Japanese manicure Every woman wants to be well-groomed, and considerablerole in the female image is played by such detail as beautiful nails. The condition of the nails can in many ways characterize the personality. Few people cause positive emotions of neglected nails, which have an unhealthy appearance. Experts recommend to adhere to a special diet if the nails are in poor condition. Individual diet, of course, gives its result, but it is visible only after a complete change of the nail plate, that is, it will take a very long time to wait for the result. However, there is a fast and very effective technique aimed at restoring the nails - the Japanese manicure. The option of care for nail plates on the principle of Japanese manicure is used for their excessive brittleness or delamination. As a rule, the causes of these negative phenomena are either frequent contact with aggressive substances, or a monotonous diet. Make the appearance of nails almost perfect, to contribute to their natural growth will help consecutive care with the help of Japanese manicure - photos of the results of the impact will not leave you indifferent: beautiful well-groomed fingers cause real aesthetic pleasure. This type of manicure is the most effective system of care for natural nails, contributing to their nutrition, strengthening and growth of the nail plate, which in a weakened state is prone to detachments and cracks. Experts also recommend doing Japanese manicure after removing artificial nails, at a time when natural nails are the most in need of intensive recovery. And to be precise, the Japanese technology provides a full range of procedures aimed at restoring not only the nails, but also the skin of the hands. This technique is ideal for women and men at any time of the year. Using all the means for the Japanese manicure, which represent a line of more than twenty preparations of the Masura line, as well as the professionalism of the master, turn the client's hands into a real masterpiece. If you are thinking of doing Japanese manicure at home, you should know that it is based on natural ingredients, which will take a lot. Preparations of the Japanese line Masura have long been known in cosmetology as a means based on natural ingredients. They, in particular, contain an extract of cucumber, beeswax, cellular "building blocks" in the form of zinc and ceramides, and also pearl crumbs. Many are struck by the visible effect of the manicure technology that Japan has given us: nails become elastic and elastic, acquiring after procedures a healthy shine and a pearl shade.

Japanese manicure: undeniable advantages

Manicure, who came to us from the country of the ascendantsun, is an excellent alternative to the standard procedure for nail extension, while their nails receive the necessary nutrition and protection. As a result, we obtain firm, but elastic, ungainly nail plates. The healing effect is achieved due to a number of differences in manicure in the Japanese style from the usual European manicure. The first difference is the result, which is visible instantly. Such incredible efficiency is due to a number of reasons, one of which is the preliminary diagnosis of the nail condition. Each patient is selected individually, and then a certain algorithm of actions is built. Preparations intended for Japanese manicure are prepared from natural natural raw materials, which contributes to the increased nourishment of the nail plate. The expert tells in all details how to do a manicure correctly. The nail is prepared in advance, the curative-nutritious paste is applied, then fixed with a special varnish. The nail plate from the root part and to the tips penetrate useful trace elements, which help to strengthen and grow nails. Japanese manicure technology

Japanese manicure technique

The procedure of Japanese manicure at homeand the cabin takes about an hour and consists of several stages. I must say that there are in this technology and such details and nuances that masters from Japan consider their "know-how" and do not open to anyone. Nevertheless, European experts have developed a common technique, thanks to which it was possible to achieve the main thing - to strengthen the nails, to make them healthy and beautiful. Based on a thorough analysis of the patient's nails, the master individually selects the composition of the serum, which will then be applied to natural nails. A special diagnostic table helps to make a complete picture of the condition of the nails, giving an idea of ​​the existing problems and ways to solve them. Personal selection of ingredients for the Japanese manicure is of great importance for achieving the maximum result. The preparatory stage of the master completes the processing of the cuticle and the selection of a kit for Japanese manicure: mineral serum, as well as scrub oil with jojoba granules or scrub gel with seaweed of the Sea of ​​Japan, Tachibana rods and ceramic sticks. The kit additionally includes a mineral paste, a Kichin polishing block made of calfskin and a samurai block-file with natural suede. On the dry surface of the nail, treated with polishing blocks Kichin, the master applies a mineral paste Nee, rich in trace elements: pearl crumb, keratin and marine peptides. Pasta fill all the grooves and cracks in the nails. After that, the polishing powder Khon, containing beeswax, comes into play, which helps to create a protective film and make the surface of the nail perfectly smooth. In the technique of the Japanese manicure, repeated application and removal of lacquer is provided, at which there is a feeling of the presence of a film on the surface of the nails. Thus, for natural nails creates a kind of "case", which not only protects the nails, but also allows them to "breathe", while absorbing the nutrient microelements. The Japanese manicure is completed by a number of pleasant procedures: the hands are applied exfoliating peeling with palmarose oil, a mask based on rose oil, a massage ylang-ylang massage. And as a final phase that consolidates the effect of all previous manipulations, a tonic cream based on Japanese jasmine is applied. Japanese manicure at home

Japanese manicure at home

You already understood that in order to makeJapanese manicure at home, requires a special set of drugs (the contents of the kit we described above). A set for Japanese manicure can be purchased in professional shops specializing in the sale of nail care products and having in the range of funds of the Japanese line. At the preparatory stage, the hands are placed in a softening bath for 5-10 minutes, after which a peeling is done with the help of a scrub. Then, on the prepared nails, apply a protein shake based on rice milk, which degreases and cleans the nail plate. Japanese manicure suggests active moisturizing of nails. This is done with a special moisturizing whey containing cucumber extract and other components of a similar action. Moistened nails instantly "come to life" and acquire a healthy shine. To soften the cuticle, preparations with algae are used. Soothing agents applied after the cuticle treatment contain minerals and extracts from medicinal plants. This approach makes it possible to eliminate excess skin from the nail and revitalize the cuticle, which in turn serves as a catalyst for nail growth. After processing the cuticles begin to process the very nail plate, on which a mineral paste is applied by rubbing movements. The procedure is performed by a special polishing block. Then a microdispersion powder is used. The surface of the nails becomes shiny, perfectly even and looks as if it had been laminated. For the final stage you will need bags with mineral salt and herbal collection. They are heated and used for hands massage, after which a cream is applied to the skin of the hands, designed to soften and soothe it. Do you want to achieve a perfect result? Do a Japanese manicure every two weeks. The beauty of your hands depends on you! We advise you to read: