawberries - juice should be allocated from the berries. Now add 200 ml of vodka to the glass and cover it with a lid. The mixture should be infused for about thirty days. After this, strain it and add a little boiled water here - this will make the tonic less concentrated.

  • Lemon Lotion

Cut the large lemon in the same circles,put them in the jar. Right in the jar, stir the lemon with a spoon and add a few large spoons of vodka. Close the jar tightly and insist lotion one week. Then strain the mixture and add a half glass of mineral water to the jar. By the way, as an ideal tonic for the skin of a fatty type is suitable white wine, preferably dry, - wipe them daily with the skin. Tonics for the skin of a combined type Mixed skin is characterized by dryness in the cheek area and fat content in the so-called T-zone (forehead, chin and nose area). In this case, care also implies some nuances. Those lotions in which there is alcohol are used for fatty areas, and means without alcohol are used for the cheek area.

  • Lotion with salt

In one glass of cool boiled water adda little sea salt (a teaspoon). The salt must completely dissolve in water. When this happens, you can apply a lotion for skin care - it will prevent the formation of acne and blackheads. If there is no sea salt, use the usual one. In case the skin on the cheeks is very dry, add a little glycerin.

  • Grapefruit Lotion

Grapefruit is also ideal for mixed skin. You will need a fresh peel of this fruit. Put it in ceramic ware and pour water (about half a glass). Water should be cold. Straight in the water, cut the peel and allow the mixture to steep for a couple of days. Wipe your face in the morning and at bedtime.

  • Lotion with parsley

Parsley - excellent tonic and bleachingmeans. In addition, it narrows the pores. It will be useful for a couple of large spoons of chopped parsley - you can take a dry or fresh, it's not so important. Pour the greens with a glass of boiling water and hold the mixture on the fire for twenty minutes. Now cool the resulting mass and add one spoonful of lemon juice.

  • Watermelon tonic

A good tonic can be prepared on the basis of watermelon. Such a remedy will make the skin fresh and will give it a natural natural glow. Squeeze the juice out of half a watermelon and pour it into special forms for ice. Freeze. Use an ice cube to wipe the skin every morning. Soft care for dry skin

  • Strawberry Tonic

Since dry skin needs goodit is important to carefully select the ingredients. In this case, we use strawberries or strawberries. Pour a glass of berries with boiled water. If the skin is too dry, take the milk. Leave the berries in water / milk for one hour, then strain. In the remaining mixture, add a small spoonful of glycerin.

  • Cabbage Lotion

The use of cabbage for skin has long been known - itsused to make all kinds of serums and creams. Chopping three or four large leaves of cabbage, pour them with hot milk (0.5 cup). Now cover and let stand for thirty minutes. Cabbage leaves discard, and use the remaining milk to wipe the face in the morning and evening.

  • Vegetable oils

Ordinary vegetable oil can servean excellent lotion for peeling, sensitive and dry skin. Pay attention to olive, wheat, grape seed oil, peach or coconut oil. Make sure that their composition is natural.

  • Oatmeal Lotion

Oat flakes are useful not only for oily ornormal skin, but also when dry. Take a couple of spoons of flakes and pour them with two cups of boiled hot water. If the peeling is strong, use milk. Cover the mixture with a lid and let it cool.

  • Egg tonic

It is known that the egg yolk effectively helpsdry skin, fighting with peeling, allergies and redness. Take one yolk and rub it together with the olive oil (one large spoon). In this mass, moisten the cotton pad and wipe the skin. After twenty minutes have passed since the application of the tonic, wash the face with warm water. home face tonic

Benefits of herbal decoctions

Cosmetologists today recommend in facial careuse the most natural cosmetics. If as a tonic, we use natural tonics without chemical components, then it is better to use decoctions as a primary cleanser. Of course, do not forget about professional care, but the more you pamper your skin with simple non-chemical means, the more you will enjoy your own reflection in the mirror. Broths complement the action of the tonic, and it's very easy to cook them! To care for oily, acne-prone or acne-skinned skin, doctors advise choosing chamomile, sage, wormwood, nettle and St. John's wort for broths. To prepare these broths, you will need no more than a spoonful of one of these herbs or a combination of these. Just pour boiling water and let it cool. That's all - the broth is ready! If the skin is combined, prepare a decoction based on mint or sage. In the case of dry skin, it is also advisable to use sage and mint and, in addition, lime color, fennel, rose hips or roses. It is good to moisturize the skin and elder broth. All of these components are prepared in the same way as in the first case. In the case of combination and dry skin, you can use a decoction of milk, for which take a little leaves of coltsfoot (a large spoon) and fill them with freshly boiled milk. Cover the mixture with a lid and wait until it cools down. Gently wash your face with such a decoction, and after thirty minutes, after the beneficial substances from the broth soak and act, rinse it off the face. If the skin is strongly irritated, constantly suffers from rashes, acne or acne, apply a decoction from the root of the althaea. Take a couple of spoons of this shredded root and pour warm water. The drug should be infused for 24 hours, after which it can be used. Soon your skin will become tenderer, and the footprints will not remain irritated. The above recipes are more than enough to keep your face in excellent condition - you have plenty to choose from. You do not need to spend fabulous sums of money to look great - stop your choice on natural cosmetics and do not doubt that the result of using it will not upset you!